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Review #26, by suziebanana14 Dates and Dancing

27th April 2012:
cant wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Me neither! ;) Thank you.

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Review #27, by Jaded94 Dates and Dancing

27th April 2012:
I LIKE JACK, more than James at this point which makes me unsure how that's going to work out...Update soon that was a mean cliffhanger!

Author's Response: I'll try, I'll try! I promise. But things are getting really busy... No! I won't make excuses! I'll try. :D
I really like that people are liking Jack. He's fun (but that's all I'm saying about him). :P
Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by hazellily Dates and Dancing

26th April 2012:
Okay first off, what took so long? lol I have looked like everyday for this story. :( I love this story and I really liked Jack in it!

Author's Response: Exactly, what took me so long? I have no idea... The story's right here, inside my head, but it just doesn't morph into the right words when I try to write. :( And, I have to warn you: upcoming exams. Gah! I hate it.
Anyway, thank you for loving the story and reviewing!

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Review #29, by TigerLilian Dates and Dancing

26th April 2012:
Mm I love it! I'm currently laughing at the overprotectiveness of the guys, it's weirdly hilarious. xD

What comes to Jack... I really don't know what to think! I get this feeling that he's not good news, although I'm guessing he makes James jealous which is brilliant. :D I dunno, he seems too good to be true, you know? But then again he's Alice and Frank's trusted collegue, even if they were talking that you can't know who to trust these days... I really don't know. xD It's kind of scary. xD But I'm expecting that something bad will happen with him, yup, I am. xD

Waiting for the next chapter keenly! 8)

Author's Response: Wow, I've got some pretty smart readers! Not trusting the new guy... don't worry Lily's smart enough to be sceptical as well! ;) Whether that's a good or a bad decision, we don't know yet. :D
So glad you liked it! Thank you. :)

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Review #30, by diana A New Chapter

14th March 2012:
But such an interesting thing about this story is the part sirius plays. I hope there's a happy ending for him. And maybe James should find out that the child is not his and Cindy cheated on him or something. That would serve him right.. poor Lily.. but so far your story is amazing. Can't wait to read on so please update soon :)

Author's Response: Yes, Sirius is soo good isn't he? In line with my last response, you could say that Sirius is my way of showing that guys can be such good friends but you know, they fail at the whole romance part. :P
Hope you like the next chapter. ;)

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Review #31, by diana A New Chapter

14th March 2012:
This literally made me cry. I don't really WANT Lily to get back with James anymore. After being such an insensitive prat and breaking her heart so many times KNOWINGLY how can she ever trust him again? And how can he keep hurting her knowing that he's hurting her? I just don't get that about guys. Even in real life. They can be so full of themselves!

Author's Response: Why have I not responded to this review before? I don't know. Anyway yeah, love sucks. Or, you know, people don't know how to act when it comes to love... certainly guys. They never realise what they've got until it's gone. :) sad, really.
But thank you for reviewing! ;)

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Review #32, by badgernymphadora A New Chapter

10th March 2012:
French the llama, this is amazing! Please do not stop writing this story! I know that its inevitable that James and Lily get together in the end, but she better not let him off easy! I say that she just moves on with her life and finds someone that she loves and makes her happy. She deserves it! I'm kind of skeptical about Cindy's pregnancy. And the engagement. Somehow I don't think that she will have the baby, whether she loses it, she lied about it, or its not James's (personally I'm hoping for the latter). But right now I think James is just a jerk. Lily should just move on!

Anyways, PLEASE keep writing this! I have not been able to get it off my mind! When can we expect an update?

Thanks for writing this! Again, its FANTASTIC!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. :)
Apparantly I've made James such a jerk that everyone wants Lily to move on. :P She will, kind of. ;) I'm trying to work on some of my other stories, but this one's constantly on my mind too, so I hope I won't keep you waiting too long. :)

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Review #33, by Lilyevansrules A New Chapter

9th March 2012:
Nope nope nope there is no new chapter of her life she cannot move on! I have been reading this story for so long I will get my happy ending! Nice job though I love your writing :)

Author's Response: Well, considering the fact that James and Lily die, I'm not sure if you can call it a happy ending, but I'm sure they will find their way back to each other somehow. They're James and Lily after all. ;)
Thank you for reviewing

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Review #34, by Lilyevansrules The Winner Takes It All

9th March 2012:
You always leave us with a cliff hanger! Luckily the next chapter is already up so I won't have to wait for long;)!

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Review #35, by Jaded94 A New Chapter

25th February 2012:
Everyone else is probably reading this story for James and Lily's relationship but I absolutely adore Sirius and Lily's friendship I think that's one of the main reasons i love this story, obviously I still am totally James/Lily but i look forward to Sirius and Lily conversations. I like cocky Snape, I hope we see more of him with that personality. I still don't like Cindy but what can you do when you like everything else? Update soon?

Author's Response: Haha, well if Cindy is the only thing you don't like about this story, then I can live with that, I think. :P
Thank you for the lovely review.

