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Review #26, by Linda Storm Breaking

25th January 2013:
I am so glad that Harry didn't die. I was hoping that his power would be used for good and you didn't disappoint me. Thank you so much.
Will there be any damage to Harry like that of Severus?
this story is not finished. Please keep the chapters coming, OK?
This story is such a wonderful adventure. You are an extremely gifted writer. Thank you.

Author's Response: Well, you'll see if you keep reading what happens to Harry. I don't kill him off.

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Review #27, by Linda Storm Building

24th January 2013:
Oh my gosh! Another cliff hanger!. Well, I hope Harry can draw the storm to him and use his own abilities to fight this horrible storm. I hope he can save his family but I fear it may kill him.
I wait with baited breath, to see what happens.
Thank you for this fantastic story. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. Please don't let us wait too long for the next chapter,O.K?

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Review #28, by Linda Stormcaller's Truth

22nd January 2013:
Thank you so much for a quick chapter. I sat on the edge of my seat feeling the emotions of each character. I think that this terrible storm coming, will be a true test for Harry. I think he will use his strength and be able to dissolve this horrible storm but deplete his magical abilities and injure him, but hopefully not kill him. Maybe being a storm caller won't be a negative trait in this instance.
Whatever happens, I am excited to read the next chapter. please don't leave us hanging too long, OK?

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Review #29, by Linda Secrets Revealed, Secrets Kpet

19th January 2013:
Oh my gosh! Not another cliff hanger. I don't know, harry is really upset. I don't think Severus had time, but I am sure it will bring Lily down stairs. I hope he does not explode the house or hurt anyone. Please don't make us wait to long to find out.

Remus and Lucy sound like a nice couple. I hope they can make a go of it.

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Review #30, by Linda Talking With A Stranger

1st January 2013:
So glad to hear that you are recovering. please take care of yourself. You are a gifted writer and I enjoy your stories.
It was good that Remus and Harry got to talk. I think Severus has just as much prejudice against Remus as he does. I don't think a simple apology will erase all the bad feelings between them. Harry will be curious about both his families, both past and future. It should prove interesting if you bring them together more often.

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Review #31, by Potter fan Always

21st December 2012:
Please write faster! I've been checking almost every day to
see if you wrote more. This story is bloody brilliant.

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Review #32, by lauraf68 Always

14th November 2012:
Wonderful wedding Snapegirl!!! Tradition, humor, and LOVE!! Perfect!

I think it would be wonderful if Sev could let bygones be gone and be friendly with Remus. Wilst allowing Lily to bring a bit of her own past back.

Keep up the great job, Happy Writing!!! - Laura

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Review #33, by Potter fan Always

11th November 2012:
This story is great. I definitely think Lupin and Sev should
get closer. I'd like to see Lupin and Harry get closer too.

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Review #34, by Rae Simmons Always

9th November 2012:
AWW! I loved it! So sweet~ :D
I think Remus deserves a second chance, can't have too many friends after all, not when you might need help with accident prone children. Ha ha.

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Review #35, by Linda Always

7th November 2012:
this ceremony was very beautiful. Interesting how each person had their part to play. very sweet.
It will be difficult to accept Remus. Too much past hate has engrained itself in Severus. I don't think things will go well when they meet. So glad that Harry didn't spoil the wedding with his gift of controlling the weather. It might peek out if things heat up with Severus and Remus. Looking forward to reading it.

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Review #36, by Arcinine Lupin Always

5th November 2012:
SEVERUS TOBIAS SNAPE GROW UP HE WAS WAS A WEREWOLF HE WASN'T IN HIS RIGHT MIND SO GET OVER IT WAS AN ACCIDENT HE NEVER MEANT TO HURT YOU NOW FORGIVE HIM AND BECOME FRIENDS WITH REMUS! I liked the wedding and the mention of Remus and is Remus Harrys godfather? Ahem sorry Sev I got a bit caught up in the moment but you really need to let bygones be bygones and forgive Remus. Ow my throat hurts after shouting myself hoarse at you Sev.

