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Review #51, by Liana Two Lessons

14th April 2014:
Severus does seem old for his age but he's very bright and serious. I was glad that Dumbledore wasn't able to get the three troublemakers out of detention.

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Review #52, by Liana Lily's Defender

13th April 2014:
I love Howlers. I also love the introduction of the Black Cloaks. I can't believe how obnoxious he Mauraders are. At least the teachers seem to be dealing with them immediately so they can't have their punishments taken away by Dumbledore.

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Review #53, by Liana The Tutor

13th April 2014:
Dumbledore can act like such an old fool at times. Those two boys really deserved to be punished. Maybe Severus will get them back at some point. There's always hope. I think the worst thing was the undermining of McGonagall's and Slughorn's authority and teaching the students that it's ok to prank others.

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Review #54, by Liana A Disastrous Day

13th April 2014:
I can't believe how mean everyone is to Lily and to Severus. James is especially arrogant and horrible. His prank could've caused Lily's cauldron to explode.

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Review #55, by Liana Welcome to Hogwarts, Miss Evans

13th April 2014:
You've done a good job of making Petunia, James, and Sirius out to be horrible people. I can't wait to see how Severus turns out in this story.

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Review #56, by Liana Prologue: The Girl Next Door

13th April 2014:
What bad luck for the Snape family. At least Severus seems to have caring grandparents. That doesn't make up for lost parents though.

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Review #57, by lilyflower101 Lessons From Gold

3rd February 2014:
i really love this story and i think that it is a really great one. thank you so much for writing this story for people. its appreciated. will you please post more for it? please and thank you. :)

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Review #58, by XXXX Lessons From Gold

16th January 2014:
Yay! Nice chapter! :)

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Review #59, by Linda Remus' Revelation

27th December 2013:
Happy Holiday to you. Have missed your updates. I hope you can again find the flow of writing and give us a chapter of Common Interests.

It took great courage of Remus to reveal his secret. Will read it again and again. Thank you for still being here for us.

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Review #60, by XXXX Remus' Revelation

24th December 2013:
Hey there! Merry Christmas! :D

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Review #61, by Gryffindor_girl Remus' Revelation

21st December 2013:
Absolutely love this!! I'm just curious as to when James will start liking Lily and the Marauders group will all be friends again? Keep writing and I hope you get over your writers block.

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Review #62, by Jamie Prologue: The Girl Next Door

18th December 2013:
i have not really got a chance to read more then first chapter.but i have a favor to ask can u please make a sequl to return to prince manor and unveiled i have read both many times and love them

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Review #63, by XXXX Remus' Revelation

16th December 2013:
You're back! :)
Please update the story more often! And even Commom Interests!

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Review #64, by Lily Remus' Revelation

9th December 2013:
Are you alive because I'm reading commen interests , and you usually don't take long to update . Just let the world know if your alive. Please

Author's Response: yes. I'm just not updating that one now due to bad case of writer's block. But I am updating this one, as you can see.

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Review #65, by sev_girl Charles Potter's Comeuppance

4th December 2013:
This is really good! When are Sev and Lily going to start
officially dating? It should be soon! :)

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Review #66, by XXXX Charles Potter's Comeuppance

20th November 2013:
Whoa! Welcome back! :D
And awesome chapter!!

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Review #67, by Linda Charles Potter's Comeuppance

17th November 2013:
Fantastic! chapter. Love Professor Gold and his abilities and his compassion for Remus.

Public humility is just what the Potter family needs. Bloody Brilliant!!! Good Job. Thank You.

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Review #68, by theblacksisters Welcome to Hogwarts, Miss Evans

14th November 2013:
It's Lestrange, not LeStrange. Common mistake.

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Review #69, by Linda Exposed

2nd November 2013:
James and his father are really horrid. James should be expelled from school. I don't think taking the invisibility cloak away will do any good. I look forward to see 'Accio' used on James and his father to further humiliate them both. Who needs Voldemort when you already have such evil kids.

Nice to have you back. Thank you.

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Review #70, by XXXX The Defense Professor's Secret

23rd October 2013:
It's been a long, long... long time!
No updates! :(
Are you keeping well? and your family?

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Review #71, by Linda The Defense Professor's Secret

13th October 2013:
Hi again. any idea when you will be updating 'common interests'? That is my favorite story of yours that is not finished. Hope you are well. Take care.

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Review #72, by Linda The Defense Professor's Secret

6th October 2013:
This different story line of the 'marauders' is by far the meanest and cruelest and by what they do shows how spoiled they were. Lily and Severus are the heroes here and I hope they can protect Professor Gold from the lies of others. Professor Gold seems very caring and loving of his job and teaching children the good in life. Please don't let jealousy and hatred turn him away.
Oh, it is nice to see you back. thank you for the update. I hope you can update some of the other stories as well. We have missed you. Take care,

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Review #73, by evaseber Some Secrets Revealed, Some Secrets Kept

30th September 2013:
This is a great story! PLEASE continue!

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Review #74, by Linda Some Secrets Revealed, Some Secrets Kept

30th September 2013:
Hi, are you abandoning all of your stories? You are such a gifted writer and your stories are so appreciated. I think all of us readers get a chance to step into a world of imagination and magic when we read your stories. Hope you are well and can continue. stay safe .

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Review #75, by Linda Some Secrets Revealed, Some Secrets Kept

22nd September 2013:
any idea when you are going to update any of your stories? We miss your writing. Hope you are well. Take care

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