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Reading Reviews for Order and Chaos
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Review #26, by :) Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
Ooh! Now it's really hitting off! I mean, I always thought they liked each other but I don't have a clue what's going to happen next...
I enjoyed this chapter, I like your narrative style and Luke generally as a character. The tree root bit made me chuckle too :P
Looking forward to the next chapter :) there's another positive about you - you update regularly! Thanks

Author's Response: Hahah, I'm glad you like it. :D
Anyway thank you for the review and the next chapter will be up soon! :)

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Review #27, by lyss Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
mwahahha , I like Lyssandelyr and Lauren :D

Author's Response: lol nice evil laugh there ;)
I like them too, although I like Luke and Lauren more. But still hahaha.

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Review #28, by scorpy Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
Like this chapter :D But I can't wait to see Scorpius next time !

Author's Response: Scorpius comes back in 21 (I can't remember if I told you this before or not haha) and then he comes in a bunch more after 23... At least he should haha. I haven't written past chapter 23 yet. ;)
Anyway I'm glad you like this chapter, thank you for the review! :)

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Review #29, by blacky Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
I miss ruke stuff :(

Author's Response: I'm sorry! :/ But look for chapters 20 and 22 for more of them!

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Review #30, by kat Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
Don't get me wrong, I love your story so much , but I really don't like Luke-Lauren thing D: I know that Rose will end up with malfoy , but I don't know I'll be able to like them as ruke D:
Anyway wanna more :D of course I'll keep reading !

Author's Response: You're not alone there lol. But I'm glad that you still like my story enough to continue reading it. The next chapter will be up very soon :)

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Review #31, by prim Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
NO NO NO ;C Luke and Lauren ? I'm a little upset , but maybe because I was totaly adoring ruke ;c Well , of course wanna more , but I really don't like this ;)

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you want more even though you don't like my plot move here hah. ;)
Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #32, by katniss Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
I suppose that the best of your plot were Ruke stuff. I've loved them. But now Luke likes Lauren. I'm a bit confused ;p I'd like to see more ruke next chapter. Even if it's only friendship .

Author's Response: That's okay haha, it is confusing. The next will be up very soon (although there's more rose and luke in chapter 20 than in 19, just a heads-up). Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #33, by pamela Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
Well , I don't know , but I just cannot force myself to liking Luke and Lauren together. It's kind of wierd . ;p They were such perfect as a friends
Anyway I like Delta hah : D
Hope there will be more rose-luke stuff next time.And malfoy of course I know they won't be together [;(] ! :D, but really like this part of ur story . Hope next will be soon : )

Author's Response: You don't have to force yourself into liking them together lol. I only like them together because I've had them planned from the beginning.
I'm glad you like Delta haha, I like her too :)
There's a little bit of them in the beginning of the next chapter, but there's more of rose and Luke in chapter 20 haha. And Malfoy comes up again in chapter 21 I think haha. I keep getting my chapters mixed up... >__>
Anyway, I'm glad you like it and the next will be up very, very soon! :)

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Review #34, by sarah Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

20th March 2012:
luke and lauren ?! I don't like this , but yeahh ;)) wanna more soon

Author's Response: You're not alone on that, but there will be more very soon. Either today or tomorrow I'm sure. Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #35, by james1995 Eighteen - Valentine’s Day

18th March 2012:
I love this story! I hope Lauren likes Luke back as well and I think she might

Author's Response: Oh well thank you! :)
And you'll just have to wait and see with later chapters, I'm afraid ;)
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #36, by elena Seventeen - Dead

16th March 2012:
BO :C I wish they would together :C
Anyway 9/10 :D

Author's Response: I'm sorry! but I am super glad you still like it! Thank you! :)

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Review #37, by ruke Seventeen - Dead

16th March 2012:
and there's no hope you'll change ur mind ? hahah :D
Ruke will be just amazing :) I don't like that they won't be a couple , but I love your story and of course waiting for next ;P

Author's Response: I'm afraid not cause I'd have to rewrite everything that I've written past this chapter... which is like six whole chapters lol. (I'm currently on chapter 23, actually).
I am SUPER glad that you still love my story though, that's kind of incredibly awesome :)
The next should be up tomorrow or the next day depending on the queue. ;)

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Review #38, by kat Seventeen - Dead

16th March 2012:
that's a bad news lol : D But I will be still reading this , cuz it's perfect :D

