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Review #51, by siriusismyhubby Wanting

23rd August 2009:
i am totally in love with sirius.


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Review #52, by myname Wanting

16th August 2009:
i can't belive that you have not gotten any more reviews, you should get plenty! this story is great and this chapter was amazing. you are really doing a good job and i can not wait to see what will happen next =)

Author's Response: Thank you (= And you are my 100th reviewer, so thank you x 1,000,000 :P

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Review #53, by Renix Wanting

14th August 2009:
More please!!!
Haha I love this story way to much.
Another fantastic chapter.

Author's Response: =D Thank you!

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Review #54, by Seriously_Sirius_Luver Changes

7th August 2009:
where is remus in this situation?

Author's Response: I'm sorry--I haven't read the chapter in a while. Which situation?

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Review #55, by Renix Beautiful Love

6th August 2009:
YES! OMG YES! Finally! Wot! Haha and it only took 39 chapters to do it. Well worth the wait. I love this story. Your an amazing author with tons of talent. :] I cant wait for more :D

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you so much :) And chapter 40 is already in for validation!

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Review #56, by sirius_jamie Beautiful Love

6th August 2009:
OH MY GOD!!! FINALLY!!! Lol, I've been waiting for the big bang, and you've done it absurdly well!

Author's Response: Hahaha, I like that -- the "big bang" :D Thank you so much!

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Review #57, by myname Breathe Your Name

6th August 2009:
aww :)
what a great chapter; can not wait to see what will happen in the next and when reality sets in.

Author's Response: I'm happy you liked it--it's one of my favorite chapters. :D Thank you!

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Review #58, by siriusismyhubby Breathe Your Name

28th July 2009:
is scarlett really that oblivious to sirius' feelings about her?

love this chapter.

Author's Response: I wouldn't say oblivious so much as plain old ignoring at this point. I'm sure in her subconscious it's really obvious--I mean, come on--but because every change Sirius is causing within the balance she's maintained (like her feelings for him which harms her arranged marriage, or his OotP thinking which she's starting to believe) is terrifying she chooses to just... ignore it.

Thank you muchly :D

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Review #59, by myname Breathe Your Name

19th July 2009:
your writing really has improved, it was good before too but this was just beautiful. a great chapter by a greay writer

Author's Response: Thank you! (I'm happy you say that because this series has spanned over three years (technically almost four if you count its predecessor Scarlett Stained, which had Scarlett in it but not the plot itself) and I hope that my writing has improved since then. So thank you!!)

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Review #60, by siriusismyhubby Question

9th July 2009:
thats crazy!!

in a good kinda of way, haha.

Author's Response: Haha, I know... I don\\\'t know why I put it in, really. But it\\\'s weird and I think that makes the whole arranged marriage thing really, really creepy.

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Review #61, by AS Changes

9th July 2009:
Broad, deep strokes. Very serious.
Not bad.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #62, by siriusismyhubby With Me

2nd July 2009:
awww, james and lily are so cute!

Author's Response: hahahaha, i know =) i don\\\'t really like lily/snape personally

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Review #63, by siriuslyawesome With Me

1st July 2009:
James isn't as oblivious as he seemed i mean he narrowed down all the girls in the school to the 2 right ones he just assigned them to the wrong boy. But now remus and sirius know each others dirty little secret are they going to have a little heart to heart.

Aw james and lilly are finally together i thought the fight and slightly angry i love you was appropriate to there history and the way they work. But yey happy

Will remus make even the slightest move soon???
Will sirius tell remus about the look out and just how much he likes scarlette???

Author's Response: James is a pretty smart cookie- he\\\'s got some good and bad moments in SIHE :) I love writing James, though; much easier than Sirius.

I wanted to get L/J together early on in the story (if you can call this early) because JKR says that they marry right out of school, and I personally think that\\\'s ridiculous if they first get into a romantic relationship in February. I wanted some time for their relationship to grow so it would seem as if they had been there all along (something, unfortunately, that lacks in Sirius and Scarlett\\\'s relationship and is constantly one of my main critiques of the whole story)

- Soon? Meh. Scarlett still has A LOT to figure out herself in these next few chapters, putting Remus and Georgiana on the backburner. But you never know...
- Nope. Going out after hours (and being extremely dangerous, which Remus wouldn\\\'t appreciate) and having a -- well -- sort of -- romance with a Slytherin are two things that Sirius wouldn\\\'t want to trouble Remus with. Sirius, no matter what he says about Scarlett needing to get a move on to get out of the whole Pureblood mania, still has trouble getting out of the Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry. It\\\'ll be a while before anybody else knows as Scarlett feels the same way.

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Review #64, by siriuslyawesome Caring is Creepy

1st July 2009:
Aw poor sirius he is going through his own stuff i love james the guy has been after lily for so long but its got to get annoying to listen to.
Then remus who finally go hit with the full force of his crush...

Ambrose sounds like for lack of a better word a complete bitch, but im sure her scheming will turn out dreadfully entertaining...

