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Review #26, by micking A Library of Memories

19th October 2010:
common memories of a past loved one. Seems ironic that they both choose the same place to grieve. Perhaps being able to read each other's mind and knowing the truth will help them understand each other more. Looking forward to see how this story unfolds and will check back freq. Very interesting.

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Review #27, by Vermouth A Library of Memories

18th October 2010:
I just spontaneously dropped in, and what do I encounter? A new story (series?)!

Miraculous surprises never cease to occur in your realm, Signorina. *respectful bow*

Now what can I possiblely say, I hated the cliffhanger? That would be a Royal Disrespect, wouldn't it, O Queen of the Cliffies?

Joking aside though...

You've presented yet another perspective of the Severus-Harry bonding relationship, and it really made me cry this time. Mourning clothes indeed... sometimes I think of the same.

You know, I honestly don't think Severus' character would have the effect it does on us now, if he weren't portrayed by AR (and he was sort of, like Tim Roth's replacement. Thank heavens Roth backed out!). He used to be the No.2 Hate-able Character in the books, right after Voldy. However, DR's Harry is only adequate at best. Therefore, when I immerse myself in your stories such as BW and THH, my mind creates a vision of the small, skinny boy from the original books, and a tall man played by AR. Is it the same with you?

I hope Harry and Severus could somehow comfort each other, and take a good stand against that troll. Seeing that it's you in charge here, I have no doubt about it.

I never dreamed of being first to review, though.

Oh, and since this is another of your Severus-is-intensely-bitter-for-losing-Lily-that-way stories, I think you might be interested in a theory written by someone, many years ago. Did you change your mailbox? Do I have your permission to send it?

My address is vermouth_berumotto (at) yahoo (dot) cn, by the way.

And my translation Chapter 6 would be posted before Thursday, I think.

Author's Response: I adore Alan, he's one of my favorite actors, and when I saw he was going to play Snape I was jumping up and down. But even before the movies came out, I felt bad for Sev and I never hated him. I've had teachers MUCH worse than Snape in the books and I survived. I did so by keeping my mouth shut and doing my work, which is not something I saw HP in the books do. He mouths off to Snape way too much and brings a lot more animosity down on his own head.

But I never hated S, not even after book 6. To me it was glaringly obvious that AD "murder" was a set up. I read and watch too many crime shows not to have figured that out. I couldn't believe more people didn't see it. I figured it was one of those fake death things (and it could have been had JKR chosen to write it this way) and AD would show up alive at the end. Or something would be revealed that showed Snape was innocent.

Alan playing him was like icing on the cake, I know of no one more suited. And yes, whenever I write Harry and Sev I see the image you spoke of--a small skinny child and this tall dark protector.

You certainly may send me that theory, it's be interesting to read it and see if it matches my own. My email is the same as always, I think you have it from before when you sent me those beautiful pictures.

Sometimes I wish I were a good enough artist to illustrate my stories, I have incredible images in my head (one reason I write well I think) that are dying to be expressed on paper, but my poor skills can't do them justice.

I'm really glad you reviewed first, I always enjoy reading your thoughtful and insightful comments.

I think today I'm going to read your chapter 5, I finally have a free moment.

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