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Review #26, by parashar_harry Goodbyes

21st September 2011:
hey i am eagerly waiting for next chapter
its more than 1 months. u have not updated next chapter
pls post soon

Author's Response: Yes, I know. I've been sick and not able to write much this past week or two. And before that I was working on RTPM and IC.

I am working on the next chapter of this now.

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Review #27, by Krista Goodbyes

24th August 2011:
I'm a daughter of one of your other readers. my mom really does like to read your stories and sometimes, she will tell me things about what she reads. this chapter is very moving, emotionally.
It reaches out and touches those who have lost someone. my mom used to only be a Harry fan, but your stories have opened up a whole new love of Severus for her. If Severus's mother is anything like my mother, then she will find a cure for him and Lily and maybe even Remus.

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Review #28, by micking Goodbyes

24th August 2011:
I felt sorry for Dumbledore . I hope he does not lose his job.
Very beautifully written. Perhaps from experience. I think Eileen will find a cure for them, and I know that Lily and Severus are strong as long as they have each other. I hope they don't hurt Remus anymore than he already feels. I hope there is no more interference from the Marauders, but I fear that their parents will try and cause some backlash.

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Review #29, by adriaans Goodbyes

23rd August 2011:
Your ability to touch a readers emotions is unmatched on this site, I am not a very emotional person but somehow you manage to reach out to that part of me. Fantastic writing as always, and I hope you will keep writing for a long time to come :)

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Review #30, by Vermouth Goodbyes

23rd August 2011:
*wipes tears*
Wow, Snapegirl, I haven't cried like this over a chapter of yours since Severus was struck down by the Dagger of Discord and was tormented in his land of nightmares. But I don't mind, this chapter is awesome.

I was just about to comment on Lily's middle name when I realized that Amy's short for Amelia. How silly of me. I think this Amelia even surpasses your older one from that other series. Even though she may not be magical, or able to come back as a soulbound lover/guardian angel, she displays a very strong will and what could be called revolutionary optimism.

To me at least, your writings are at their strongest whenever you steer away from the fantasy/mythology realm. For instance, having Severus born into a relatively working-class family with an RAF dad is more poignant than making him of farie blood with ties to the Royal Court. To me the more your stories lean towards the RL we are familiar with (the magic background notwithstanding), the more powerful it is, because it then shows just how good your writing really is, instead of bombarding people with works of your imagination. That's why I enjoyed Broken Wings and Snowy Encounters so much, because while the stories are thrilling as usual, you invested more energies into the characters and their emotions. And that, IMHO, is even harder that conctructing new worlds.

Oh, and about the last chapter . . . I really liked the Shattering Ceremony. You used that particular form (I really liked the part where everyone shouts We see you not!) before, and I suppose it really was good enough to stand the test of time.

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Review #31, by Vermouth Consequences

23rd August 2011:
I'm glad that the Potters here at least were persuaded that their precious son could be capable of being a #^@&$#, unlike the Potters in Lily's Defender. The Blacks though . . . I don't recall you letting them swear the oath as well, so maybe there's a possibility that they'd let the kneazle out of the bag?

Friends? Not mandatory . . . Comrades in the battle against Ms. Stone? More likely to me.

*sniff* Sev and Lily . . . the poor dears . . .

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Review #32, by bcbcbcbcbcbc Goodbyes

22nd August 2011:

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Review #33, by candy Consequences

22nd August 2011:
funy bvbvbvbncncjdjdhddfdd
its a tear gear

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Review #34, by Alethea27 Guilty

22nd August 2011:

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Review #35, by qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Infected

22nd August 2011:
a w e s o m e
a w e s o m e
a m a z i n g

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Review #36, by mmm good Bitten

22nd August 2011:
really good!1

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Review #37, by LoonyTranquillo Consequences

6th August 2011:
Woosh,I loved this :) The part where the boys get expelled was the best..I love the plot til' now..
It would be cool if Remus and Severus would be friends..They've always seemed like the type for each other

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Review #38, by VicVic221 Guilty

17th July 2011:
I really enjoyed reading this and I do hope you update soon! Really well done :)

But, the only thing I could possibly suggest to you is to be a bit more wary in your use of adjectives. At one point you described Dumbledore's frown as being thunderous, I believe, and that really makes no sense. You could have said something like "a deep frown sat on Dumbledore's normally jovial face, fury etched into his weathered features" -- but thunderous implies a noise. I feel like a nitpick for saying it, but misused adjectives just ruins good writing so often, I think. :|

But other than that I honestly think this is a brilliant piece and I'm looking forward to more. I was never a big fan of James and was always indifferent to Sirius so it's nice to see them pushed to the side of a Marauders-era fic as they're the main reason I was never into the entire genre.

