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Review #26, by Live Life Large Sixteen

7th June 2012:
It's funny, because you're chapters actually seem to get more mature as they go along, even though Molly's getting younger. Strange... Haha.

I liked this chapter as well, and I'm sad that there's only one chapter left. You should think about writing another Molly story(:

Live Life Large(:

BTW- Last chapter, I think I timed out in the middle of leaving you a review, so the review showed up as anonymous. Sorry for any confusion!

Author's Response: Hey there Live life large! I'm so glad that you decided to read all this story (and honoured too) and, well, about the maturity thing... in my opinion you have to deal with a lot of mature issues when you're younger and then, when that's out of the way, you sort of get a chance to relax. But yeah, this whole reverse chronology thing was really interesting to play with :)

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Review #27, by Live Life Large Seventeen

6th June 2012:
It's only been two chapters, and I already love Molly. She's just so awkward and sincere. I kinda understand what she was saying about love and I've thought that myself at times. Though I do know some people who fell in love in high school and got married, so it just depends on who you talk to really.

I liked seeing more of Roxanne; she's absolutely hilarious. Her comments about Molly and her bras, especially, “No, I like padded bras,” Roxanne said, “you just like lying.” had me ROFLing.

Molly's thoughts when Erin was so depressed were also funny. "She imagined it was pretty -bad-, but she couldn’t invoke an emotional response in herself. Maybe Erin had a stain that she needed help with or something, then Molly could actually make herself useful?" Maybe Moly can help me with my laundry next time I had boy troubles. Sure would be nice.

I'm disappointed I won't be able to read about Spandex next chapter. I got excited there for a second. But either way, this is still really good. It's lived up to the expectations you created in the first chapter, and I love seeing the characters develop (undevelop? since it's backwards...).

Live Life Large(:

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Review #28, by TheGoldenKneazle Fifteen

6th June 2012:
Damn, Helen, you always seem to make Molly perfectly embody absolutely every feeling and situation in life! All the doubts and not-feeling-good-enough and how she likes the one person who isn't as stupid as the rest of it all are just such perfect reflections of what it's like to be a girl.

The way that you have Molly noticing everything, how her friends act and feeling like it's only ever her picked on by the world, just really puts us into her position and makes me feel like her so much (probably because it's really not a leap to get to those feelings).

You describe the sort of frenzy that teenage girls all seem to go through so well! The way that one stupid magazine says something so everyone automatically declares that they're going to be hated, and how every little change is a huge, massive deal. I think that you have the group dynamic of Erin, Roxanne, Molly and Simrath down pat - I could never explain why you've got the group so perfect and real, but it just is.

Also, Molly's worries about Lucy and what changing her beliefs meant were very realistic and I just love how true it all is! No other fics ever seem to lay out the raw truth for everyone, and it's nice to come back to Molly and her REALness.

I'm also very excited about the sequel for this! Eep, I hope there's more abstract nouns ;)

Author's Response: Hehe! This is just such a lovely review (you got the first review on the last chapter - admittedly there is only the one review right now but I still think it's quite exciting. Right? Yeah. I'm going to go with exciting). This story was such good fun - it was really nice to get a chance to be brutally honest about my view on growing up and what it is to be a teenage (and then grow up, and stop being so much of a teenager).

It really enjoyed writing the dynamic between them too! And it's going to be interesting and a little bit sad to see that dynamic change slightly in the sequel But, yes, they'll be lost more Abstract Nouns (they'll be embraced, really) and, if I'm honest lots of other grammatical functions. The reason I started it was because I was revising grammar (and that's a nerdy truth if ever I threw out one).

But, yeah, your review makes me very happy because honesty was essentially what I was trying to achieve through this and I'm so glad that you liked it and sshhhannkkk yooouuu verrryyy mucch :)


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Review #29, by Live Life Large Eighteen

6th June 2012:
This is a great introduction chapter! You really don't see a lot of stories about Molly, so this makes for a breath of fresh air. I also like how you didn't make Molly and Lucy all stick-in-the-mud-y, because in most stories that seems to be the case.

