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Review #51, by Liana Among the Missing

20th October 2013:
This sounds like it might take a long time. Sounds like they're heading into South Dakota in the winter. Good luck to Severus and Sarai.

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Review #52, by Liana Captured

20th October 2013:
I wasn't surprised at who the attacker was. I was surprised at what he did. I guess Severus and Sarai are not going to have the nice reunion they planned on.

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Review #53, by Liana Making Reparations

20th October 2013:
I think the mysterious watcher is Unseelie, the guy whose name starts with a J. But what do I know. This is getting interesting. Will Severus contact the Queen about Nesmay.

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Review #54, by Dramione_lover95 Bedknobs and Broomsticks

20th October 2013:
Wonderful story, It's very rare that a long story that was not written by the true author get my attention but you did wonderful thank you for writing this!

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Review #55, by Liana Trouble's Shadow

20th October 2013:
Severus is such a good father. Even though Nesmay ran away I think she's on the road to showing better manners and behaving herself. She's adding an interesting dimension to Severus' family.

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Review #56, by Liana Explosive Magic

20th October 2013:
I don't think Nesmay is alone at fault. Abelard was told to behave himself so he should've stopped teasing her. I'm more concerned that Nesmay is missing.

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Review #57, by Liana Wild Child

19th October 2013:
I think Nesmay will be punished like Draco and Harry are. Severus usually manages a reasonable punishment. Is Nesmay any worse than some of the students Severus has taught before?

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Review #58, by Liana Titania's Request

19th October 2013:
The Queen's request was reasonable. It will do Nesmay some good to be with magical people her own age and to be tutored. I wonder if she'll be sent to Hogwarts.

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Review #59, by Liana Fairy Revel

19th October 2013:
I hope the Queen isn't trying to arrange some weird relationship with Severus. The fae are a bit strange at times. Their party sounds lovely but I'd be overly worried about doing something inappropriate.

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Review #60, by Liana Earth Bond

19th October 2013:
I think it's great that Smidgen is invited to the revel. And it will be good to see Sarai again. Did I tell you that I have a grand-niece named Sarai? I think Dudley's punishment will work. It will be a new experience for him. I'm glad Draco wasn 't punished. I would've been disappointed if Severus had done something different.

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Review #61, by Liana Uneasy Truce

18th October 2013:
I think, or hope, that Severus will realize that Draco did a good thing by stopping the duel. I hope Draco doesn't get punished. Dudley should have a good talking to and they should impress upon him the stupidity of his actions.

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Review #62, by Liana Sirius Misconceptions

21st September 2013:
Sirius is so hotheaded. He doesn't seem to know Harry very well at all. Dudley seems to be up to his old tricks. I don't like snakes very much but I don't run around bothering them either. I hope Sev can stop Sirius. I'm sure he will. I hope they don't get to the point of dueling.

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Review #63, by Liana Petunia's Surprise

20th September 2013:
I loved this chapter. It was great to see the Shimmerling again. She made quite an impression on me before. I wish I had one! It's still strange to think of Sirius and Petunia as a couple. I always thought of Petunia as an older lady. You made shaving sound fun with the warm towels and all. That must've felt good even though the boys cut themselves.

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Review #64, by Liana Turn Back the Hands of Time

20th September 2013:
I decided I should go back and finish stories I didn't finish before. I haven't been to this site for a while mostly because I was busy with real life. I remember the story line so I should be good here. I think it would be hard to know when the situation is serious enough to use the time clock. At least a person going in knows they only have twelve times. Well, I should be back again before too long.

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Review #65, by CityofOwls All Debts Paid

11th July 2013:
I am so happy you didn't kill Smidgeon. I'm new to the site
and just now reading a lot of your stuff, but I must say I like
your writing style and imaginativeness. You could be
published. Anyway, I cried when Smidgeon "died" and when
I got to the end of the chapter, all that was running through
my head was: 'Stupid author!! How dare she kill my favorite
character! Arrrgh! If this book wasn't so good I'd never read
another of her works again!' And also just general internal
ranting and such. So thank you for not killing Smidgeon! I
love how well developed the characters are, even the
villains. The heroes are important, but good bad guys (sorry
for that awkward phrasing) just make the story. Can't wait
for more on your current stories! Btw do you know any
particularly good authors to look up on this site? Thanks and

Author's Response: I'm glad you didn't want Smidgen killed off. One or two people did, but I just couldn't do that, since she's part of the family. Also, you're right about good villains, you'll see another one of mine coming up and he's a real baddie! Just wait!

As far as other authors on this site, I can't say, because a lot of what's posted here is mostly canon pairings and such and I don't write that and don't really read too much of it either. I like non-canon pairings, especially Sev/Lily and Harry/OC and haven't really had time to look and see who else writes them that doesn't turn Sev into a monster to justify Lily running off with James.

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Review #66, by Watcher Mariner's Surprise

28th June 2013:
Sea Wizards story, yes indeed. Although I have not yet checked to see if one is already posted. I found your latest work and I am making my way through the older ones while waiting on new chapters. And I am enjoying them very much. Thank you for sharing them.