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Review #39, by Hope Guilty

17th July 2011:
I really like this story so far. Your characters are great! I'm excited to read what comes next.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope to post another chapter of this soon!

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Review #40, by killjoy Guilty

30th June 2011:
Good on you.For I NEVER like James Potter or Sirus in the books.I thought both were horrible people and I just about quit reading the books due to them.I don't think James ever deserved to get Lilly no matter how much he 'changed'.

Author's Response: I agree with you. I always thought the whole "your parents were the perfect couple" was a crock. They all sugar coated the truth, saying how brilliant they were and how wonderful, and then you find out that his father was a first-class ass and his mother was a hypocrite. I never believed he changed, there was no proof of it. The only thing that we know for sure about James Potter was that he was nasty bully and he died for his family. But he shows no smarts whatsoever in dying. He should have had his wife and kid hidden away somewhere out of Britain under an assumed name, should have had escape plans, A, B,C just in case the Fidelius Charm didn't work. But no, he was an arrogant prig who relied on one trick and he paid for it and so did Lily. And I never understood why Lily's love was the thing which protected Harry, when I'm sure there were dozens of other moms and dads who loved their kids and died for them and yet Voldemort's curse killed their children. So what was different about Lily? That she somehow loved her kid more than any other mom? How do you measure that?

I never liked Sirius either. He was another snot, already prejudiced against Slytherins before he ever got to school and ready and willing to persecute them. He lies to Harry about Snape knowing dark curses and doesn't have any remorse about almost tricking him into a horrible death. he was also stupid, his own shortsightedness landed him in Azkaban. he shoudl have told someone, like another Auror, about the Secret Keeper switch before confronting Pettigrew. He should have taken care of baby harry BEFORE doing a damn thing with Pettigrew, BUT he cared more for revenge. He also should have brought along backup, what kind of policeman goes after a dangerous criminal without a buddy? Only a very dumb one. If he'd brought backup there would have been a witness and no court would have convicted him for a crime he didn't commit.

I will never understand how Lily could choose some bullying jock, after all he did to her friend and her over the years. I also felt that she should have forgiven Severus and helped him stay away from the DE's. That was all he wanted. Rowling even says so herself. "If I had given Snape a chance, he would have chosen Lily over becoming a DE." But of course, she didn't. Pity. Harry would have been much better off as Lily and Sev's son, and their marriage would have brought together two "warring" Houses and promoted peace and an end to that stupid rivalry.

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Review #41, by micking Guilty

29th June 2011:
Oh my gosh. Dumbledore was so angry. The Marauders deserve what they get, but Remus is the one who will suffer the most. I applaud how you bring his anger onto James and Sirius and Peter. I am scared this Miss Stone will find out everything and cause everyone to suffer. Looking forward to see what you have in store for all of our beloved characters.

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Review #42, by adriaans Guilty

29th June 2011:
Fantastic writing as always!

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Review #43, by Vermouth Guilty

28th June 2011:
Thank you for returning to this one!

You know, I was totally grateful that you explained in that email the plans you made out for this fic, I'm not gonna blab of course, but judging from Dumbledore's attitude, you're going to make him stricter than intended, am I right?

Regardless of what you might think, I do not consider this story to be AU, for fiction's sake I wish this had taken place in canon instead of what we get printed on paper, because Severus getting bitten was really the more likely thing to happen.

I've never seen such an emotionally full-fledged Remus Lupin before, and this time it fits the situation perfectly. His friends can all go F- themselves. +_+

I still hold onto the belief that while Briar Stone's methods are ruthless and her attitude is cruel, her vocation itself has a right to exist. You just can't deny that her reasonings about werewolves being dangerous. (Something wistful flashed for a split second in the woman's eyes. -- I have a sinking feeling that her sister or best friend or whatever had once been reduced to werewolf chow, hence she takes her job so personally . . . I know, I'll just wait and see:] ) Though that doesn't mean that I don't hope that she would be stopped from killing Sev and Lily as well. It's just that I don't want to see her die trying. If my hunch is proven correct, then she reminds me of the people who dedicate their lives to searching for the escaped SS and other Nazi members after WWII ended. You can't blame her for harbouring hatred thus.