Author's Response: ohh :O well thank you haha that's quite a compliment! :D

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Review #39, by kat Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
" I probably would have put Rose and Luke together "
That would be fantastic , but .. yeahh :)) there's that other girl ;c Anyway I hope that new chapter will be soon But there's a ray of hope for ruke :DD ? Really small , but.. ? :)
Sorry for my foolishness HAHHAHAH :D Really addicted of this story xo

Author's Response: It's totally okay haha I understand! I mean, when I was reading the first three or four Harry Potter books I was hardcore Harry/Hermione... and then of course I changed my mind and am MUCH more Ron/Hermione so hey hahaha. I'm actually psyched that you all care that much though... :D
Although, I will... Just this once... Reveal that in the end, it will be Rose & Scorp. I figure that it's either I tell you now, or you find out when eighteen is validated in a few days... Dx
I just hope I don't deter you from the rest of the story in saying that though :/
Anyway, thanks for reviewing again haha! :)

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Review #40, by kat Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Well , Rose and Scorpius - I like it a little hahh
Luke and Rose - I totaly adore it :D
I think that could be really interesting :))
Some romance moment , :D lol
I know maybe it's kind of stupid ,but yeahh I still love ruke :D

Author's Response: Yeah i dunno, I probably would have put Rose and Luke together if I didn't already have my heart set on the other girl... Which I really do! and I might've put more Luke/Rose moments in, but then the story would drag on for forever haha.
And no, it's not stupid, I led everyone astray with Rose and Luke to keep em off my trail... ;)
And you're not the only one that loves ruke haha. obviously xD

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Review #41, by kelly Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Brilliant as always :D Luke was dead woahh ?

Author's Response: Yeah haha it was just something that popped in my mind that I thought I would add in. For the sake of drama, I suppose. Anyway thank you! :D

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Review #42, by lyss Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
I wanna see Lauren and Lysander date , I think it will be awesome and funny ^^

Author's Response: ohh dear hahahah. ;D

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Review #43, by demi Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
May I expect some ruke stuff in next chapter (; ?

Author's Response: Er - actually, Rose isn't in the next chapter. But she returns in chapter 19. ;)

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Review #44, by ALfan Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Mwhahahah LOVE AL :D please more him next chapter :D

Author's Response: there is! Al is in every chapter basically... ;)
Oooh and Al's POV is in chapter 21! :D

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Review #45, by scorpy Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Ohhh, this chapter was just amazing ! Maybe because there was Malfoy (lol) I like Rose and Scorp together :) But I would like see more scene with Malfoy,Rosie, Luke :D Keep writing !

Author's Response: Malfoy makes another appearance in chapter 21 - which I know seems like it's forever away, but a lot happens before then. xD
I like Rose and Scorp together too. ;)
And I am! I'm ADDICTED to this story lol
Anyway thanks for the reviewww! :)

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Review #46, by kat Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Love Luke and Lauren friendship :D But I really think that Rose and Luke could be a fantastic couple lol ;} And I'm sure, I'm not the only one ! Anyway I'm waiting for more. Awesome stuff with Scorpius and Luke haha

Author's Response: I know there are so many people that feel that way lol. But I'm just like what about Rose/Scorpy...?
And Luke and... well, that's still a secret. ;)
Hah well thank you for the review :)

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Review #47, by lauren Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
MWHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA, gotta love it. Malfoy and Luke lol. Make more scenes between them . And with Rose of course ;p

Author's Response: There's another scene with Malfoy and Luke in chapter 21... and it's in Al's POV :D
anywaysss, thank you for the review :D

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Review #48, by prim Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
“I heard that Malfoy revived you,” Rose added, smirking at me, “Tell me, what’s kissing a Slytherin like?”

Why don’t you tell me?

Love it :D I wanna more luke&rose thing ;))

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it haha!

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Review #49, by nadia Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
love scorpius and luke moment lol i want more!

Author's Response: there's actually more luke and scorpius stuff in chapter 21... and it's in Al's POV. :)
Anyway, the next chapter will be up soon and thank you for the review:D

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Review #50, by Ruke Seventeen - Dead

15th March 2012:
Like chapter , but why there was too less ruke stuff :C
Wanna more them , of course. :D
I like Lyssander and Lauren idea hahha

Author's Response: erm because the rose/scorp thing is taking off... heh
But there is more Rose & Luke interactions to come. Although this isn't until chapter 19 and 20... heheheh.
Wel, we'll see how that plays out in the next chapter of course :)

Anyway, thanks for the review! :D

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