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Review #67, by Layla Making Reparations

26th April 2013:
Great story snapegirl you are amazing

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Review #68, by Dealynher Warnings

15th March 2013:
Almost done, As for the cup part you wrote that Dumbledore does not have ownership over the cup, and Saria says well tell the ministry to give them the cup. Saria is Tianas messenger so why is she telling dumbledore to deliver the message when it is her job. She talked to Crouch previously in the chapter she should have told him. and Severus being a long time teacher at the school should already know that Dumbledore dosent own the cup. Your making Dumbledore out to be the villian with things he has NO control over. I can get why Severus is mad about Dumbledore's idea of raising harry to fight voldemort because even in the real books i was upset about that. But I dont think Severus should be mad about when Dumbledore wanted Harry to stay with the Dursleys because with the love protection Lilly gave him it only worked when he lived with a reletive at that house. Dumbledore did not know that Severus was Harrys father and Dumbledore did not know about Severus's magical house where supposedly know one can reach him. Dumbledore was honestly doing what he thought would keep Harry alive and safe from Voldemort. And Saria said " “The Cup’s magic binds, but there are ways around it. Ways that you wizards do not know because the object you call the Goblet of Fire is actually our sacred Cup of Wonders.” How is Dumbledore supposed to unbind him if he dosent kno a way around it. But Saria say there are ways around it so why didnt she unbind him or ask queen Tiana to is she cares SO much about Harrys well being.
So she threatens Dumbledore saying her court will go agains them if he does not get the cup back which is NOT HIS. Sairia should just not be a little bitch and go ask the ministers for it back and threaten them, not someone that has nothing to do with it.

Author's Response: Sarai came there to deliver a warning or two--one about the Cup which Dumbledore and the Minister never bothered to find out where it came from, and all she is doing is telling them that the Cup is not theirs and they want it back or else. She doesn't have to tell the Minister anything, she relays the information to Dumbledore and he should therefore tell Fudge since he has influence.

Second, as far as the contest goes, he might not have total control over it but he COULD have told Bagman that having lamia there was too dangerous, BUT he didn't and people could have died. Sarai and Severus are justifiably concerned over Harry and so they warn against Dumbledore acting so complacent.

Second, Sarai is no magic user, so she cannot break the binding. A lot of this is out of her control and so she's frustrated and scared. She believes Dumbledore should have been able to prevent Harry's name from being in the Goblet in the first place, and so is angry when things keep happening.

Because the fae were not there when the contest started, they could not do anything to stop it and now it's too late. Plus, Dumbledore has always acted like he knows better than everyone, and if you'll remembered correctly, it was revealed in the seventh book that he wanted Harry to take risks and die because he thinks he was a Horcrux, so he deliberately placed him in danger! That to me is inexcusable.

He has the same attitude here, though Severus won't let him get away with it this time, like he did in the books.

I have never liked Dumbledore, except occasionally in the first book. I always regarded him as not putting the safety of students first--look at how he permitted rumors to fly around, hired substandard Defense teachers, and let a boy become a pawn of prophecy and everything else.
Sarai is not threatening Dumbledore, per say, what she says is--give the Cup back or else there will be a war you can't win. Pass it on to the Minister. Be warned.

She feels that a lot of this could have been prevented with Harry and he's not doing enough to protect him.

If you don't agree with that, so be it.

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Review #69, by DeaLynHer Warnings

15th March 2013:
I do however like the turn in Draco and Hermione's relationship, it shows that there is no perfect couple and every relationship had problems that need to be worked throught.
You also have a FANTASTIC imagination, the sphinx challenge was perfect! You are very creative with making new world like being in her mind.
I think you do have some trouble with creating character relationships.
You make it seem like Dumbledore has control over everything and knows everything which by what you have wrote and what happened in the previous 3 books he obviously doesnt. And you would think Severus being his spy previously would know this.

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Review #70, by DeaLynHer Warnings

15th March 2013:
Sucky Chapter. The whole Dumbledores office scene was terrible. According to your story he told Severus numerous times that he had no control over what the tournement entailed (and why would he, he has two students competeing if he could pick the challanges that could be scene as cheating)so said he has no control over the challanges yet you still have Saria and Severus telling him to make them easier which makes there charaters look stupid when they kno he cant control it.

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Review #71, by Dealynher Yule Prospects

1st March 2013:
Hermiones last line was terrible. Other than that I think this was a really good chapter. I like the way Draco handled Pansy.

Author's Response: Unfortunately he didn't handle her clearly enough for her own good.

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Review #72, by dealynher Den of Vipers

28th February 2013:
This is better than part 1 of this story so far.

Author's Response: Okay. Glad you think so.

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Review #73, by BRIANNA CLARK Bedknobs and Broomsticks

1st January 2013:

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Review #74, by Arcinine Lupin The Time of My Life

30th October 2012:
Do vampires bake gingerbread?

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Review #75, by oceansweetie New Arrivals

25th August 2012:
Ok, I'm just saying, but this Unseelie queen is a bi*ch. It's her fault her son failed- she raised him to be an evil coward. He was bound to fail sooner or later. If she wasn't so evil, none of this crap would happen to her. You can't be evil if you don't want to deal with the consequences of being sinister.

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