Molly and Dexter's relationship is very interesting... I can't decide if it's actually platonic, though it sure does seem like it. Most people can't relieve themselves in a bush with someone they like.

So congratulations, you've got me hooked! I'll be reviewing the rest of the story, and I've got high expectations now, haha(:

Author's Response: Thanks very much, Life Life Large!

I've fallen a bit in love with Molly through writing this story and now I want to write novels and novels about her. She's creeping up on the list of my favourite next gens, ahha.

AHAHAH. That has got to be one of my favourite quotes from a review ever "Most people can't relieve themselves in a bush with someone they like. "

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Review #30, by maskedmuggle Sixteen

23rd May 2012:
Aw this was awesome yet again! Your chapters are consistently great and so interesting, and if you hadn't realised yet, I love your Molly, how different she is and her reflections about herself compared to everyone else. All the euphemisms and what's happening in this story is quite realistic, and it does happen that people just jump on the bandwagon like RoxIE :P It's nice to see Molly not conforming to society's expectations and staying as she is, and I loved her little conversation with Rose :)

Lovely writing! I can't believe there's only one chapter left? I hope you get it up soon, I'd love to read the final chapter of this! And Molly confronting mascara sounds fascinating! :D

Author's Response: Eee, thank you! I love Molly to pieces. This story is quite a personal one just because, well, it's about growing up and that's quite a personal experience. But it was fun to vent about that whole phase that everyone goes through, and how irritating and frustrating it was. Ack. But, yeah, there's always some people who conform and some people who resist. So, yeah.

Yup! Just the one chapter and it should be up before the end of the month.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #31, by maskedmuggle Seventeen

23rd May 2012:
AHH! Another fantastic chapter! You've got me so engrossed in this story - I'm hooked right from the start - the way you write this is just so fascinating and really pulls me in. I love your Molly and all of her inner musings! I didn't say this before, but the abstract nouns thing is clever, especially with a word for each chapter - production fits very nicely in this one! And the whole growing up backwards idea is just so brilliant.. and it's working fantastically.

All your dialogue was so well written, so interesting to read, and in the dialogue you managed to convey so much characterisation of all the characters (if that makes sense). I really got such a strong sense of everyone from what they said. The one thing I didn't like was that we didn't find out if Tom actually did break up with Erin or not! That seems like a good scene I would have loved to read :P Other than that, I love Molly and her perspective on things, great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Ee! I'm so glad that you've been sucked in! Thi is one of my stories that I'm especially proud of, so it makes me sad that it's one of my less-read less well-known one, so new readers and reviews make me feel particularly shiny.

You can think my teacher's grammar lessons for the Abstract Noun thing sneaking into this story. Inspiration in English classes, ftw.

Ah! Well, I'm roughly sticking to the same singular day each year (not that I've made that very explicit), but if you're still interested Tom suggested a break the next day and then broke with her about a week later.

Anyway, thanks for such a lovely review! So glad you enjoyed it :D


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Review #32, by maskedmuggle Eighteen

23rd May 2012:
I really loved this! I adore your characterisation of Molly and the whole plot and situation in this in itself isn't particularly unique - party with drunk older kids, but the way you wrote this made it so original and seriously so much fun to read. I loved Dexter and his and Molly's conversation, all of Molly's internal thoughts about being 18 and her life as well as the really realistic way you portrayed the party.

Such a great chapter, I can't wait to see how you're going to approach the next chapter! I'm sad to see that it's only going to be a four chapter story though, it seems like going even younger would be even better? :P but i'll read on first before I make a judgement! Fantastic writing, I really loved everything about this! :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for three such lovely reviews, I was really excited to see the first two of these reviews and then waited with anticipation for the third, ahha.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the characterisation. I really love writing Molly (to the point when I've accidentally written 10k of pure dialogue of a sequel) and her internal thoughts are really lovely. Molly and Dexter's conversations were lovely to write and, well, realism is essentially what I wanted to go with.

