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Review #26, by the emerald enchantress A Different Sort of Letter

31st August 2009:
Happiness...just happiness :)

Author's Response: Draco's letter was another one of my favorite parts of this story--getting to write from Draco's POV (however briefly) was so much fun that it provided the spark for me to write Hogwarts Redux.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review every chapter all over again!

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Review #27, by the emerald enchantress More Confrontations

31st August 2009:
He he he looks like Hermione has been bitten by the Draco she just needs to let go and stop being her own worst enemy. This story is perfection :)

Author's Response: Oh, I wouldn't go that far, but I did have so much fun writing it. Keep using words like perfection and I'm going to start thinking I actually know what I'm doing! Hahahaha...

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Review #28, by the emerald enchantress A Confrontation

31st August 2009:
God this chapter makes my heart race and my knees turn to jelly...Malfoy is phenomenal.

Author's Response: Ah. My favorite all-time chapter of any fan-fic I've written. I am still kinda proud of this, if it doesn't make me sound conceited to say.

It's also the chapter that got me Trusted Author status, so it's got a lot of happy memories tied to it. :)

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Review #29, by the emerald enchantress Unusual Responses

31st August 2009:
Poor Herms...Ron is like a human wait, that doesn't work because I quite like cucumbers. Ron is like human mould...smelly and useless! Draco on the other hand is like camembert pasta or fresh blueberries: always welcome in my house... *sigh* that poor damaged sexy boy...

Author's Response: Bwahahahaha...Ron Weasley, the Human Cucumber.

Come on, he's not THAT bad...just not my favorite match for Hermione, is all. I personally would love to see him with Luna--I think that would be so much fun to write.

But not nearly as fun to write as my boy Draco... ;)

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Review #30, by the emerald enchantress A Temporary Truce

31st August 2009:
One word: AMAZING!!! :D

Author's Response: Two words: THANK YOU!! :D

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Review #31, by the emerald enchantress A Class Spectacle

31st August 2009:
Oh Ron that lesser-spotted freckly git...but it opens the door for better (read: sexier) men to enter the picture. You are the perfect person to write fact, did Draco steal your lap top again, because I swear you're channeling him! ;)

Love it.

Author's Response: WAH HA HA!! Channeling him, eh?? What a great thing to be able to do with one's free time...

And what a compliment--thanks!

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Review #32, by the emerald enchantress Speaking and Sleeping

31st August 2009:
I love that beautiful conversation they had during detention, and that line where he tugged on her hair...I remembered it was coming even before I read it...that line has stuck with me for years, it's such a gorgeous moment. You are a magnificent writer (and this includes lsl) love your work.

Author's Response: Aw...Tuls, that means a lot to me. This was the first story I'd written in about a 10 year hiatus from writing, and I still feel that it's so...rough. But it got me back into doing what I love best, so this story will always have a soft spot for me. So glad to hear that it does for you, too.

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Review #33, by the emerald enchantress Detention For Two

31st August 2009:
Poor Hermione... ... ... ... ... ...actually no...lucky Hermione, LUCKY LUCKY Hermione. I'd be all over that boy like a nun sandwich *smacks lips* yum! :D

"Malfoy managed to look slightly less bored than usual (she supposed that was his attempt to make amends)" Best line ever!

Author's Response: A nun sandwich?? *snort*

Hee have a tendency to quote the lines that I snarf at while I'm writing. I'm so glad to hear that they don't entertain just me!

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Review #34, by the emerald enchantress Trouble Brewing

31st August 2009:
And here he is, gracing your fanfictions for the first time, ladies and gentlemen may I present *drumroll* Slughorn the dancing walrus!!! Ha ha ha Purpy I will never get over how funny that is! It still makes me snarf out loud and embarrass myself in front of everyone in the vicinity!

Oh and Malfoy making space for her in class and then sharing a funny pic with her *melts* I would be on the floor in a hopeless puddle!!! Herms needs to get excited about this detention because if she doesn't watch herself I'm gonna head off to the Polyjuice Palace, order myself a Bookworm Baja and take her place...detention with Mr Malfoy...yes please! I'll do more than giggle... }:)

Author's Response: You know, I don't know HOW I came up with that walrus idea. I don't even remember thinking about it--I just stard writing and it showed up! But it was one of my favorite recurring jokes for this story.

