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Review #26, by cayteehpotter Epilogue: Midnight Family

11th May 2012:
I've already read this story, a lot, but is there a sequel? I liked this one and was just wondering because the plot is brill, and you'd be able to carry it on. Severus is one of my favourites too :3

Author's Response: Not yet, but there will be eventually. I just have to formulate the whole plot.

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Review #27, by ravenlovesbooks Epilogue: Midnight Family

10th May 2012:
WOW! I abso-freaking-lutely love this amazingly awesome story!!! I have never read a story like this and I wish that there was more of it!!! I can't wait to read the sequel nad more of your amazingly awesome writing! Peace, Love, and Harry Potter

Author's Response: Thanks! Someday I shall try and write the sequel!

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Review #28, by Lia Lestrange Midnight Sight

23rd February 2012:
For harry's unicorn name I would pick new moon because when Harry got his gift it symbolized the end of voldemort's rein and a new beginning for all.

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Review #29, by Bee Robin Midnight's Child

29th December 2011:
I loved your story bug I must point out Set is an Egyptian God Apollo is a Greek God and Selene is a Greek Titan the couldn't exist in balance even if the divine mercy was indeed upon them. :) great story though

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Review #30, by Mr. Alexander Severus Snape Epilogue: Midnight Family

18th December 2011:
Your 1st story read by me, and I love this story till now.I have read this story many times and want you to write the sequel as soon as possible.I am giving you 9/10 as nothing can be perfect.Sorry!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I shall see about the sequel when I'm almost finished with some of my other fics.

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Review #31, by Lily Epilogue: Midnight Family

8th November 2011:
If there is going to be a sequel try to finish prince Manor first and make the baby in manor come back to life because it's HP
anything can happen

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Review #32, by Angel Epilogue: Midnight Family

3rd October 2011:
Ive been an author and reader on this site for several years now, and to be honest, this is the BEST story i have ever read. It had just the right mix of humor, sensitivity, trauma, and aw moments. I loved it, and i cannot wait to read the sequel. Never thought i would like Snape, but this story changes my view on him.
Good job!

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Review #33, by Angel Midnight Gifts

23rd September 2011:
Somehow i cant seem to think of any way Hermione could have other family, the last of her line, other than Harry getting her pregnant. They're awful young for that sort of thing, but you're the writer! Good stuff

Author's Response: No, that's not what Selene meant by more family. They will eventually marry but not just yet. There's something else going on, and you'll find it out if you'll keep reading.

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Review #34, by Angel Midnight Entertainment

23rd September 2011:
OMG that was the funniest thing I have ever read! i would pay double price to see that in a movie!

Author's Response: Actually, so would I!

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Review #35, by Neytirihime Epilogue: Midnight Family

12th September 2011:
OMG thankyou for this amazinf story I cant wait for a sequel to be up I have read this one and Broken wings as well as Two hawks Hunting almost wished that last one would go on forever as I wanted to see the students reaction to having Severus' as Headmaster with his new measures I have also finished reading the one of the Dark Angel and the Skybolt would also love a sequel to that. gosh I'm rambling and like practically loading you with work but its because I totally love your stories as a matter of fact I printed them and gave them a cover so I can re-read them whenever I want but dont have internet. anyways thanks a lot cant wait to see whats next.

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Review #36, by markdbailey01 Epilogue: Midnight Family

1st September 2011:
Very good story. You are a talented author.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #37, by snuffles101 Epilogue: Midnight Family

7th August 2011:
That was the best story i have EVER read. I couldnt stop reading!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #38, by Jia Midnight Secrets

7th August 2011:
Is Hermione Selene and Severus' daughter, by any chance? ;)
Awesome story, love it!

Author's Response: No, but she's someone else's. That will be revealed later on, so keep reading!

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Review #39, by potterfan2012 Midnight Sanctuary

29th July 2011:
Not to be rude, cause I love your stories, but you might want to change either "persephone" or "hecate" as they are two completely different people in the same greek mythological era. Might I suggest artemis, goddess of the hunt, and who ruled the night

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Review #40, by EpicCity Midnight Confession

2nd July 2011:
You said the unicorn's horn can cure magical curses, does that mean a werewolf could be cured by a unicorn? Just curious.
By the way I am loving the story, not many portray Prof. Snape as you do. I find it very refreshing.