I thought about going further back, but there were particular things that I wanted to explore and, well, I'm not entirely sure what I'd do with going younger. But, yes, thank you so much for such a lovely review! It was a pleasure to read and made me feel squishy :D


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Review #33, by Cirque Du Freak Sixteen

10th May 2012:
This is so cute because ehehehe MOLLY YOU DON'T NEED TO FIT IN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. FOREVER BE BITTER AND CYNICAL. Actually don't. I love you. Don't be bitter. You'll hate Sandra Bullock and there's nothing more bitter than that. (10 points to anyone who knows where that's from)

I LOVE ROXIE AND MOLLIE AND LUCIE. No, seriously though, why all the 'ie' endings. Like, why. Stop it Roxanne. Stop it.

I really hated being 16, too, not as much as being 15, but it was definitely one of the worst years. Bleurgh y u b so relatable 4?

Still - its so true that even the most trying not to fit in kind of person ends up trying to please someone else without even realising it. How other people become a little bit important - just important enough to make a little bit of a change and if you let yourself get consumed by it you will change and do crap you'll regret - like Roxanne sleeping with someone so early in life and whatever. Not only do the big changes matter but so do the small ones because every bad thing just starts off as something almost harmless and innocent. Its what you let it do to you that really matters.

Whoa deep moment there~ see this is what you do to me. I'm going to go and stomp and ... and yeah just go and stomp off in a huff because I don't want to think and you made me think. SO. shame on you Helen.

(not really i still love you dont listen to stroppy!hanzi)


Author's Response: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SANDRA BULLOCK REFERENCE IS FROM, DAMN. Okay. I might google that later... but for now I'm answering your review (and all reviews from Abstract Nouns which are currently unanswered... which is... nine?)

Hehe, relatable is what I was aiming for here. Being a teenager really sucks. It's just crap, you know? Everythings sort of rubbish. But, yeah.

AGH. DEEP THOUGHT. That's sort of my view on this whole thing. It's not neccesarily the act which your influenced to do, it's the fact that you've been influenced which is hard to deal with. It's the idea that you don't think you're /good enough/ so you change to try and fit in and be /okay/

So, yeah. That's my stance on all this growing up lark. OH SORRY HANZI. YOU GO OFF AND STOP THEN IF YOU WANT



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Review #34, by Cirque Du Freak Seventeen

8th May 2012:

But, seriously, what can I say about this other than the fact that I love it, I ship Dexter/Molly (in effect you/that guy) and that the friendship and growing up-ness in this is like the best thing known to man?

Everything just pales in comparison. Obviously.

I just love all the dialogue in this its all so witty mcvitie and everything. Like throughout all of Molly/Dexter conversation and the bits between Molly/Roxanne - I actually really like that even though I'm still not sure if I like her or not.

I also like the warped sense of reality that Erin has about her boyfriend - I was just going through the conversation going 'erm whut' but yes you've shown other people's thought patterns and opinions and stuff even if they're not your own so yes.

AND AW. I love all towards the end when they're trying to cheer Erin up and then it goes into this banter thing and then the whole internal monologue and just aw yeah. I love love love this and I'm so glad you wrote it and wudhsadgsadfsaa


Author's Response: OH HEY HANZI. I didn't manage to update a single chapter during Abstract Nouns month... awks. But, you know, it's now COMPLETELY FINISHED (and the last chapter entered the queue during it's dedicated month... so we're all good. Right?)

PAh. I ship Molly/Dexter but NOT the real life equivilent. That would be weird, bah. I love Roxanne but I know what you mean; she's a bit of an enigma in the fact that she's not neccesarily /nice/ persay. But, well, there aren't many really nice people in the world.

Depressing thought.

Thanks for such a lovely review my dear! You're a starry starry star and you shine like the MOON.

(Lol, awks, I've just been doing revision ITS NOT MY FAULT).