By the way, would it be impossible for you to post Lily's Defender -- a collaboration -- on this site, even with his/her agreement? If so, that's too bad. (I really liked the fact that you named Severus' maternal grandmother Vesper :D ) People (who only know this site) would really love to read it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

This story does follow canon closely in the beginning, but later it'll start to diverge, which is why I put the AU tag on it. One of the main divergences is of course, Remus, Sev, & Lily together and Severus/Lily.

I agree, Severus getting bitten would be the most likely thing to happen given the odds and that Remus in full Shift would have been quick as a snake striking, so James would have never been able to grab Snape away in time.

Dumbledore here has finally been made to open his eyes to the Marauders' true behavior and he is shocked and angry and also feeling guilty for how he has negelected to stop them all these years. "There is none so blind as those who will not see".

I agree about Remus, never could understand how he could forgive them for that, he would have been wolfy chow if things had gone down this route.

About Briar--you're right, her job is necessary, like a bounty hunter's. She's ruthless and hard because of certian things in her past and she prides herself on being the best, but she too has blind spots of her own. She does truly believe that she is doing people a service, which she is, but sometimes she forgets that the victim of a werewolf is not always condemned to go mad. You'll learn more about her and her past as the story goes on.

No, I'll have to ask Rose, my co-author, if she wouldn't mind. I'd be glad to post it. Would you review it here if I did so?

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Review #44, by jenny Guilty

27th June 2011:
excellant story, i always wandered if james had not prevented sirius from doing the prank

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #45, by b.nolea Infected

4th June 2011:
The evil side of me is cheering for Potter and Black to be expelled, and for Dumbledore to let Severus and Lily snap the two wands.

Author's Response: I agree. Either that or put them in Azkaban for a few months.

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Review #46, by parashar_harry Infected

30th May 2011:
again 10/10
a new lady character its really good!
she is so determined to kill all wolves its seem she also have some background story that why she hate them so much .i would like to read atleast one chapter on her (completely)
u have written so well their pain that while reading i felt their pain .
plz snap the wand of sirius in two half .he really deserved it he is the main culprit
i m eager to know their punishment.
they have not only made two innocent ones life miserable but they have also put lupin in danger.
u know sev. and lupin are my favorite character
plz plz post as soon as possible .leave other story even return to prince manor also (hehehehe) this is amazing really
best one from all of ur story

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Review #47, by Vermouth Infected

29th May 2011:
Thank you for introducing Briar Stone, we haven't had a dangerously tough female character from you since Nightshade, and the way she was defeated kind of lessened her ferocity in my eyes. I have mixed feelings towards her, though. She wouldn't hesitate to eradicate Sev and Lily because they can be potential threats to society, yet she also seems to put more emphasis on killing weres who had already sinned by biting people. It shows that unlike Bella, she has clear cold logic. She really takes her work seriously; she doesn't do it for glory, but for the job satisfaction itself. So if there's going to be a final comfrontation, I strongly suggest against killing her off, because she doesn't deserve to be catalogued as evil. Innocent werewolves are, sadly, the minority.

I still feel like personally torturing James and co. though. ;)
Oh well, if there has to be an iron-clad reason for Lily to hate Potter for the rest of her life, it's this. So for fiction's sake, I kinda like it.

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Review #48, by micking Infected

29th May 2011:
I find myself intrigued by this story so far. But, this chapter was really difficult to read. It is traumatic to read about the suffering that Severus and Lily are enduring. And I don't like this hunter who is hoping to kill the werewolf. It puts a lot of people in danger. I don't want Remus killed but will he turn back to himself once the full moon has gone? This idea of human blood making him stronger and more agile and more heartless is scary. Will he remember all of this once he turns back to human?

Author's Response: Yes, it was hard for me to write as well. I don't like to make them suffer, but it's what would have happened.

Briar Stone is not a nice person, she is very dangerous.

yes, he becomes human again in the morning, and only a werewolf at night. Some of it he may remember, but not all of it, I'm thinking that most of the time a werewolf remembers very little when he's transformed. They sort of lose their human thinking selves during that time, otherwise Remus would have never bitten either Lily or Sev. Thanks for reading!

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Review #49, by adriaans Infected

29th May 2011:
Oh wow what a mess this is turning into..

Greatly looking forward to reading more.

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Review #50, by adriaans Bitten

29th May 2011:
Very unique, looking forward to more.

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