And yes, him making room for her at his table was a big deal for a can already see how much the War has changed him. ;)

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Review #35, by the emerald enchantress An Unexpected Conversation

31st August 2009:
*sings* O happy happy happiness O Draco Draco Malfoooy!!!

Ahhh he makes me want to sing, the narky bollocks isn't so bad :) I love that you made Mr Corner HB instead of Draco, immediate kudos for not being a tweeny fluffster :D I love your is also happiness...Dracooo and Purp-a-Durp...they got me singing' dum dee dum dum...

Author's Response: Oh no...I CAN'T do tweeny. I also can't seem to concieve of a pre-war Dramione. Doing it this way was the only way that the storyline made sense to me and still keep the characters as authentic as I could. Glad you're enjoying it the second time around! :)

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Review #36, by the emerald enchantress Out of Place

31st August 2009:
Hey Purp-a-durp :) I know it's been disgustingly long since I've done anything remotely constructive on here so I thought I's start reading all your gorgeous stories again! (I'm also trying to ignore an essay that's due tomorrow but that is besides the point, lol) As you can see new account, really needed a fresh start ;)

It was awesome reading this first chapter again, it had me laughing and it had me thinking serious thoughts. Poor Hermione, feeling like a veteran granny amongst all the kids...good thing there are always a pair of hauntingly beautiful silver-grey eyes very close by...ohh Mr Malfoy...he is yum yum yummo-just like this story.

Happy to be reading this again


Author's Response: Speaking of disgustingly's been disgustingly long since I've responded to any of my reviews. But, I am unable to access PHFF on my home computer, which makes absolutely no sense to me. Which means I'm responding to this at work (shhh--don't tell)!

So now it's time to flex those atrophied reviewer-response muscles and...respond. *creak, creak*

Thanks so much for taking the time and going back to re-review for me! I missed all of your reviews I lost during the crash so much--you were always one of my favorite reviewers because you're so refreshingly candid. And now I get to read them all over again! :D

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Review #37, by onyx_rose A Confrontation

7th August 2009:
omg i love this ch i love this whole story!! soo good!! cant wait to read the rest

Author's Response: This was my favorite chapter of the story. I actually wrote this scene first, then had to come up with the rest of the story in order to lead up to this scene. So happy to hear that you liked it & thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by wiccanwitch Dénouement

26th July 2009:
love it it was written really well, love WW

Author's Response: Thanks so much...I really appreciate that you have read and reviewed for so many of my stories. :)

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Review #39, by taintedgreenlove The Countdown

17th July 2009:
yay! Hermione is happpy!

Author's Response: took her a while, but now she's ready to heal.

Glad to see you're still reading! :)

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Review #40, by taintedgreenlove Out of Place

17th July 2009:
Haha, I am deffinetly hooked!

Author's Response: Already, eh? Good to hear...let's see how long I can keep you interested!

Thanks for giving my fic a try!

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Review #41, by MysticMagic97 Dénouement

3rd July 2009:
hahahahaha this was absolute genious. I couldnt stop reading it. 100/10

Author's Response: Really? That's great to hear--it was my first crack at a fanfic, so I think it's pretty rough, but I loved writing it, as you can tell...already up to 3 sequels...

100/10! All right--thanks!! :D

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Review #42, by Jemione Dénouement

14th May 2009:
Aawww. :)

That was great. They're finally together! I'm glad it didn't happen just like that, it wouldn't be realistic. I'm also glad that there are like, what, 3 sequels for me to read? Life couldn't get any better than this :D ... No wait, it could. If I didn't have to study for my entrance exam! But I suppose you can't always win :D

I really really liked the story, it had everything an amazing Dramione needs. I love the humor. The only thing I could mention is that sometimes there were lines of two people in the same paragraph. But that was, like, every fourth chapter or something like that, so it really isn't a big deal compared to the greatness that is Hogwarts Revisited :)

I hope I'll have some time to start reading the next part of the series soon... In the meantime, I'll catch up with you on PHFF :)


Author's Response: Jemmy, thanks so much for tackling the series--I really appreciate it, because I know it's a rather hefty task!