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Review #35, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Sixteen

3rd May 2012:
It was acceptable for everyone to run around sleeping with people, being a virgin was now akin to how Molly always imagined being a mudblood used to be – a status to be hushed up or, where possible, gotten rid of as soon as possible.

Molly is so relatable. You write the teen world so well. I remember feeling like this...but at an even younger age...let's just say the people in my high school were very naughty...and in middle school too (the horror!). I'm a Molly in a way because I was never ready for anything. Seriously, my friends would say you don't understand...blah blah blah, it's not a big deal, just do it. But in my head I always heard that voice that says, 'No. You're too young.'

Or maybe it was the voice of my mother who used to love to list off everything that I was too young to do. I mean I even felt like my first kiss was a big deal and while everyone else had been kissing boys since they were like 8, I actually never had my first kiss until I was sixteen (sounds so old to so many people) and even then I was still like, 'Should I really be doing this?' I sound like such an old woman, don't I? I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a semi-religious family/strict family, you tend to have different views on things than others who grow up with more liberal parents.

I can't believe there's only one chapter left. Are you sure, AC? !

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Seventeen

2nd May 2012:
For a start, the short eleven year olds boys she'd eaten with on her first day of Hogwarts now all seemed to tower above her and were often to be found talking about 'working out'

^ Ah! Memories. Boys are something else, aren't they? I still hear about this from the guys I went to high school with. When they first started going to the gym it was I think the beginning of senior year, or maybe the end of junior year and all of a sudden people had muscle over night and they were able to pick me up like it was nothing (though I was very skinny because I too gave into the whole gym fad and never got out of it).

Jeez, this story reminds me of so many memories. It's actually really nice. Kind of sad. A little teary eyed actually, I am.

Molly was beginning to realise that it was unnecessary to get quite so angry all the time: she felt like she'd spent every day since she was thirteen fighting everyone in the world just to assert herself as actually having a personality, which apparently was this big surprising thing.

^ ARE YOU INSIDE MY HEAD? That's how I feel!

They seemed to think that by 'dating' they'd picked up gems of knowledge that Molly could only dream of (unlikely) and that they were therefore more mature.

^ Another memory. I wasn't exactly cool when I was in school. Whatever 'cool' means. Guys flirted with me but because I wasn't like the other girls, well as attractive as them apparently, I was kind of like Molly, single, single, single. But my friend, she was my best friend, I used to get so mad at her and just, in reality thinking about it now she was pretty awful. She'd throw her relationship in my face and was convinced she knew better than me but.

Then she reminded herself about the truth of the matter: she was seventeen, which was far too young to be falling in love anyway and she had a whole lifetime ahead of her for relationships that might actually last instead of ending up in distraught-Erins and mopey-Roxannes

^ This is exactly what happened. I truly believed having a boyfriend wasn't something that was necessary. What's the big deal? Why can't you just have boys that are friends? Why do you need to date? You know? So she'd end up the mopey/distraught person and I'd have to be the one to say all these horrible things about all the guys she dated or liked (and there were a lot) and it just...I think about it now and I feel a lot better about the person I was because I could have been that mopey person and I wouldn't have had as much fun and all these really cool memories to look back on.

Jeez. I'm analyzing MYSELF because of your stories!!! That has never happened to me before.

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Review #37, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Eighteen

2nd May 2012:
Although she hadn't yet been called upon to vote for anything, she'd found herself spending a lot more time reading the Prophet in an attempt to find some reasoning for her views rather than just having them. Before her opinion actually counted she was quite happy to go along with whatever view seemed like a good one at the time: sometimes just to disagree with people she didn't like; sometimes because she liked the way supporting the labour party made her feel like she had the moral high ground

You make me want to go watch the News or read it but then I'd have to buy a paper and I'm not even sure how much a paper cost anymore (I doubt it's still fifty cents, not that it was ever fifty cents when I used to get the rambling). You know, growing up is something else. The thought of being an adult scares me. Seriously. I get people all the time, 'What are you going to do with your life? What are you studying in college, journalism? So you're just wasting your money and taking up space.' Oh, the people I interact with. It's actually illegal in the US for us youngins to drink under the age of 21. I've never understood why, I think in Canada you have to be 18/19 or something like that and I know in Europe, in different places the laws are much more liberal.