Author's Response: No, it can't, because it's not like an ordinary magical curse. it's almost more like a disease than a curse. Because it alters a wizard's blood composition and gives them the ability to change shapes. A regular curse that unicorn horn could cure would be a Cutting Curse, Sectunsempra, a Fire Curse, ect . . .

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you like how I present Snape, I never thought he was very nasty or evil. So i don't make him that way.

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Review #41, by Peonix Song Midnight Rendezvous

17th June 2011:
did you intend to describe snape's form almost exactly like the black stallion?

Author's Response: Yes. The Black is one of my favorite fictional horses and it's how I imagine Snape would look if he were a horse.

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Review #42, by Liquadator Epilogue: Midnight Family

14th June 2011:
This is an EPIC story. I loved it from the start. Please write a sequel. I really love to read the stories you write. I am sorry for all the problems that you have with your health. I hope that you recover.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Eventually I'll write a sequel, I just have to plan it carefully.

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Review #43, by Mary Epilogue: Midnight Family

5th May 2011:
Wow what a story! I nearly stayed up all night to read the whole thing.and I rarely do that for a story that doesn't have smut in it. Then again, with Harry and Hermione still kids...*shrugs*

Love love LOVE this story. I really like how you depict Snape and how he's able to get past his hang ups about James to help Harry. Those damn Dursleys got what they deserved!

I really hope you write a sequel!

Also...I too have fibromyalgia and you really are an inspiration, being able to write such an epic and detailed story despite the pain, fatigue and fibro fog! Well done!

Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! Bravo!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm glad you found my story entertaining enough to keep you up late. There is a little smut in it--the part with Lucius and Bella, I mean.

So glad you liked how Snape changed, a few reviewers didn't care for it, but oh well. I loved punishing the Dursleys, to me they're as bad as Voldy. Worse, because they have no real reason to hate Harry.

Yeah, FM is tough, so I'm glad you can sympathize with me, so many people tend to think FM is a made up disease, but it's not! Not at all!

I will eventually write a sequel and I hope you enjoy other stories of mine. You may like the Broken Wings series, it's also one with Animagi forms. Starts with Broken Wings and then the sequel, Two Hawks Hunting.

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Review #44, by Lily Epilogue: Midnight Family

14th April 2011:
write a squel to moon fire!

Author's Response: I will eventually.

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Review #45, by Bookaholic Girl Epilogue: Midnight Family

27th March 2011:
I really LOVED this story (as I love ALL your stories) and am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY excited AND impatient (see all the words in capitals) to read the sequel to this. So please do the world a favor and write a sequel.


~Bookaholic Girl

Author's Response: Thanks so much! As soon as I finish irresistible Chemistry and Return to Prince Manor I'll start on Moon Fire's sequel, okay?

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Review #46, by shanesdragon Midnight's Child

13th March 2011:
omg please give us a sequal

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Review #47, by Caitlin Epilogue: Midnight Family

12th March 2011:
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this story! The way you describe events, scenery, people and places is simply beautiful. Your plot line is completely original and unique and it is unlike anything I have read thus far. I eagerly await the sequel.
I believe you write from your heart and I thank you for that as it is a very rare person who can. This story captured my heart in so many different ways. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank so much! I really appreciate you leaving this review. I try as much as I can to write what I feel as well as having unique plots that can touch my readers and take the original characters in directions Rowling never did.

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Review #48, by ailishPlease please please write a sequel!!! Epilogue: Midnight Family

28th February 2011:
I have absolutely loved this story. I was hesitant at first because of the era, but glad I kept with it. Pease please do write the sequel!

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Review #49, by interested reader Epilogue: Midnight Family

20th February 2011:
I really enjoyed this story. I'll say it again that the way you depicted snape made me really appreciate that character better. I look forward to reading the sequel. Thanks.

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Review #50, by interested reader Midnight at Privet Drive

17th February 2011:
I really like what you are doing with Snape. That is the way I like to see people interact. To act with respect and kindness to each other.

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