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Review #26, by HarryGinnyFan18 Christmas

16th December 2007:
Hey. I love it. I thought that Alyssa and David will be together. What happend to David's girlfriend. Oh are you going to update on Chritmas weeks? 100-100. ~Jackie~ hugs kiss.

Author's Response: Thanks. No they're not together yet. I'm sorry, but it'll actally be awhile before that happnes. Nothing's happened to her yet, but wait till the next chapter.

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Review #27, by Tomboy54 Dynamite

9th December 2007:
WOW! Alot seemed to happen right there. I still feel bad for Alyssa since she has to hang out with Dynamite like that, and that David won't listen to her. I would say I feel bad for Dynamite too, but apperently I don't have to. I must say, the bit of language gives a nice touch. Since I haven't read the part after the break yet, I wonder what is going to happen. Don't tell me everything cause I don't want to give everything away again before it gets on this site.

I said it once and I will say it again, Natalie is a... thing that you wrote!! I would say I can't believe what she is doing, but I can, and she is just a butthead and maybe a few other things. By the way, how much longer does Alyssa have to go out with Dynamite? I hope she doesn't have to kiss him again.
Anyway, update soon, please!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! You have a right to feel bad for Alyssa because of that whold situation. David's just being stubbern, and he's only seeing what he wants to see and not what's really there. David has problems with that. Take Alyssa for example: right now he sees her as his buddy; he likes her but doesn't know it yet. So he sees what he wants to see (buddy) but not what's really there (crush). I'm working on the part after break. The language does give it that little ZAP! Sorry couldn't think of another word for it. I'm not done writing the part after break yet. I won't tell you what happens for fear of giving it away.

Natalie is a *insert insult here*. I'd say I couldn't believe it, but I'd be lieing. She is just a *Bleep*, and you could use any foul word to fill in the blank. I don't know how much longer it's going to be. At this point she doesn't have to, but it could happen.

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Review #28, by HarryGinnyFan18 Dynamite

9th December 2007:
Hi. I love it. I'm so sad about David is not talking to Alyssa. Daivd and Alyssa means me of David's Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron when they are his age. I can not what to read more. When we are going to read when Daivd and Alyssa got together. 100-100! ~Jackie~

Author's Response: Thanks, I love that you love it! It is sad they aren't speaking but it won't last. They are kind of like Ron and Hermione at that age. It's actually going to be a while before they get together.

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Review #29, by Tomboy54 Natalie Richies

6th December 2007:
AWSOME! I already talked to you about it, so I don't have much to say since you probably already know! Anyway, I still like it no matter how many times I read it. I also agree, Natalie is a... what you said. I don't feel like typing it for some reason. I do agree with what you said, and I can think of more things she is. This chapter was kind of up and down, up and down. I mean you kind of went back and forth between somewhat bad things, to somewhat good things, to really good things (them wining the match) to really bad things, at least for Alyssa. That must of really sucked for her though, walking in and seeing that with him. I don't know what David sees in her. I think he might just be shallow right now, and doesn't relize it. Whatever. I still love how the story is going. Most people might not know what Dynamite means by that offer, and since I do know, I won't say anything.
Update soon, please!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I know Natalie is a *insert insulting word here*. It's ok not to typen it. She's also alot of other things. It kind of is up and down. I think alot of people will be able to tell what the offer was by what Alyssa said.

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Review #30, by Tomboy54 Alyssa Weedle

1st December 2007:
Awsome! I love that Alyssa had the best arm. That is how it should be, a girl has the best arm. Anyway, I love how the story is going so far. It is just to bad that David has to die at the end. Whether Alyssa likes David as just a friend or more, that is going to suck for Alyssa. I hope that they can just sort out everything before the end. If not, that just may suck even more.

Also, I was wondering, I am not exactly sure if Danny was making up those readings. I mean he could have been saying that just to mock David again, but those things he said can happen. The war part is right, and he does seem to have a good friendship.

I am just glad they both made the quiditich team. I hope they kick butt big time. Anyway, going back to the 'I can't believe David is going to die part', I just relized that this is going to suck even more. I mean it would still suck that Alyssa would be losing a friend, maybe more, but they are teenagers! Young teenagers! This means Alyssa has to live with this through her whole teen years and the rest of her life. I don't know if being a teen is as hard for them as us since they don't have to go to middle and high school, but either way it is not going to be easy.

Anyway, update soon, please!!!

P.S. I am having a really bad day. I hope yours is better!

Author's Response: Thanks! You would feel that way about Alyssa's arm! Yeah, it is, but shh! I don't want the people who didn't read the other to have it spoiled! Yeah, no matter what it will suck for Alyssa. I hope they sort it all out too!

Danny wasn't making them up like David thinks, but none of them actually believe anything they hear in Divination. We do know there's going to be a war, but at this point the characters don't.

It's awsome they both made thge team! And wait 'til next chapter and we'll see if they kick butt! It will suck alot for Alyssa because of the friend thing and like you said they're so yung they don't deserve that! I think being a teen is just as hard for them because even i they aren't in middle/high school like us, they're still surrounded by other teens day AND night!

P.S. I know, you're day sucks because you're honor band was canceled! Look at it this way, at least you and your Mom didn't risk your lives for a piece of wood just to find out the lumber yard wasn't open so that you think you should have said what you were thinking "Skrew this, let's go home"! Because that's what I did yesterday morning! Anyway, I hope you're back to your weird and overachieving self tommorow! (Justin too)

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Review #31, by HarryGinnyFan18 Alyssa Weedle

30th November 2007:
Hi. I love it. I'm going to add this to my favroties soon. When did you pit this up?? Is Isabelle is Victiore's cousin? So this how we see in David's best friend's eye before he dead? I hope that Alyssa and Daivd will be together? 10-10. ~Jackie hugs kiss.

Author's Response: Thanks! I love that you love it! I put it on last week. Isabella is Victorie's best friend and she's Dona's twin. Sorry, I should have said that, but it's in the other one. Yeah, but shh, some people don't know yet! I'm not telling if they get together!

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Review #32, by Tomboy54 David Weasley

22nd November 2007:
I LOVED IT!!! When you first said you were planning on writing a story about David, I wasn't sure what exactly what it was going to really be about, but this was great. It sounds so realistic, but it just takes place at Hogwarts. I love the whole plot so far, but it sounds a bit familiar. Also, I thought it was really nice how you dedicated the story to (I am assuming your friends) those people you said in the story review. Since I, and everyone else don't know those people, I was wondering if the characters in the story were some of the people you dedicated this story to. If they were, could you write back and say who is who? If not, I understand (but I would prefere to know). Anyway, it was really good. Just wondering, how long do you plan on making this story? (if you have a basic idea) Anyway, Update soon, please!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! I love that you love it! I guess i didn't really tell you what the story was about. I did think it sounded pretty realistic when I wrote it. Yes those people the story is dedicted to are my friends. And I never really thought about who the characters were based on. I guess Alyssa would be kind of a mix between Kaitlynn and Kierstin, but I'm not really sure which she's more like. I don't really know how long the story's going to be. I'll update as soon as I can.

By the way, my cousins are right here and keep making comments about Justin who is my friend and nothing more. They wanted me to tell you that they keep calling him my BFF (Boy Friend Forever)

its true from olivia meade her cousin for your information be safe!!!!!

That was Olivia, now if you'll excuse me I've got to deal with her and Carney (They claim to be twins, but they're not even sisters and there's a one year age difference)

Ok, finally bye.

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