She thought that it was bizarre that she had to decide what career she wanted for the rest of the life when she still had her socks washed for her, but she hadn't yet learnt how to wash socks so she wasn't going to complain too much about that (but it couldn't be hard, right?).

^ Washing clothes is no fun. I don't know how to wash my socks either. Man, this is actually really depressing to me. I've washed my clothes a few times myself, not a hard task but I never washed my socks. Is it any different? What would you even put on the socks.

These are the things that go through my head as I read your stories.

"What? That you peed in a bush?"

^ I know a girl that did that once. She was completely sober. Yuck, right?!

AC, here is another month of fanfiction fun. The way you write all these different characters...I'm still in awe. There's really no story of yours that I don't like.

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Review #38, by justonemorefic Sixteen

29th April 2012:
Random note about Roxie's name -- it wasn't until I started writing and had to name background OCs that I realized how many girl names end in 'ie' and 'y' and omg, trying to find different sounding girls' names are hard. Also heee at Roxie's use of Mollie. I wish I had ears as sharp as Molly's.

Omg I totally know those kinds of people, the Erins and the Rodgers. I've blathered on about how you can present the teen world so well already, but seriously, Molly is so relatable, because I look at people the same way Molly does, so I'm always projecting 8D

I've never been exposed to the whole teens interested in sex thing though, which I guess just chalks up to the people I hung around with, since no one seemed interested in that sort of stuff. I hear from other people their stories about high school, and they always sort of baffle me! But I totally get how especially girls at that age would be prone to be snooty about that sort of thing just because everyone else is.

Baww Rose and Molly bonding ♥

Love the ending bit. She's growing into the Molly I've seen, at the cusp of transition, but still with traces of naivety.

Author's Response: Ahhah, I don't know if I like names ending in y and or ie (depending on how they're feeling, of course) but there is definitely a lot of them about. Then again, I still haven't gotten over how many characters JK named after flowers - I mean, I can understand to an extend, but there is an awful lot of flowers.

THE WORLD IS FULL OF ERINS AND RODGERS. Basically, all I really wanted to do through this is write about the teen world in a relatable and honest way... and I see people quite a lot like Molly. Quite the judgemental person, me, despite it all.

Pah, I've had my fair share of Roxannes and Rodgers in my friendship groups. It gets old fast, ahaha. But, yes... thank you for this lovely review (your reviews are always lovely) :D


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Review #39, by Siriusly3 Sixteen

26th April 2012:
No Dexter? I saw little to no Dexter and i'm sad. I loved this though, you got under the skin of the whole sex-craze that goes on and I like Molly, the awkward little virgin going to big cousin Rose. Rose is lovely in this! Well done on winning the challenge, you totes deserved it. You're a great writer. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: I know, Dexter didn't make it in this chapter but... he's going to be in the next? Hopefully. I really enjoyed writing this story which, to me, was very much about growing up and I'm really glad you like it and thhaankk yoou verrryy mucchh! :)

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Review #40, by Siriusly3 Seventeen

26th April 2012:
Still a diehard Molxter shipper, YAY, was so happy to see more Erin coming through here. I love all these characters because they're REAL in my head now. Like, slowly turning into canon! Great writing as per usual, looking forward to the spandex chapter. Also, I adore Molly, you've done great on her character.

Author's Response: So, the Molxter shipping is a bit weird from my POV, because their relationship is sort of based on my relationship with this guy in real life - where we just insult each other and what not. And it's like... oh. Okay. AHH. Although, saying that, I sort of ship them too. But not in the... you know what, I'm going to shut up.

