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Review #26, by EmilySvart Gathering Allies

25th February 2013:
Another wonderful chapter, thank you! And I am so happy that you are now posting more frequently. (: Can't wait for the next chapter, should be interesting..

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Review #27, by Chazzie The Potters' Heir

12th January 2013:
It was a good chapter :) loving the story. I think sirius and annie should have a girl, and lily and sev a boy. It would put the pressure on reg to have a boy too, in order to please Voldemort, so if he had a girl... :)

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Review #28, by saba Something Meaningful

2nd January 2013:
going great! keep up the good job and I fervently hope that ppl will start recognizing your name as the girl who wrote a whole book to display her affection of the harry potter series. keep up the good work!

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Review #29, by saba January 9th

1st January 2013:
three words: so bloody good!

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Review #30, by Arcinine Lupin Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

16th December 2012:
Sirius youre a hell of a man so best ye defend yer self or thou art a dead man P.S. Can I have the recipe for the black and white pudding?

Author's Response: Hmm, have to look that one up, though I think it's chocolate and vanilla pudding in layers with an Oreo bottom crust and whipped cream on top.

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Review #31, by Arcinine Lupin Happy Holidays

5th December 2012:
Um Im a guy so normally I wouldn't answer a question about Severus' kissing abilities but this once I shall so a ten from me. See ya. *Grins and winks*

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Review #32, by Arcinine Lupin Dumbledore's Agents

5th December 2012:
To your cousin I wish her a peaceful eternal sleep and may she rest in peace.

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Review #33, by Arcinine Lupin A Dreadful Pact

5th December 2012:
Mmmm I love ovaltene it's so tasty and I agree with Lily plain milk or milk on it's own is horrible so I agree with Lily Ovaltene is the greatest thing to all us plain milk haters. P.S. I love a cup of tea two to three sugars and plenty of milk.

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Review #34, by Michelle Diabolical Plot

2nd December 2012:
Can't wait for baby snape!

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Review #35, by Charlotte Sorrow and Truth

18th November 2012:
I love Eileen and Walburga.
That is all :D

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Review #36, by Michelle Comfort

15th November 2012:
Aww that was so sweet. Want sev to "tiss me" now...

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Review #37, by Michelle Happy Holidays

9th November 2012:
A definite 10/10! Very envious of lily!

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Review #38, by Jenna The Reckoning

5th November 2012:
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!! It was hilarious! I kept laughing like crazy! Please post the next chapter soon!!!

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Review #39, by Willow_Lupin The Reckoning

2nd November 2012:
I LOVE THESE MOMS! but i feel so bad for him though, i like Prof. Dumbledore and he's awesome, but from this pov he deserves it! so lovely story really

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Review #40, by Meghan A Date to Remember

30th October 2012:
I have never been a fan of Severus and Lily, but you won me over in less than ten chapters. When you introduced the James/Petunia pairing, my mind screamed in protest. I have come to find that I adore it. It is so lovely and making Petunia a fan of Quidditch was the most hysterical idea. Yes. Just.. yes.

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Review #41, by Arcinine Lupin Wizard's Duel

25th October 2012:

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Review #42, by Willow_Lupin Sorrow and Truth

10th October 2012:
*sobs* Orion died..:( i can't believed he died i knew it would happen but i liked him.

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Review #43, by 4dogsma A Helping Hand

28th September 2012:
Nice fast paced action.Loved the innocent first kiss. :)

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Review #44, by 4dogsma House Rivalries

28th September 2012:
Can't wait to read more! Not sure I like the fact that James, Serius and Lupin are such nasty brats and as mean to Snape as Draco was to Harry.

Author's Response: Well, if you remember OOTP, in Snape's Worst Memory, James and Sirius hung poor Sev upside down and stripped him, so that's even worse than Draco. Sirius also nearly got Sev chomped on by Remus in were form.

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Review #45, by 4dogsma The Unsuitable Friend

28th September 2012:
Loved to be back in Potterland and to meet the young Snape and Lily.It was a shock to be reminded that Tunia is Lily's sister and had to date and marry Vern before they could be Harry's fosters. Very cool. Looking for'ard to reading more. Great start!!

Author's Response: Yes, she is. But . . . things just might surprise you in this story as far as Petunia goes.

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Review #46, by NavyGirl_loveshp Sorrow and Truth

27th September 2012:
So glad that everyone now knows the truth about Sev, Lily, and Reg.

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Review #47, by Charlotte Red Herring

26th September 2012:
Ruddy good chapter though! :D

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Review #48, by Pigfarts23 Red Herring

22nd September 2012:
OH MY GOD. I'm so glad I found this story here! I love the banner you have for this story - honestly, when I started reading this on FanFiction(DOT)net that was just how I pictured them! Anyways, I really ought to stop gushing over finding this story. It's just so good! You've taking one of my favourite ships and turned it into something wonderful! You should be proud! Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line, because I feel bad for not reviewing all 74 chapters! Keep up the great job!

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Review #49, by EmilySvart Red Herring

22nd September 2012:
Yay, finally, a new chapter ^_^ I was so afraid that you had left the story behind.
It really was a sad chapter, but like the last reviewer said, it helped to move the story move forward and make idiot Siri understand his brother isn't as bad as he thought.. naw. I guess you have to make sacrifices from time to time.

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Review #50, by NavyGirl_loveshp Red Herring

20th September 2012:
Though I hate to see Orion die I am happy that Sirius now knows of his brothers true allegiance. A sad but good chapter. 9/10 cause I wish you could of saved him.

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