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Review #26, by loseristhien Escaping Petunia

7th December 2007:
dearest meagan,
i am adoring the begining of your most wonderful story and i am excited to say that i have learned the art of making banners WO, so if you want me to make you one then email me with the pictures and stuff.

Author's Response: AHHHH SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god i miss you sooooo soooo soooo much! All us ILC girls need to see each other SOON!

Thank you for reveiwing! Make me a banner, well i have to say if you did I'D LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!! omg i ll look for pictures today but my friend tried to submit me for the dark arts banner so if they don t do it ( which i doubt they will cuz i think we messed somthing up) i will deff emial u soon!
Sammy Your a Star!

Lots of love,

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Review #27, by Lucy Gregan Escaping Petunia

6th December 2007:
wow that was amazing
it was so sweet how james just came up and started to act like he was her boyfriend
and i loved how the story started off to
it was again amazing
the typist does seems to be pretty good too
you friends meghann and daniela seem to be the bestest friends ever
they seem fantastic especially meghann
well just tellin u how great u did
ps- i see u did a little re-typin

Author's Response: oh thank you so much
at the present moment i seem to like daniela more than meghann but what ever floats your boat!

no no just teasing!

ha ha egotistic much meghann??

lmao no i love you meg

Thanks so much
Your a Star!

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Review #28, by Dancer626 Escaping Petunia

5th December 2007:
its upp!
this one too?
jeez meg ur on a role
that was a quick validation...

anyway thank u so much for mentioning me in ur authors note i love u too!
haha i typed this chapter -well half of it
i feel kinda special =]

umm i forgot.
siriusly i did.

well great job as always
n heres to the begining of an amazing fanfic!

Author's Response: Oh how can i forget you??
You and Meg are the ones who pushed me so damn hard to post it and you were able to decifer my bad handwritting and type 1/2 of it!

Daniela your a star!

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Review #29, by Dan the Man ( or woman really) Escaping Petunia

5th December 2007:
I can't belive you guys didn't type it sooner! SO cruel!*glares*

Nah I'm jp BUT its AWESOME! I can't wait till I get to rea t he next chapter *cough* untill I get the notebook of wonder!*cough* Thats right everybody that doesn't know Meg, be jealous!

But in any event, the story is SO great! I love how James (god that's wierd to say considering the James we know) acted when those ladies * cough* hags *cough* came by and it was so sweet when she jumped off the swing! ^_^


Author's Response: aww
thank you hun.
I'm glad you liked it! The second chapter is going to be really good ( I hope)!

Oh an LMAO love the name dani

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