Thanks you so much! I love these characters myself, so :)

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Review #41, by Siriusly3 Eighteen

26th April 2012:
Eek, I love your characters, so cool! And the believeibilty of it all the little details like muggle alcohol and ID issues. Too many people think 17 year olds always get served! I love the whole 'I hate abstract nouns' thing, Molly is such a secret geek ;) I also love dexter and ship Molxer now. The peeing in the bush thing was hil-arious! Actually most of this made me laugh! good job :D

Author's Response: Ah, Molly. She's so fabulous I really do love her. AHh, I adressed the whole Dexter thing in my last review response so I won't go into that... but, thank you for such a lovely review and I hope you had fun getting your goal! :)

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Review #42, by CloakAuror9 Sixteen

22nd April 2012:
Hello deer! I am so so sorry for taking forever with this review! I'm just being slack this week, as per usual. Again, apologies for this.

First of all, congratulations for winning! YAY! It deserves everything it has right now. The story is as fantastic as fantastic can be :P

I loved this chapter, I think its my favourite one from across the story. Though all the chapters I've read so far are great, I think this one is my favourite because I can relate to it rather easily. Without releasing any personal details because the staff won't be too happy about that, let's say that at my age I relate a lot to Molly's woes.

The way you touched this ever-so-sensitive topic with such seriousness and not manage to kinda shoo-away the readers is really great. I love your take on this one, making it all the serious topic it is and not writing it on a hilarious note.

I'd like to let Molly know that her friends are very much like mine. Ugh. The language they use these days, especially on facebook! I never knew teenagers could be that...uncivilised. I'm not saying I'm any better, but at least I don't call my friends those names...

Overall, a really great read and I love this chapter so much. You are such a great author! :D Hhahaha, I cannot wait for the next chapter! Oh dear, mascaras do get quite scary...hahah.

CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Don't worry about it taking awhile! I actually think you're super speeder with requested reviews and it blows my mind a little bit (like, really, I'm so behind on my review thread it's not even sane)... and on the same note - so sorry my reponse took awhile! Horribly rude of me to request a review and then not respond immediately.


I love writing this story and essentially aimed for it to be quite relatable for readers, so I'm glad that you could sort of understand Molly's woes on this one. I just think growing up is really difficult and, well, it's something that should be talked about more often methnks!

Awh, thank you so much for a lovely review! I'm so glad that you like this story and it's been a pleasure to read this review. I'll be sure to rerequest when the final chapters up :)


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Review #43, by slytherinchica08 Eighteen

15th April 2012:
Another wonderful chapter from you! I thought this was a very interesting chapter and really enjoyed this look into molly's life! I like you character she seems very head strong throughout the whole chapter and very pationate about certain subjects and is not afraid to let people know it! I loved the interaction between here and dexter particularly though the whole thing was rather funny. Is it sad if I'm hoping for a relationship between her and Dexter? well I am anyways!

I spotted some errors here and there through out the chapter mainly just missed words such as leaving out the word maybe or in this particular sentence: “Does it have to be you?” she asked, crossing my arms " it would be her instead of my. This is where I spotted the first error so all the rest come after that so idk if you want to take a quick peak through the rest of the story after that.

Altogether, I really enjoyed this story and plan on reading more some time in the future! I absolutely love your stories as you have such great description and characterization it really makes your stories fun to read! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hey there Slytherinchica! I do love your reviews - they're always so lovely and wonderful to read. Sorry about taking such a long time to respond to this... things have been pretty hectic :)

Molly is a bit of a fireball about certain things. I love Molly. I do just really love her. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE BEHIND MOLLY/DEXTER. Well, I guess we'll see? Hehe.

I went back over that sentence ages ago. I wrote this back when I rarely used third person and tried writing in first too, but I had thought I'd caught all those slip ups I missed when I rewrote it. But, I went back and changed that! So thanks for pointing out.

