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Review #51, by AlexFan On Your Bike, Sir

18th April 2013:
I wanna take Muggle Studies now, this sounds like an awesome class (it sounds a lot like my math class actually). Everyone is just so laid back and easy going. You know, I suspect that Archie is fond of some of his students (shocking, I know) but he just won't admit it.

Dom seems to have a particular knack for Muggle Studies from what I can tell and next to Archie, she and Shelly are y favourite characters.

Author's Response: Pah, if I was a muggle born I'd DEFO be one of the students who took Muggle Studies for kicks. I reckon it'd be hilarious and... why not get a qualification in it?

I love Dom. THanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #52, by AlexFan A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

17th April 2013:
I love Archie and even though his name isn't the best one out there, I find that he really makes it work. Archibald is just one of those characters that can pull off anything.

I love his thought process, it really is hilarious and I'll probably be annoying everyone I know telling them to read this evahse it's hilarious.

Author's Response: Oh man, I really love Archie so I'm glad I'm not the only one. So glad you liked it, AlexFan, and thanks for reviewing :D :D :D

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Review #53, by jim iPod Injuries

6th April 2013:
loved it. you could develop the instructor more. gave me flashbacks of being a first year teacher about a hundred years ago.

Author's Response: I actually really love the idea of putting a couple of flashbacks into some of these chapters. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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Review #54, by patronus_charm iPod Injuries

6th April 2013:
Kiana calling from Team Blue! This story keeps on cropping up, so I thought I would check this out :D

I loved Archibald's cynical attitude, it just seems so fitting for a muggle studies teacher. I never really thought about the people who took it or who taught it, but he just provided such a humorous view of it, it almost made me want to take the class myself to see what the eclectic mixture of people would be like.

I can imagine Hugo being a muggle nut, and it seemed fitting that the others would be less responsive. Lockhart had a child? I hope we get to find out what happened to Lockhart senior. And Goyle's child is taking Muggle Studies? It's so weird but fitting at the same time.

I liked the bit about Johnny English, and how the use of Goliath was similar to the fruit related names celebrities decide to torture their children with.

So we do get to find out about Gilderoy. It is a bit of a fall from grace writing books about muggles after supposedly battling werewolves and banshees! I liked that Goliath was a muggle enthusiast it made me laugh, and I can imagine him being friends with Hugo. I did feel a little sorry that he got tied up.

Fred and Dom did interpretive dance? I have to see this happen. I can imagine them being great friends as well.

This was a great first chapter, and I will definitely be coming back :D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hey there Kiana!

Archibald's cynical attitude is really fun to write about (I think cynicism is my writing calling) and I'm really glad that you likkeeed him as he's one of my favourite characters. Plus, I'd be jaded and cynical if I had to sit through the number of lessons about fountain pens as he had.

Yes, you get the big about Lockhart. Baaah.


I'm really glad that you like my little chapter, here, and thank you for stopping by and leaving me a lovely review.

Hoping to see you soon :)


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Review #55, by Marsha Frying the flag

24th March 2013:
Cute I really like the puns They remind me of Piers Anthony and his Xanth books He is a master at puns if you have not read his books check them out

Author's Response: I have not! But you're making me want to. I'll bare that in mind :)

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Review #56, by Crescent Moon  A Good sport

16th March 2013:
I loved it!
It actually seems like good (ish...) out come for Archie for once! Well... partly...
I also can't wait to meet Archie's and the Charming Charms Teacher's children, do you think they'll be appearing in a chapter? XD
Another amazing chapter that had me laughing out loud all the way through.
I really can't wait to see what he gets up to next and what's going to happen next with Dionne.

Author's Response: It is! Things keep going well with Archie! I must rectify this in the next chapter. Yup. can't have too much accidental good.

I solemnly swear the last two chapters will be full of Archie having a MARE of a time. Can't wait :D

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Review #57, by Alex Webs iPod Injuries

16th March 2013:
u should b a famous writer

Author's Response: THANKS VERY MUCH :)

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Review #58, by Hope's Mom A Good sport

15th March 2013:
Another (mostly) positive outcome for Archie - is his luck finally turning. He even got a public kiss (on the cheek) from his purported secret wife Professor Scrivenshaft. The Hunger games references made me laugh out loud as did the James Bond bit. So funny... Thanks for the new chapter.