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Review #36, by Courtney A New Chapter

24th February 2012:
Well, I really hope that Lily does move on and leave James in the past. Even if Cindy turns out to not be pregnant or he decides he would rather be with Lily, I don't think she should have anything to do with him as he just hurts her over and over and doesn't put her first. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Author's Response: She will, I promise. But they're still James and Lily, you know, so... well, you'll see. I hope you'll like it.
Thank you

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Review #37, by Annabel Potter The Winner Takes It All

14th February 2012:
aw poor Lily, nothing is going her way...well at least she has sirius! :)

Author's Response: Sirius is the best thing to have in such depressing times! He really is. Haha.
Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #38, by JeSuisEscargot The Winner Takes It All

11th February 2012:
you are so hated by me right now -_-
ONE thing getting that bitch pregnant
but a completely different one when he PROPOSED TO HER
u better better better clean this up PLEASE
and u have nooo idea how long i waited for an updaate...
the last chapter endded in a twist.. so did this one...
can u please make the next one a bit.. calm?
thanks xP
i like ur story anyhow xp

Author's Response: The next one will be a calm, I promise! But you can't expect me to clean up all this mess in one chapter, can you? ;)
I hope you'll like it.

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Review #39, by AlexFan The Winner Takes It All

6th February 2012:
No no I hate Cindy she's like physco to be honest like a James Potter fan girl. I'm pretty pissed at James also.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too. Be prepared to be pretty pissed at all my characters and their stupid little mistakes. ;)
Thanks for the review.

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Review #40, by hazellily The Winner Takes It All

6th February 2012:
OMG why was that so SHORT! I need more so so soon!

Author's Response: Okay, I'm back! Writing at this very moment (well not really at this very moment, cause I'm responding to your review at THIS very moment :P) it just sucks how it's all in my head but how little time I have to write it down. :(
Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #41, by ms4aisa The Winner Takes It All

6th February 2012:
oh, I love you for updating, but hate you for the chapter! no, the chapter itself was good, but James and Cindy?! NOO! and then stop like that, how could you?!

I love this story so much, especially all the characters (I miss Sam :'( ) I hope (and expect) James to make up his mind soon (Cindy's not really pregnant, is she?) and get back with Lily!
But all in all, it was as always a really well written chapter of an awesome story! :) can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: I miss Sam, too! :(
James making up his mind? Cindy pregnant, yes or no? All the questions I want my readers to be asking themselves... Lovely! :D
Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #42, by hazellily Unexpected

27th January 2012:
When are you going to update THIS story???

Author's Response: I know! I'm so so sorry!
I've got one more exam on Monday, and then I'm finished. Gosh, I'm so incredibly tired of them and I want to be writing again... So yeah, I hope to have this story updated by next week. :S

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Review #43, by Tay Tay Unexpected

21st January 2012:
O my gosh ! I can't believe it , they were getting along so well ! And Cindy . I know it's not TECHNECIALLY her fault but I really can't stand her . This story is really , really , really good so far , I hope there are more Lily/Sammy moments
Keep up the good work , update soon !

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :) It's okay to hate on Cindy, I understand. :p Thanks for revieiwing.

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Review #44, by lilyevansrules Unexpected

26th December 2011:
Oh you have got to be kidding me! One mess is fixed and now this! Another kid! Is it even his? When did this happen? Uhh this is so sad... :`(

Author's Response: Haha, another kid exactly! They're out to ruin Lily's life. ;) Except for Harry of course. :P It is his, though. :(

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Review #45, by lilyevansrules A Date

26th December 2011:
Whoo-hooo I finally found this story again! As usual great chapter, it seemed so akward between them at first, but they are still meant for each other so hopefully it will all work out. I love Sirius and Lily they are so funny together. I hope Sammy and Lily will get closer in future chapters? Keep doing what your doing :).

Author's Response: It was bound to be awkward and weird, but they get over it soon enough. ;) Yes, I should get more Sammy & Lily bonding in the story! I'd like that too. :P Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #46, by HarryPotterFan_1 Unexpected

27th November 2011:
This is so good, please write the next chapter soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm working on it, but I'm burried under work these days. :( I'll try to work faster! ;) Thank you.

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Review #47, by vintage90vinyl Unexpected

26th November 2011:
stupid stupid stupid james!
cindy reminds me a bit of tess, but i suppose it's not really her fault...

Author's Response: No, Tess was definitely truly fake! :P She was more of social climber not caring about other's feelings, while Cindy really just wants James to really love her. :) Thank you for the review.

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Review #48, by IndigoLove Unexpected

21st November 2011:
Well wow, although I do admitt I don't actually hate Cindy. I hate that she loves James of course but I'm more angry at James then anyone else. Why didn't he make his family with Lily and leave poor Cindy out of it? Grr !! Why isn't Cindy stronger, but then again why isntp't James stronger so Cindy doesn't have to be!? /rants/
Excellent story and getting better every chapter

Author's Response: My sentiments exactly! I love that people understand that James isn't prince charming but that he has some serious flaws as well. :) I think you're one of the few who doesn't hate Cindy. That's good! :P Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #49, by mef_hplvr Unexpected

16th November 2011:
No!!! What??!! AH! That's horrible! UGH! Stupid James!!

Author's Response: Yes, stupid James! I think you've described your thoughts perfectly. ;) Thank you!

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Review #50, by AlexFan Unexpected

16th November 2011:
I really hate Cindy, like I want to rip out her guts right now and stomp on them. She reminds me of those simpering girls who try to attract the attention of the boys.

No offense to your character of course.

Author's Response: Haha! Wow, you can hate someone very passionately. :P Don't think Cindy is truly evil though. She just wants James to stay with her and be in love with her. To her Lily is the evil bitch. :P Thank you for reviewing.

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