Thank you for being so lovely, dear! It's a pleasure to receive such a review :)

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Review #44, by ariellem Sixteen

13th April 2012:
Okay, Molly is officially one of my top ten favorite characters in HPFF, I mean she's just so awesome and REAL! She reminds me of how I feel sometimes, and your writing is flawless but this story is my favorite out of everything you've ever written. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked Molly! Basically, I love this story and no one else in the world seems to have read it, ahha. Anyway, I really wanted to write about growing up honestly and, well, this is just my take :D

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Review #45, by ariellem Seventeen

13th April 2012:
(okay I'm not logged in, but it doesn't matter because right after I leave this review I'm going to log back in and favorite this story). Personally, my favorite bit of this is Molly's personality, I think she's one of my favorite characters that I've ever read! I love this story so much now!

Author's Response: Hey! It's still coming up as you being logged in, so I'm guess you're all good? Ahha. MOLLY. I just love her. Thanks for such a lovely review! :)

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Review #46, by ginerva_molly_weasley Eighteen

13th April 2012:
Hey Helen :)

Here I am with your review and I promise I'm not going to swear :D I really like this story as I don't generally read much about Molly because I'm sick of people portraying her as an uptight mini version of Percy but in this I liked it because whilst she was sensible she wasn't averse to anything that might be against the rules (Heck she even buys alcohol for the underager's!)

I like the way that in this first chapter you introduce a lot of the prominant characters and give them little backstories such as Roxy with her boyfriends and then talking about her sister it also gave us an insight into Molly's character and what was to come!

The dialogue in here is simply perfect and really adds to the whole feel of the situation and I loved her dialogue with Dexter because whilst he was arrogant I could sort of see there was something there between them maybe there was just a little spark rather than anything substantial.

Anyway all in all I like this chapter so much and I really really like Molly as a character!

Author's Response: Hey there! I swear I've answered this review before. This is weird. Anyway, THANKS FOR NOT SWEARING I APPRECIATE IT (I feel like I shouldn't rant about these things on twitter... too many people reference them in reviews). I've never seen Molly as a mini Percy, mostly because I guess I sort of see my Dad as a Percy-type.

And I certainly don't think I'm like Percy.

I really enjoyed writing the dialogue in this so I'm really glad you liked it. Oh, Dexter you cutie. I like Dexter.

Thanks for such a lovely review! :)


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Review #47, by TheGoldenKneazle Sixteen

11th April 2012:
Hey there! :)


I love how you characterised Molly in this chapter. She's always been very real and identifiable, and she seems especially true here too. It seems like she's in this unbreakable cycle, and her experiences are so right-on with real life, that's it's impossible not to be put in her place.

The way you describe her year's sudden transition to giggling idiots who think smutty-is-cool (look at that 12+ language!) is so true, aswell. I love how you described the sudden nightmarish expectations that everybody had of her; how suddenly you had to write your name with an ie and if you weren't doing what everyone else was, then you got left out.

Everything you write as Molly seems much more frank than anything else written about high school, much more plausible and true. I love it, because there's none of the "everything-is-totally-hilarious" side that normally gets shown in fics with these REAL topics.

I can't wait to see what Molly will do with mascara next time; I'm assuming much eye-watering and shrieking will ensue ;)

Author's Response: Hey there TGK!

I love writing Molly. This story is all about growing up and stuff, and welll... I had a lot of fun drawing for experiences and stuff like that. Because I think this is definitely how everything all happens.

AHH. I've had a lot of reviews lately who've talked about 12+ language in reviews. I'm thinking it's because I ranted on twitter about having to report reviews but... YES! That's a brilliant 12+ way to put things! I may use that, ahha :)

My name just doesn't work with an IE so, well, I'm out. I'd have to go round as 'Helie' which, quite frankly, is hideous.

Thanks for such a lovely review! You're wonderful (as always).

And I'm sure eye watering will ensue.


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Review #48, by Cavell Seventeen

16th March 2012:
'Claw Tag! Anyway, this is an interesting sort of story. I love how you put everything back-to-front, and somehow everything still works - obviously, that shows your awesomeness in general, and your brilliance in writing. I also like Molly. She's funny, she's sarcastic, she's realistic, and she's relateable, which is something I really, really like. Update?