'The greatness that is Hogwarts Revisited'...well, I think you've just given me a rather swelled head for the rest of the day :)

I'll catch you at PHFF, and thanks again for all of the great really made my day with these! :)

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Review #43, by Jemione Determination

14th May 2009:
She would do anything for him, wouldn't she? That's so sweet...blowing up the classroom for the guy you like x) Now THAT'S true love :D

Oh dear, only one chapter left... That says quite a lot about your writing skills, you know :D I only started to read this, like, less than 3 hours ago...

Author's Response: Yeah, she'd even blow up a classroom for him--that's one rather passionate gal!

I really do love writing this ship, just for dynamics like that. So glad that you're enjoying the read! :)

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Review #44, by Jemione A Discussion

14th May 2009:
He flew away? Well, at least he's got style, I'll give him that :D Oh, and he's a gentleman too. Aaw... I don't think my boyfriend would punch someone for me. I wish he would.

Author's Response: I think some of what was behind that punch had to do with Draco's isolation from those around him. He just doesn't see eye to eye with his peers anymore, considering what he's been through. And being as Hermione's the only one who does seem to understand him, he acted more impulsively on her behalf than he had intended, hence the flying away...

I guess even Slytherins can have a sense of honor from time to time ;)

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Review #45, by Jemione Misunderstandings

14th May 2009:
Uh-oh... I guess Hermione has some explaining to do :D But maybe this will help Ron to accept that Draco's alright since he's obviously jealous of Hermione... A girl can always dream, right? :D

Author's Response: Well, we'll just have to see...I don't know if either Ron or Draco will ever think that the other is all right, but, who knows??

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Review #46, by Jemione The Countdown

14th May 2009:
"Hermione was happy for the first time in quite a while, and she had finally decided that it was something worth having, and she wasn’t going to give it up."

Aaw :) You go, girl! She really shouldn't let other people tell her how to live her life. I do hope it doesn't blow up too badly, though...

Author's Response: We'll just have to see...

But yes, I always got the impression that Hermione had a tendency to sacrifice her own needs for the sake of her family and friends. It's high time the girl finally put her own needs to the forefront--she deserves it!

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Review #47, by Jemione A Different Sort of Letter

14th May 2009:
"p.s. That's a nice bum you've got there."

SQUEAL!!! :D Why didn't I start reading this earlier? x) Well, I suppose you should be happy to get lots of new reviews no matter when you get them :D


Author's Response: No, this is great! If you had reviewed earlier, I might have lost them in the site crash. I had over 300 reviews for this story right before the crash, and I'm still in mourning for getting new ones for it is always EXTREMELY appreciated!

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Review #48, by Jemione More Confrontations

14th May 2009:
"Not only is he late, but he has to make a grand entrance as if he's Merlin's gift to women." Well, duh... He IS Merlin's gift to women :DD

Author's Response: I guess that's the only area in which Hermione Granger is a slow

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Review #49, by Jemione A Confrontation

14th May 2009:
Ohmygosh!!! :D That was great x) "I'm doing better"... Lol! Yeah, this was definitely a wonderful chapter. And now I want more. :D


Author's Response: Oh, so glad you liked it! I actually wrote this chapter right after I wrote chapter 1 and had to put it off to the side to save it, knowing that it was the direction in which I wanted the story to go.

Gotta love Malfoy's dialogue...if you ever read "Redux", you'll see just how addicted I became to

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Review #50, by Jemione A Class Spectacle

14th May 2009:
Ooh, he carried her bookbag! What a gentleman... *fangirl sigh* I could put my entrance exam books in a bag and see if he'd come over and carry them. :D

Like it! :)

Author's Response: He might...but then you'd probably have to pay him back by snogging him in a broom closet or something...

A dirty job, but somebody's got to do it ;)

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