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Review #37, by lauraf68 A healer's Heart

3rd November 2012:
Hello Snapegirl,

Well--now I've started reading this story. Your writing amazes me. You give such detail and background I'm drawn in and held captive by these chapters. 10/10. I love that you even put detail into the meals cooked.

This Severus is a whole different man. I like me a nice, sincere, lovable Severus. But, WOW, you threw me for a loop with friendly, non-death eater Malfoys. So glad they accepted Lily & Harry.

I am looking forward to the Christmas Wedding, if I could go back in time I would do a Christmad theme wedding with evergreen trees, deep red poinsettias, gold and silver accents--just like Gryffindor & Slytherin--LOL!

Hope you are feeling better! Happy Writing! --Lauraf68

P.S.-- Yes, please reunite Remus and Lily. He needs a friend and would be able to let bygones be gone. :-)

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Review #38, by Linda A healer's Heart

21st October 2012:
Hi, I hope you are well. Hope you can continue this story. It really is a joy to read. take care and look forward to reading a new chapter soon.

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Review #39, by Arcinine Lupin A healer's Heart

15th October 2012:
Get well soon. And please make a story where Harry is an ice Drake animagus and dates Katie Bell and lives with Sev

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Review #40, by Penny Hopper A healer's Heart

13th October 2012:
i love the story but put more details in next time. !

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Review #41, by Rae Simmons A healer's Heart

12th October 2012:
*Cackles maniacally* Oooh, but don't you know? Inviting Remus would just be begging for trouble. Heh heh heh...

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Review #42, by NavyGirl_loveshp A healer's Heart

12th October 2012:
I feel your pain. I have/had (still getting over it) brocitis and tonsillitis and it kept me from doing much of anything for a good week and a half.
Glad you got this posted though. As far as inviting Remus. Most def. I think it would be cool to see him become like an uncle to Harry

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Review #43, by Linda A healer's Heart

12th October 2012:
Excellent chapter. I loved all of it. If Remus wants to come I think he will be gracious enough for the event. He was the kinder marauder and he loved Lily.
Pneumonia is real bad stuff. Hope you get well. Take care and thank you for the update.

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Review #44, by Rae Simmons Behind Closed Doors

11th October 2012:
I've come to suspect that you must really love eggs with chives. They seem to appear quite frequently in your writing, though I must admit I hadn't ever thought of them that way before I started reading your stories. I even felt compelled to make grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon tonight. Thank you, they were delicious. Perhaps I'll try the chicken or the eggs next. Ha ha. :)

Author's Response: Actually I found that eggs with chives is a popular dish in England according to friends of mine who live there. I have made them myself and found they were delicious. Feel free to make any of my dishes, most of them are ones I've personally cooked before, as I am an amateur chef.

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Review #45, by NavyGirl_loveshp Starting Over

26th September 2012:
Another great chapter. Thanks!

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Review #46, by Linda Memories

13th September 2012:
I love this story, do you know when you will be updating ?

Author's Response: Soon as I finish the next chapter.

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Review #47, by Linda Memories

7th September 2012:
This chapter was so emotionally charged that it brought tears to my eyes. Your writing is so precise and descriptive that I feel like I am right there experiencing all this with Harry. Exceptional chapter. Thank You. Very happy that you are writing again. You have such a remarkable gift. Linda

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Review #48, by NavyGirl_loveshp Memories

7th September 2012:
Sorry for your loss but so glad you updated. I love reading your stories

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Review #49, by Linda Speech

25th August 2012:
I love the interactions between Severus and Lily. And I love how Harry is loved by both. Thank you for the update. It was a nice one to read.

Sorry to hear about your mother. My prayers are with you. I am glad that you are not abandoning the stories. Fantasy writing has it's own soothing powers. Please let us know if we can help.

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Review #50, by Linda Vigils

21st August 2012:
Do you know when you will be updating this story or the others? Your stories are really good!

Author's Response: Thanks! Just updated this one!

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