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Cavell! I'm been really enjoying writing this story backwards so I'm glad that you're enjoying it. Hehehe, I love Molly to bits.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #49, by marinahill Seventeen

9th February 2012:
Damn you for being so good. It's not that I'm jealous... it's just I don't understand ;)

Haha, but seriously, this chapter was fabulous. I love Molly and I love the characters you've got going in this story. It's so nice to see a character who hasn't seen and done everything by the time they're 15, because it seems people grow up way too fast. There's 14 year old I know who acts older than I do, it's ridiculous. But I have a house and she doesn't, so there. /ramble.

WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY is that I love the realism. I relate a lot to Molly and her thoughts and feelings. We don't always know everything and sometimes giving advice is really hard. I'm also terrible at relationship advice, which I rarely see shown in fanfiction because every character is a romantic genius or guru or something. Love how realistic this is.

I'm still loving the rev chron. From experience I know what an absolute pain characterisation is when you're writing backwards so kudos to you for getting this so right. Molly's a step down from who she was in the last chapter but she's not so outrageously different that I wouldn't believe it - it's not actually been that long in terms of years, but teenagers change loads in a short space of time so I think you got the balance spot on.

LOVE LOVE this fic. And I'm very excited for the Spandex. (Not a euphemism...)


Author's Response: You say you don't understand, but -clicks onto your author’s page and stares in awe -

Well, point is, I reckon you're pretty knowledgeable in the ways of these things ;)

I think it's sad that a lot of people grow up/try and grow up so fast (I was just thinking about how horrific it is that mostly teenagers these days would not be following my growing-up-timeline, before I read the thing about the fourteen year old. I bet she's pretty jel about your house).

I just think that you're /really/ young when you're fourteen years old 0.o

I'm the worst person with relationship advice. Ahha. Although, I think I was right in saying 'don't show the pros and cons list to your boyfriend' and she didn't listen even then.

But, anyway, I'm glad you thought it was realistic. That's mostly what this is about - an attempt at writing about growing up in a realistic sense. With a side dash of experiment with rev chron.

(I can't imagine how difficult it would be to write an entire novel with a complicated plot in such in rev chron. How are you doing it? Are you a wizard?)


(Definately a euphemism. Well, no, but... still).


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Review #50, by justonemorefic Seventeen

6th February 2012:
I love you and this chapter so so much. From 'growing upwards/growing up' to 'angst complexes' to 'the muscles that go from attractive to oh god why is it the size of my waist', all of that. You have such a knack for capturing Molly's thoughts. The little details that people don't really think about until someone points it out but is so true.

On a totally personal level, I can relate so much. It's so hard to find fic that showcases teens like this. The line between experience and inexperience shows so much in an author's writing, and I think it's really rare to find the former. I often find very weakly written males or friendship circles, but your characters feel like people. They aren't defined by their roles in the story, but by the personality you give them.

Ahem, but back to the story. I love this running thing you've got with Molly's bitterness. It's just -so- easy to get into those habits, be it bitterness or defensiveness or some opinion where you don't realize you're being close-minded and there's a big wide world out there with lots of opinions. At least that's what I got out of it. Molly's exploring all these love definitions, and they might not be right, but that's not really the point. I think most girls fancy themselves an expert on love at some or another, myself included. And we fall into traps like, She could maintain the fact that she didn’t care about anything to do with boys and relationships and vanity all she liked, but the fact still remained that she wore ‘bust booster’ bras and tried a little too hard to understand. It's really the one subject that all people seem to have such strong opinions about -- what constitutes love or a healthy relationship, etc.


:3 I loveee it.

Author's Response: EMERGING MONOBROWS = WOE. Eh, I have a thing about eyebrows actually so I'm more likely to be Roxanne in this situation - distinctly lacking the eyebrow department.

I'm still slightly convinced that the first chapter of this is better, but this as placified that slightly because it really is a lovely review. I love the way you worded all the things ^ Baaahhh.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this and thank you very very much! Molly is just, well, I'm sure she'll get there some day - but probably not in this story so we probably won't see it. But that's /fine/.


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