Author's Response: The James bond bit was my favourite. Here's me cracking up over my computer screen feeling really pleased with myself... oh well. Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #59, by Rumbleroar goes roar Regular Dom-foolery

15th March 2013:
Hahaha as hilarious as always! Loved this so much! Archie is so my favorite :3

Author's Response: Thanks! I love Archie, b'awwhhh. He's a cutie :D

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Review #60, by academica A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

11th March 2013:
Hello! Here from Team Blue for the Review Battle!

I love how you took an event as simple as a student asking to transfer classes and pumped it full of life. What could have been sort of a boring conversation was funny and easy to follow, and I liked seeing Archibald's head spin as he tried to keep his students from getting at each other's throats.

Speaking of Archibald, the characterization is great. I like how working with so few students allows him to get each of them down to a science. It was interesting to get his take on the lackluster pupils in his class--and thank goodness someone brought up the McDonald's connection, because it was sitting in the front of my mind the whole time.

I noticed a few minor typos and punctuation errors, but nothing too big. Overall, it flowed quite nicely.


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Archibald is one of my favourite character-characterisations of all time, just because he's so world weary and lovely... and it makes my day everytime I hear someone else likes my Archie too.

This was a really fun chapter to write so I'm really glad you liked it! And I'll be sure to actually go back over this chapter and edit it soon :)


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Review #61, by alicia and anne Compulsions and Convulsions

27th February 2013:
I love that Archie is doing anything he can to avoid the head teachers office :D
Seriously Helen these names are hilarious! I love that the wizards are naming their children this without realising :D
The students are pretty crazy, I blame it on having to deal with their names.
Go Archie telling James off! *snaps fingers sassily*
Will a lesson or activity ever go smoothly?

Author's Response: I genuinely just have a book of stupid name for Muggle Studies. And then I sit there scrolling through the lexicon going 'do any of these magical surnames have potential?' and then that's my lifffe.

i doubt smooth is on the agenda :')

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Review #62, by alicia and anne A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

27th February 2013:
I love the character names so much! How do you come up with them all to have those specific names?
Have you ever seen Greg Davies live stand up? Archie makes me think of him so much, when Greg talks about when he used to teach.
I love seeing a story from a teachers point of view :D
Can't wait to reread more of your awesome story!

Author's Response: I have not seen such a thing! I think I may have to actually look him up though, because I reaally love Archie so it's always nice to think that he ha a real life inclination somewhere.

Thank you, Tammi! :D

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Review #63, by alicia and anne iPod Injuries

27th February 2013:
I really thought that I had reviewed this story a lot more then I actually have so I'm leaving my reviews now and rereading your awesome story :D
That was a very entertaining first lesson. No other lesson would have been that fun!
I love that Goliath has been tied to a chair, Archie really can't leave the students alone for a few minutes can he?
I love Fred and Dom's chapter so I can't wait to reread them again :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Reviews are always appreciated, of course. I don't know why he EVER thought leaving them was a remotely good idea, but I don't suppose he had a great deal of choice in the matter. Stil.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #64, by Hope's Mom Regular Dom-foolery

26th February 2013:
Poor Archie - hiding from his own students. It seems likely that more teachers might actually like to do this but can't. I am amazed that not only are there more than one brand of dung bombs but that Archie can differentiate between them - such talent! I am amused that Archie considered his Boons and Mills collection to be "fine literature". If I haven't mentioned it before I love the use of actual authors names as some of the students names- the irony is so much fun! I think perhaps Archie should collaborate (or just allow her to come up with the plan) with Professor Scrivenshaft more often. Great chapter!

Author's Response: See, Zonkos made dung bombs. And I couldn't imagine WWW not doing dung bombs... so I decided there must be multiple brands. And of course Archie would know. ahhha. Oh, I work in a bookshop and the Mills and Boons section is always a source of amusement and jokes for us. Could. not. resist.

