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Review #26, by Felcisgirl Some Private Thoughts

7th May 2008:
A wonderful start! Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thanx honey, and plz do.

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Review #27, by mad_4_hp_123 Hidden Agenda

2nd May 2008:
Can you please make Draco and Hermione fall in love

Author's Response: Honey, this is a long story...a novel...and things will happen. It'll take some time, though. Thanx 4 ur review, by the way.

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Review #28, by Sal1705 Colours of a Snake

2nd May 2008:
LOL, evil Harry!

Damn, it's winter but its my birthday in 15 days!

One of the few good things about winter in Aus...


Author's Response: Ah, yes. I quite enjoyed writing Harry here. The sorting hat wanted to put him in Slytherin, and it wasnt just because of that tiny bit of Voldy hanging on to him after all. lol.
A very Happy B'day in advance, by the way.

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Review #29, by DisMyMan Colours of a Snake

28th April 2008:
Oh, you updated FINALLY! I had begun to think you had given up on this. Thank God you didn't though.
I like this chapter, mainly because of Harry. He is finally getting some limelight. I also like the fact that you have'nt made him a sissy or a jerk in order to make Draco look nice. In fact, most of the characters are in canon, and I quite like that.
At first I honestly thought Draco had changed to being a prat, but I'm glad that isn't so. And I quite like the way you write him. He is smart and handsome and witty and clever, yet he is still the jerk he was, and thats very clever writing.
I am very weary of Sia being colourless though; hope she starts being her old self now.
All in all, another good chapter. And this time, PLEASE UPDATE SOON. lol.

Author's Response: Thanx a ton, hon, n dont worry, I'm not giving up on this story. I'll see it thru, even if it takes awhile. :-)
I'm glad that Harry doesnt come across as a weakling here; I really dont like fics where he is a jerk. I mean, what is the point of Harry Potter fanfiction if Harry Potter is no longer himself!
Thanx for liking Draco; as he is the central character, it wouldnt be nice(for me) if he were not likeable. hahaha.
And good news...Sia's coming back. Thanx again.

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Review #30, by BeautifulChaos Colours of a Snake

21st April 2008:
YOU UPDATED! Yea! I was so excited!

Anyways...I loved this chapter. You had me for a while, I really though you made Malfoy go back to his Slytherin was. Very clever and well written, it held my attention the whole time. Especially the last scene with Harry and Draco- great stuff. Love it and keep writing! Wonderful as always

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanx! :-) Ur reviews always make my day. Now I really feel like writing. And I loved the Draco-Harry scene too. Couldnt have the Slytherin Prince thinking Gryffindors are all dorks, could we? ;-)

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Review #31, by hanoverpretz01 Colours of a Snake

21st April 2008:
update soon!

Author's Response: Thanx. N this time, I will definitely update soon.

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Review #32, by >.< Colours of a Snake

20th April 2008:
i'll throw brickbats inversely proportional to the number of chapters you write... the more chapters, the less brickbats... your choice :)

Author's Response: Now THAT will get me to write. :-)

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Review #33, by Jill Colours of a Snake

19th April 2008:
I really enjoy this story. I love the complexity of the characters, especiallySia and Draco. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanx. Sia is really made of layers of complexity; I've just scratched the surface so far. As for Draco, he will keep on evolving n getting more complex as the story progresses. Thanx 4 dropping a line. :-)

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Review #34, by Mary Emma Granger The House of Godric Gryffindor

30th March 2008:

Author's Response: Thanx honey. Its support such as this that keeps me going.

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Review #35, by Rihanna The House of Godric Gryffindor

27th March 2008:
Aha, nice one. Slow yes, but I liked it. I liked whats going on in Draco's head, and you're right, he cannot change in a day. This makes it more believable.
I particularly enjoyed the hospital scene. That small talk was good, and I could almost picture the entire scene. Poor Harry, trying to strike up a conversation, that was hilarious. And Hermione seemed to perk up here, and I liked that. But its kinda depressing to see Sia so dull, though I know she would be. Please snap her out of it soon.
All in all, nice chapter, but please lets have some action soon.

Author's Response: Thanx so much. And Sia snapping back 2 life is what the next chapter will be about. I miss her fire 2.

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Review #36, by ssssserpents The House of Godric Gryffindor

27th March 2008:
i like it its really getting in deep with malfoy...thats what she said haha
update soon!

Author's Response: Poor Draco! his mind is being screwed big time and he doesnt even know it yet. :-) next update is coming up soon. thanx 4 the review.

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Review #37, by dm The House of Godric Gryffindor

27th February 2008:
keep going mate. any ideas when the next on will come up?

Author's Response: Er...I really dont know the answer 2 this one. But soon, I hope. n thanx.

