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Review #26, by spencefa Those Mysterious Muggle Ways

28th September 2011:
that chapter was so cute, I could really see dumbledore being like that

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Review #27, by spencefa The Ritual of Renewal

27th September 2011:
that was truly an excellant chapter, the way you described the ritual was really good

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Review #28, by spencefa Decoy

26th September 2011:
excellant chapter, excellant story, haven't been reviewing all chapters, but they are all great, i like harry falling in love

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Review #29, by spencefa That Which Is Hidden

26th September 2011:
this has been an excellant story so far, really enjoying int.

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Review #30, by spencefa Foreboding

25th September 2011:
excellant chapter, definately looking forward to read the rest.

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Review #31, by Ken Past Regrets

13th September 2011:
Great story and nice chapter also. Good to finally hear the details about Thea! :)

One small note on the timeline: Cell phones weren't really "common place" items in 1996, and I suspect very few children, if any, had them. Also, in 1995/19966, cameras were just starting to appear in cell phones and were fairly rare. Guess we'll let this one slide since we love your stories so much!!! ;)

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Review #32, by Gin Epilogue----Dawn Flight

22nd July 2011:
I have read this series I don't know how many times now and each time I fall more in love with it :-D I was wondering though if you have done another one for this series if so I haven't found it yet and dying to see where this all goes

Author's Response: No, not a large sequel yet. I am reworking some of the plot for it and the details. But I do have two small stories that are companion pieces. They are The Greatest Gift and Worth Saving.

Thanks for reading and re-reading my work. I really appreciate it, especially now that I am so depressed from watching Severus die in DH2.

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Review #33, by Lily Epilogue----Dawn Flight

7th July 2011:
You should write a sequel

Author's Response: I am planning one. In the meantime, you could read my follow-up small stories to this, one is called The Greatest Gift and the other is called Worth Saving.

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Review #34, by m-dawg Stormy Weather

22nd May 2011:
sev should kill him Lol
just kiddin... or was i

Author's Response: Well, I hope you were! LOL!

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Review #35, by pompy Epilogue----Dawn Flight

20th May 2011:
i giv u a hi-5. plz write more abt vlad, darkmoon, meadowsweet, hedwig, freedom, warrior, paul, jilly nd othrs. u r my fav author. u can chck my stories. my username is The Indian Patriot. u r my inspiration. thanx dearest snapegirl. i hav read Broken Wings nd Two Hawks Hunting twice, almst at one go in d second tym. for both the stories, i giv u 100/10 , ok? wel, i lykd Severus, bt thnx 2 u, now i simply LUV Sev. thanx, once more.

Author's Response: Thanks! That's really sweet of you. I do have some small sequels to Two Hawks Hunting called The Greatest Gift and Worth Saving. I'm really happy that you love Severus. I think he's an amazing character.

I tried to find you on here, but the search author list came back with no matches found.

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Review #36, by dorkoosje Epilogue----Dawn Flight

5th May 2011:
Will you please please please, write a sequel? Your stories are so good and I love the way you write! You make me cry and laugh!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I will eventually write one, never fear.

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Review #37, by rainbowwolf1313 Epilogue----Dawn Flight

6th April 2011:
Absolutely loved this! I just spent a week reading Broken Wing and this and I am sincerely considering begging for a sequel. I want to see Sev get his ultimate happy ending ^.^ 10/10

Author's Response: There are two small sequels to this, one is The Greatest Gift and the other is Worth Saving. Haven't started book three of this yet, I want to finish Return to Prince Manor and Irresistible Chemistry first.

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Review #38, by Ad Those Mysterious Muggle Ways

26th March 2011:
Ha ha ho ho ho
Just what the healer ordered I had to stifle my laughter ended up with tears streaming down my cheeks and the kids asking me why I hysterical lol. A great piece of comic relif well done

Author's Response: Thanks! I felt it needed some after the seriousness of the whole tale and Albus just naturally lends himself to comedy

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Review #39, by StephSnape Epilogue----Dawn Flight

3rd March 2011:
whens the sequel coming out?

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Review #40, by AlzhFlores Epilogue----Dawn Flight

28th January 2011:
WOW... thats all I can say about ur story, i have read these two stories like three times and I still love them. Im dying to read the next one, please tell me there will be a sequel!

I actually any snape-harry stories but these ones and Moonfire are by far the best!!
Congrats on ur work and hopefully u will post some more of this sagas!

Author's Response: Thanks! There 's actually two more little stories in this uniberse posted here. They are Worth Saving and the Greatest Gift.

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Review #41, by AlzhFlores Epilogue----Dawn Flight

16th January 2011:
I totally loveur stories, i have prbably read them a cuple times each s im dying to start reading the next one.. any ideas when it will come? have u already start it??

Author's Response: I do have 2 small sequels for this posted here. One is called the Greatest Gift. The other one is called Worth Saving.

I haven't started the big novel yet though.

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Review #42, by maverick22 Witherspoon's Rescue

5th January 2011:
brilliant story writing. i love the way you present emotional scenes, especially involving kids. marietta( from arista and ..) and jillly are the most loveable kids i found. please write the sequel to this novel soon, i cant wait for it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love writing little kids, probably because I taught them for so long.

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Review #43, by NeverTooOld Epilogue----Dawn Flight

31st December 2010:
Yes diffenently write a sequel, I've read most of your stories and really enjoyed them.I've got my wife reading them. I never thought I would like Snape as a good guy and I really like the Wolfen,the whole concept is unique. Good Luck and have a great 2011.Ron Farinetti

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Review #44, by ToryPow The Request

27th October 2010:
Harry and Meadowsweet need to get together! Like asap. That would be so cute

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Review #45, by Laura Epilogue----Dawn Flight

19th October 2010:
Your stories, both Broken Wings and Two Hawks Hunting, have given me a new appreciation and admiration of birds, hawks especially. Thank you =]

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Review #46, by artemisia Epilogue----Dawn Flight

7th October 2010:
NO! write more! Please! I love this story!

Author's Response: There are two short stories that go along with this one--The Greatest Gift and Worth Saving. They are both posted on here, so you can read them if you have THH withdrawal. :)

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Review #47, by benpowerman Epilogue----Dawn Flight

6th September 2010:
nice story i read it all 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! There's also two small sequels one called The Greatest Gift and the other called Worth Saving

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Review #48, by Sharon Epilogue----Dawn Flight

23rd August 2010:
Hey. I love your story and would love to find out what happens to Harry And Sasha especially with Ginny forcing herself into the picture. Also how Sev handles meeting Thea for the first time in 15 years!!

Author's Response: Yes, that should be quite a shock. I should have the sequel started by January.

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Review #49, by secretlover Foreboding

15th August 2010:
I Really Like Your Writing. As In The Words Of Ronald Weasley Its Bloody Brilliant !! One Question Before I Carry On Reading . Will There Be Any Romance ???

Author's Response: Yes, but much later in the story. You'll know when it comes up. Thanks so much!

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Review #50, by potterfan2012 Epilogue----Dawn Flight

19th July 2010:
you gotta have another one. PLEASE tell me you have one
10/10 for the whole series

Author's Response: Well, not a whole novel yet, but I'm plotting one. I DO have a small one-shot called The Greatest Gift though, and I'm working on another small short story, a kind of prequel to Broken Wings featuring Severus and Hagrid. Haven't posted that one up here yet, though I will as soon as it's almost finished. The Greatest Gift is posted here though.

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