Thank you for the lovely review! :)

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Review #65, by Juicey_Moosey Squabbles and Squibbles

26th February 2013:
Hello Helen :) I always feel bad for not reviewing, so yeah... here I am. Muggle Studies always puts a smile on my face, and makes me laugh quietly to myself like a nutter... One of my favourite bits was this: '"What would happen if you put your hand in a toaster?" // "I donít know, Lockhart, why donít you just try it?" Archibald snapped' It sounds like something either my parents or our head of DT would say :P I think it's even funnier just how clueless they are as to muggle things, like you have to wonder where their common sense kicks in :P Archie is just so funny in that sarcastic way of his, I just csn't help but love him, and secretly wish he was my teacher :P And the end line of 'Sometimes, even cross-dressing-squib-teachers needed to comfort eat.' was perfect! Keep writing this :)

Author's Response: Hi Julia!

Don't worry about not reviewing! I always used to be terrible about it myself and I'm just honoured that you're here now. I think that has to be one of my favourite lines (although I am a little intrigued) and ack... I love their utter cluelessness! It makes for such ffun :D

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Review #66, by alicia and anne Regular Dom-foolery

25th February 2013:
Dionne had a incident with a space hopper? Her and Archibald are made for each other!
Also Robin Hood as a wizard? I love it!
Boot and Corner are so mean to Archibald aren't they? I love that the professors are basically acting like the students, it's so funny :D No wonder he was hiding until midday from them.
Although it's funny that Fred managed to get them with Dungbombs.
I love that they all want to save Archibald's job, they must really like him :D Fred's 'charging' was my favourite part :D
Oh my they're protesting! I'm laughing so much at imagining them protesting haha.
How do you keep coming up with all of this brilliantness? It's amazing!

Author's Response: OF COURSE SHE DID.

I couldn't resist her having one... I just couldn't.

I really love the whole colleaguey relationships in this, mostly because I secretly want Minerva and Severus to have been playing tricks on each other way back when. Aha.

They love him. Who can blame them? Oh man, the protest was one of my favourite ideas thus far (but then again, they all are).

Thank you for your lovely reviews! :D


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Review #67, by alicia and anne Squabbles and Squibbles

25th February 2013:
This is definately one of my favourite stories ever! You write this brilliantly and I love love love it!
I love Archibald so much, and I love all of his students, I feel so sorry for him sometimes but it's so funny to read about his struggles as a Muggle Studies teacher.
I love the bet he has going on though and how he said Silencio without a wand, causing the students to ask if he was a squib. Hilarious! I wonder how long that will go on for?
Brilliant chapter! :D

Author's Response: oh, I reckon the squib questioning continued on for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time. I feel like I need to re-mention it soon for that extra affect. Thanks for the heads up on that one!

And yes, i do feel sorry for him... but he loves it really. In a world weary 'why do I doo this' sort of way. He loves it :D

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Review #68, by Crescent Moon  Regular Dom-foolery

24th February 2013:
Archie's back!! And as funny as always!
I loved it! And more of charming charms teacher which is always a bonus!
How do you come up with the ideas for this, they're always so funny and original! Not to mention really well written.
I can't wait to see what he gets up to next.

Author's Response: Awh, thank you my dear for this truly lovely review! I think Archie will be back again very shortly (because I'm on a bit of a spree) and I've missed his wacky ways. And of course, the charm of our favourite charms teacher ;)

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Review #69, by TearsIMustConceal Parashoot-me-now-please

26th January 2013:
So, i have just read all 8 chapters in succession and i am seriously hooked. I haven't laughed that much whilst reading a story in a long time, i enjoyed having aching stomach muscles because it was so completely worth it. The muggle references are hysterical; James Herriot, Thomas Hardy, DH Lawrence, Katie Price (if that one was intentional, then i salute you!) ...i absolutely love spotting them! This story is so witty and amazing that i need more. More i tell you!

I may have just become a little obsessed with Archibald!

Ps - Your writing is incredible! :)

Author's Response: This review properly made me grin and announce to my flatmates the glory of humanity. Thank you! I loved slipping in all those references (and that one was intentional) and I'm so glad you appreciate them! More soon :D

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Review #70, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 Frying the flag

27th December 2012:
I was floured by this chapter. Really. Yummy pancake puns.m/

Author's Response: AHHA. Love it. Thank you! :)

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Review #71, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 Compulsions and Convulsions

26th December 2012:
The chapter was so punny! Yummy.
(Though that was the oldest most cliched pun, it was intended)
I was giggling throughout this chapter. How do you get these little sparky ideas of DH Lawrence and Guy Fawkes and Herriot? Ah! They were a joy to read.