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Review #38, by rearearearea The House of Godric Gryffindor

26th February 2008:
omg that was so awesome!
i especially loved the whole hospital wing part, when they all thanked draco! AND how draco is starting to think like a gryffindor, and hermione is sort of in his head. as much as he wants to fight it, he's definately starting to become nicer.

and the part at the lake was really well written too, especially what was going through dracos mind.
keep up the awesome writing!

Author's Response: Aww, thanx so much! :-)
I loved the hospital part 2, n I m so glad u noticed abt hermione is becoming a part of his conscience. Yay 4 dumbledore n his plan!
Thanx again...keep reading n reviewing. :-)

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Review #39, by rearearearea The Start of Something New

26th February 2008:
AMAZING as usual. i've been on vacation and haven't had a chance to read these last i'll give my whole imput after i finish the next one!!!

Author's Response: Ah, so thats y! I had been wondering y u didnt drop a line 4 this one. :-)

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Review #40, by hanoverpretz01 The House of Godric Gryffindor

26th February 2008:
i liked it
update soon

Author's Response: thanx, n i will try. :-)

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Review #41, by Sal1705 The House of Godric Gryffindor

26th February 2008:





DW ILY BEN. Bahahaha no1 no's who Ben is!

Author's Response: Thanx luv, n i know, it took a bit of time, n i cant even promise it wont happen again. :-( but thanx 4 hanging in there with me.
btw, whoz ben?

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Review #42, by BeautifulChaos The House of Godric Gryffindor

25th February 2008:
Just as good as ever! As I told you before, you're writing style is one of my favorites by far. I particuarly love the begining hospital stuff and Harry's comment about Hermione at the end of that scene. Well written and attention-grabbing. I adore how you write Draco's parts, with a combination of smirk and sincerity. Excellent stuff! Please keep it up :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanx so much! U really do know how 2 brighten my days with a lovely review. :-) I loved the hospital part 2, especially harry's attempts at starting a small talk, and hermione's sign-off. :-)
as 4 draco, i really do put in an effort with him, coz hes the central character, and i'm so glad u noticed n liked it. thanx again.

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Review #43, by BeautifulChaos The Start of Something New

23rd February 2008:
Love it! Please keep writing, you have an excellent style and I am anxiously waiting to read more! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanx, luv, n the next chapter is already up 4 validation...shud b out 2morro. :-)

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Review #44, by anon The Start of Something New

22nd February 2008:
u have class mate...

Author's Response: just 4 words, n u have me cartwheeling 4 joy. thanx. :-)

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Review #45, by Sal1705 The Start of Something New

19th February 2008:
Hey, I love your story and I can't wait for the next update!

You're an amazing author and I can't wait to find out what happens next!


Author's Response: Ah, what a coincidence then! I just logged in to put the next chapter up! :-) Thanx 4 ur lovely review.

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Review #46, by hermione75 The Start of Something New

19th February 2008:
hey. i luv this story so far. i cant wait 2 read the rest of the story. keep on updating.


Author's Response: thanx kristina. n i will update really soon.

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Review #47, by Rihanna The Start of Something New

10th February 2008:
Oh God, why did you have to hurt poor Draco? But his woozy thoughts at the end were funny. lol. And Ron and Hermione are a couple now, hmm, didn't see that coming. I mean, I had thought Hermione and Draco would end up together, as it happens in most headgirl-headboy stories. And Sia is now a bookworm! This story is certainly full of twists and turns. lol. But I am not complaining, just keep updating fast, I want to know what happens next. Great chapter, as usual. :)

Author's Response: thanx. :-) and this story was never meant 2 shape up like most HG-HB stories of DMHG. its different, n u will c the difference even more as it progresses. as 4 Draco, i've already apologised, havent i? ;-)

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Review #48, by PickyEater The Start of Something New

10th February 2008:
Wow! great story and all that! I wa so caught up in readin I totally forgot to leave reviews. lol. But awesome stuff. But does this chapter mean that Sia is with Harry now? And now that Hermione is with Ron, does that mean Draco will actually go for Ginny? One thing I haven't been able to do is predict an ending to this one, and thats keeping it really interesting. Need I say it, update soon?

Author's Response: Thanx. N u said it urself, not knowing whats going 2 happen is what keeps it interesting, so let me keep it that way by not saying anything abt whos with whom. sorry, but u gotta keep reading. lol. thanx anyway.

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Review #49, by myic The Start of Something New

9th February 2008:
keep going... i love this story... 9/10. won't give u the extra 1 till u finish :P

Author's Response: aw shucks! its a very long story, so it'll take a lot of time 4 me 2 earn that xtra 1 then. just my luck. :(
lol. n thanx. :-)

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Review #50, by Mary Emma Granger Sia's Secret

6th February 2008:
AH! I LOVE IT! Draco has a heart! Yay!

Author's Response: He sure does...somewhere very very deep inside. lol.

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