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Reading Reviews for Not Fade Away
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Review #26, by TheWoodenHouse Chapter 2

25th March 2011:
I wasn't planning on commenting, but I just had to after that last sentence.

I completely and fully love how you create their personalities. They are usually much more... non-deep, and rather unpersonal. James is amazing.

One thing: putting in a paragraph in the middle of everything, just briefly explaining how Peter feel - try to show it in the text instead. It doesn't look very nice.

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Review #27, by PLEASE UPDATE Chapter 27

24th December 2010:
im going crazy
i know its been a while
but pleaseee update

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Review #28, by helpful Chapter 9

24th December 2010:
i really love you story... one of the best ive read so far on this website
its not horribly long, but not too short
and you really do a great job of telling the story
just one small comment, the only thing i could improve would be the transition between chapters...its a bit rough
but i love reading this keep it up!

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Review #29, by Harri Chapter 27

15th December 2010:
I have just started reading this fan fiction today, as it is the first one I have found that is what I'm looking for (I was finally convinced to read Fan Fiction!) . One that doesn't necessarily JUST involve the Marauders. I've only read the first two Chapters but I checked the last one because I wanted to see if it was finished. And it seems it isn't, will you please finish it? I am so happy to have found it, and would really hate for it to just end. Absolutely brilliant job, you're attention to detail, dialogue and characterisation is enthralling.

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Review #30, by faithintheboys Chapter 27

11th November 2010:
This is really wonderful story! Your characterizations are spot on and this is really well written! I'm really loving this!

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Review #31, by Good story Chapter 27

12th August 2010:
R u ever going to update this enthralling story?

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Review #32, by Epsilon Chapter 27

3rd August 2010:
Oh god i just realized this was a work in progress damn it last updated 2006... these stories that have been abandoned should come with a warning because im on chapter 19 and i just got properly hooked, i know these thing can be time consuming but i really wish you guys would put a warning at the begining to warn people that your not going to be writing any more i know its highly likely that your never going to read this but still.

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Review #33, by TravelingHermione Chapter 27

27th June 2010:
That's cute he carved her name into the tree :) this story is so good!! I just finished reading all of the chapters and once I finished I was like (in my head) NO haha
Please post the next chapter soon

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Review #34, by hhhv Chapter 1

16th April 2010:
James ran a hand through his hair again, he hated that Remus knew more about Lily than he did, hated that Remus could have a conversation with her that didn’t involve Lily telling James to ‘deflate his head’ or ‘jump in the Lake’, but he hoped he didn’t let it show. -- i think you should change the second james to remus, makes more sense.

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Review #35, by doyoulikewaffles Chapter 27

19th February 2010:
i .love. you !!! js this is fantastic ! this si the first storie i have read on here that haz 17 fantasic chappters!!! now please keep it up :)

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Review #36, by butterbeergal Chapter 21

27th December 2009:
You have seriously made me a James Potter fan in this chapter. Wish I could have him. *sigh*

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Review #37, by butterbeergal Chapter 4

27th December 2009:
OMG! I'm not really a fan of James (more of Sirius - haha!) but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him in this chapter. Good job!

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Review #38, by lilybobily7 Chapter 15

26th December 2009:
aw that was very good. sensual and romantic. ;) looking forward to reading more.

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Review #39, by Liv Lupin Chapter 1

9th December 2009:
Amazing! You describe everything so perfectly!

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Review #40, by pennyardelle Chapter 11

30th October 2009:
Happy Staff Appreciation Day! I love Lily and James, and I love you for writing such a wonderful story about them. I reviewed this chapter because it had the least reviews, but every single one that I click on is fantastic--so well-written, with such a lovely dynamic between all the characters, especially Lily and James. If you ever have the slightest inclination to continue with more chapters, you should go for it!

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Review #41, by Adrielne Chapter 1

20th October 2009:
Wow! What a great story!
Absolutely captivating, great dialogues (I might steal some from you they're so good ^^), it's funny, witty, matches the characters' personality and how I imagine them to be.

Keep writing!!!

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Review #42, by Sonja Chapter 24.

9th June 2009:
I really liked the cute little side story about how Fang got his name. It was creative; nice touch!

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Review #43, by CaSurferGrl Chapter 27

20th April 2009:
Update!! For petes sake update!!

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Review #44, by pollyp Chapter 27

11th March 2008:
please finish this story

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Review #45, by Brit Chapter 27

9th March 2008:
Ohh I likie! Write more soon I have jitters I want to read what happens next... I didn't like when James and Lily were fighting. Also... I thought Sirius told Snape how to get into the Whomping Willow in fifth year?

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Review #46, by xXx Chapter 27

23rd December 2007:
please update? please? What shall i say to convey how brilliant this story is? Your characterizations are fantastic, your scenarios are believable, and your plot is great...only it'd be better if you kept going! ;)

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Review #47, by James_Girl_Lily Chapter 27

9th December 2007:
This is a great fanfic! You are an amazing writer! I really hope you continue with this. 10/10 =)

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Review #48, by lucy Chapter 27

25th November 2007:
a love this story when's it gona be finished?

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Review #49, by xXx Chapter 27

22nd November 2007:
write again soon please! it's really good...well I've already commented and I've read your story twice--just keep up the good work sometime in the very near future. :)

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Review #50, by chocolatefrog123 Chapter 1

9th October 2007:
brilliant!! LOVE it!! definitely earned that Dobby Award! :)

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