Just one thing though:
'Ignore him,'Miss Barbie said, 'he's just bitter because he's signed his robes.'

I'm sure that it is a typo and you meant singed but when I first read it I was like 'Eh, What?'

Author's Response: YUMMY PUNNY.
Aha. Guy Fawkes was the idea of TGK, and I just love James Herriot so much it just had to happen. AND YES that should be singed (I'll go back and check that over right now). Thnks for this lovely review! :)

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Review #72, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 iPod Injuries

26th December 2012:
It is so refreshing to read a Next-Gen fic which has a unique angle. Archibald is an intriguing character- witty and quirky and it is fun to read his point of view. Love his sarcasm. And way you've started writing about Lily and Hugo... their character development looks promising. You've set the stage beautifully for the upcoming chapters. Good job!

Author's Response: Hey there Jessica! I'm really glad that you liked it. I really loved writing how off the wall this story is, so I'm really glad to have received such a positive reception for it too :)

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Review #73, by ChaosWednesday A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

16th December 2012:
Hey it's Whiskey from Holiday Review Swap!

I chose this story because it sounded fun and original, and it didn't disappoint ( that's also why I decided to read a second chapter :P)!

I like the idea of a sarcastic teacher sticking to his subject against all odds. Some of his comments are hillarious (I liked the part about him never leaving the walls of the classroom). Although I wish we knew more about his motivation and life, I think it would add more perspective.

You had the good idea to give all the students nick-names, which helps keep them apart although there are so many, and makes them seem more unique and eccentric. This way, you also focus on the group-dynamic of each class rather than on individuals or situations, which is different and more interesting.

Basically, this was fun and the only advice for improvement I can offer is that maybe you could add some back-story to the Professor. He is our narrator, after all, and we see everything through his eyes. It would help to know about who he is and how he really feels (he can't always be experiencing only irritation-discomfort, can he :P).

Also, some more conflict, plot development or theme-choice could help make each chapter seem more complete and consequential. Either have each chapter function like a short-story, or have them actually follow up on one another. So far, you seemed sort of unsure as to what you actually wanted to say...
Every real story is tells more than just itself, you know what I mean? Maybe you could turn this into a reflection on the way Muggles are peceived different after the war, or you can switch to making this a story about exploring the life and times of the professor. Or something else, of course. But there has to be a point...

Well, good luck, I hope I could be of some help ^^ Cheers!

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Review #74, by marinahill Charming Assessments

13th December 2012:
YES he found love!

I laughed so much (as always). He's so snarky and smart and so very much like me when I'm teaching that I've concluded you're following me around with a dictaphone. Poor poor Archie, I knew the prank was going to get him eventually, and bless him he didn't need for his students to hear that story.

I hope you're updating this soon, because I do believe I've finally caught up. We need more puns, more stark, some ROMANCE and more hilariously named students.

Merry Christmas!


I think this song was mostly written about Archie.

I LOVE the idea of you being like this when you teach. Honestly, it warms my heart that there is someone in the world teaching in such a way.

Merry christmas, Marina!

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Review #75, by Tonks1247 iPod Injuries

9th December 2012:
Ahahahahahahaha! I was debating between reading Azkaban and this one, as Iím somewhere in the middle of Azkaban and Muggle Studies has been on my Ďto readí list for a while, and I can say Iím quite glad I choose this one. I was definitely in the mood for something light and just a little bit ridiculous, and this story was just fantastic.

Archibald is just a character all his own. His whole thought process is just so easy to see and it really makes him out to be that slightly eccentric Muggle Studies teacher that no one seems to have much concern about. His whole demeanour towards teaching is also entertaining. He doesnít necessarily like children or their attitudes towards Muggle Studies but here he finds himself teaching them. Itís great!

As for his third year class? Oh, heís in for a fun year. Johnny English? Goliath? Franklinstein? Jessie James? Ahahaha, heís got plenty of fun teaching points to go off of here. Plenty of movies and books to readÖplenty of people to make question their parentsí ability to name them. It should be great! Especially with the idea of Fred and Dominique Weasley using interpretive dance to help explain the concepts they go over in Muggle StudiesÖ

Canít wait to come back and read more! This really was fantastic!


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