Author's Response: Oh, absolutely... =)

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Review #65, by siriuslyawesome Intimacy

1st July 2009:
I like that she doesn't have an answer for him because nothing is ever that simple and they are playing truth so lying is not allowed.

Now her biggest secret is her dark mark.
Whats sirius is it that he is in love with her? ?

Im so sorry i haven't reviewed in awhile i had prom and graduation but im so happy to be reading this amazing story again.


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Review #66, by hello With Me

30th June 2009:
i really like this chapter, i think you captured the james and lily relationship beautifully =)

Author's Response: =) Thank you!!

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Review #67, by ravenclawstar Changes

19th June 2009:
this story is rlyy good. you are a very good writer. keep up the good work!


Author's Response: =) Thank you!

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Review #68, by hello Caring is Creepy

11th June 2009:
great chapter =) you are a really good writer so keep up the good work xD

Author's Response: =) Thank you so much!

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Review #69, by siriusismyhubby Intimacy

8th June 2009:
i think shes leaning more on not being happy about marrying him.
but we will just have to see.

Author's Response: =) Next couple of chapters are going to be fun

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Review #70, by siriuslyawesome Just the Night

4th June 2009:
ah her ignorance its not bliss its giving me acid!
She gave in ! She took the jacket
Is the shadow woman scarletts mom is that why she looks like someone else we know
Oh all these mysteries are so good but i want to know, really answers should start coming any time now

Author's Response: I LOVE her taking the jacket. This is right around the time when my love for Theo wears off and all it is is Sirius, hahaha

And to your theory, no comment... but it will be answered! =D

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Review #71, by siriuslyawesome It's Beginning

4th June 2009:
Wow i loved this chapter i could feel sirius getting frustrated and i want to know so badly what tenereus is seeing in the stars.

She left theos arms for sirius !
Ok i got that out of my system

I dont even know how to explain what i felt when she asked him to stay with her i feel like the story is amazing and getting better with each passing chapter

Author's Response: I love you like seriously!

Tenereus has seen a tooon in the stars. I don't mention this until much later, but Tenereus has been alive for a very very long time. He knows what's going to happen next; he's just trying to do the best he can to tilt it in his, and Scarlett's, favor.

And your last comment makes me so happy to have readers like you and gives me motivation to write. Thank you so much!

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Review #72, by siriuslyawesome Awakening

4th June 2009:
Wow my head is buzzing for her maybe when she gets a few of those answers other things will become clear to her and she will be less oblivious.

It seems like this chapter set up a lot to do with voldy and the war which makes me excited to read your spin on everything.

Why have her friends dispositions changed?

Maybe sirius has been the change she needs and she wont be able to change back

Author's Response: =D Thank you!! (the war is a very important part of the story)

To your question: technically, for nothing; they're just sour. However, this chapter is the first indicate that the group is noticing Scarlett's secrecy (is that spelled right?) over her and Sirius, which increases as time goes on and it becomes harder to keep quiet.

And =)

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Review #73, by siriuslyawesome These Arms of Mine

4th June 2009:
Poor sirius he is painfully aware of just how much he likes scarlette and she has no idea.

Maybe shadow woman from the last chapter was right and that she is oblivious, because she wants to be. Everything is easier if she wants to marry the man who she has been promised to.

Author's Response: =D

Yep. It's definitely not a good quality to have -- to ignore everything that shouldn't be -- but Scarlett cannot come to terms with the possibility that she might not want to get married, which means that her society is wrong, because, if she were to, the battle for freedom would be painful. If that makes sense.

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Review #74, by siriuslyawesome Only Seventeen

4th June 2009:
Firstly sorry for not commenting in so long the end of school has me in a tissy.

WOAH is Tenereus talking to bellatrix?
Whta does our shadow lady want and what is the pre existing deal on the table?
Tenereus lied for Scarlette aw.
What exactly that they have seen in the stars that is important ?
Ok onward to the next chapter

Author's Response: hahahaha, dude: ME TOO!

Answers to questions:
1 - no comment. =)
2 - basically, Woman is working for Voldemort, yeah, because Voldemort himself can't be on the grounds. She wants to get the centaurs to align with the Death Eaters and wants to talk to them more extensively to see if they will agree. Tenereus says that it's unlikely because they're happy, and it's been a topic that was brought up 2 years ago but then dropped for more important things, revived just now. However, Woman really wants this for Voldemort's sake. She also is there to check up on Scarlett and Sirius.
3 - I haven't read this chapter so I don't know who you are referring to, haha... if you're talking about Sirius and Scarlett, nothing, which is the problem. Woman knows about the arrangement with those two but thinks it's so they'll read the future more so she knows more... but the fact that they're wasting more time talking to each other is what Tenereus keeps from her, because if she knew of any indication of a positive relationship, Scarlett would get the consequences.

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Review #75, by siriusismyhubby Just the Night

4th June 2009:
her eyes?
what the crapp?
thats weirdd.

Author's Response: OH YOU NOTICED THANK YOU.

*no other comment*

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