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Review #26, by Cirque Du Freak Regular Dom-foolery

4th June 2013:
(This was supposed to be included in the last review, but I forgot I had the other window opened with this bit in it so...)

I know I reviewed on the last chapter, but I can't remember what it says but all I wanted to say WHATS ARCHIE DOING WITH THAT OLD DODGY CODGER FLETCHER EH?

I so wanted to hear Dionne's version of the Space Hopper incident - how life ruining is this that there's both of them that have space hopper incidents and are simulating soul mates with a simulation cat. This sucks. I want a simulating simulation soul mate.

Infinitely my most favourite line from this chapter yet hahahhha.

Aw i loved this chapter (i have such a way with sympathising with all your bloody main characters what is wrong with me goodness).


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Review #27, by Cirque Du Freak Charming Assessments

4th June 2013:
THIS IS CUTE AND SAD BECAUSE I GOT DISAPPOINTED THAT HE WAS ALL HAPPY AND THEN his break up went even more public which is sad. But at least he's way over it so that's okay, ahah. But, really, that's all Terry and Michael could come up with!? Shameful, tsk...tsk...

ITS ALL SO SHIPPY and I seem to have increasingly less to say in each chapter, but I'm too busy laughing that its a bit pointless to go hahahaha in each one.

Who knows I'm enjoying this so don't bother me.

P.S. Agreed with Dom, fantastic break up line.

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Review #28, by Cirque Du Freak Squabbles and Squibbles

4th June 2013:
POOR ARCHIE BUT THAT WAS HILARIOUS AND I AM NOT SORRY. He's so stressy in this chapter even Hugo noticed, aw. (': I just found that great that you pointed that out, and yeah I think Hugo noticing that there's something wrong is a pretty new low as far as Archie's life goes. But that's alright, he got cookies out of it and a reputation for being a cross-dressing Squib, but we'll glance over that.

I SEE SO MANY CLUES NOW THAT I'VE READ THE END OVER THIS PIPS. I never noticed before as much and now I can see it - hindsight is a horrible thing, especially when you miss really obvious rubbish.

Also Lily really annoys me - she's like a fly you want to swat but keeps moving out the way and still coming at your face for not reason.

Totally shipping that Tabby/Johnny. Tanny? Jabby? Tohny? Jobby? Prefer Tanny.

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Review #29, by Cirque Du Freak On Your Bike, Sir

4th June 2013:
Lots of Freddie and Dom in this one which i was mucho pleased about yay ♥

Goodness, Archie he's almost a real teacher and that's scary, you know, considering his personality and the fact that he hates his job but still keeps at it (he reminds me of someone in that respect...AHEM ME)

Its also really weird when you think about that everything Muggle has to be explained in complete detail like the whole unicycle tricycle thing because we wouldn't normally think of simple things to be explained, but its like kids who want to know everything (to a point) so THATS WEIRD.

and im tired now and havent napped yet AND I PROMISED REVIEWS so there we go.

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Review #30, by Cirque Du Freak Compulsions and Convulsions

4th June 2013:
ARCHIBALD WAS SO GREAT IN THIS CHAPTER. He was such a boss and I am so proud of him for shocking a whole actualy class in awe with his long paragraph of talking and stuff. That was so great ahaha. AND ALL THE NAMES the lit duo being ironically chavvy omg so great and genuinely felt the pride Archie felt when Dom made a Muggle joke I AM AS PROUD AS YOU ARCHIE.

I loved the excuse of getting in all these characters because of the lack of progress towards Muggles because its all actually legit which is fabulous and probably one of the tiny bits of plot you have running through this whole thing (besides two other small bits but SPOILERS).

Continuing to always and forever love this ♥

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Review #31, by Cirque Du Freak A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

4th June 2013:
Ahahahhaa, I remember you showing me this chapter an age ago and laughing at it because BARBIE AND THE CHARMING CHARMS PROFESSOR. (':

That was hilariously unexpected and ksadfhsdfuhsdjf Elliot Cooper needs to put that sass under control otherwise he'll end up just like Archie ahah.

I also really enjoy how Archie's so lax but not lax enough to not let his students call him Archie - the line is there, small and almost insignificant but there (':

I enjoy all the introductions of all these manic characters because they're all nutters and its a constant stream of mind-boggling nutjobbery so yeah


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Review #32, by strahovi Summery and Summary

3rd June 2013:
this is one of the most amusing fanfics i have ever read! the characters are very good, especially Archie and Dom+Fred (they never failed to make me laugh) but you won my heart with all the references. and the names. ah! thanks for sharing this story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much Strahovi! I'm so glad that you like it, because I love writing it! Archie, Dom and Fred have been blast to write. thanks so much for reading! :)

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Review #33, by patronus_charm Summery and Summary

3rd June 2013:
Ooh so guess whoís just about to leave their 600th review on the last chapter of Muggle Studies? What a great coincidence that is ;D

Great Elliot still manages to make an appearance in the last chapter, albeit a very small one. Heís going to be extremely smug with his O no doubt. Iím sad that some of his blonde mob failed as I always liked them. Iím hoping the blonde trio werenít included in that number though.

Archie lives as a muggle? Thatís so cool! I didnít realise that his obsession about them went that far but hey now I think about it does fit. My heart went out to Archie when Dionne didnít want to text him, it would probably be a lot quicker than owling one another. Plus he has a sim life thatís so call! I love that he has an simulation cat and now itís making me want to go and play it!

Kevinís a muggle? I never saw that coming either! All these surprises in the last chapter are setting to wear me down, Iíll probably find out Archieís a woman or Dionne used to be a Death Eater or something big like that. It did sound like Fred to keep him in the dark and thatís actually a really ingenious idea. I wish I had skills like Fredís life would be so much more fun.

Iím so glad I tagged you in Ravenclaw Review Tag because I donít think my fan fiction life would have been the same without Archie and his madness! Iím so surprised this managed to stay 12+ because it could have veered off at any moment but thatís quite a feat! If you ever plan on writing a spin-off that would be one of the most awesome things ever :D


Author's Response: HIA THERE KIANA!

Just so you know, I'm working on answering on all your reviews! i wasn't doing them because I had exams and now I'm really behind and I'm going away for month next week so PLEASE TAKE THIS AS A TEMPORARY RESPONSE TO LL THINGS.

I am also very very glad you tagged me in the review tag! Ah, no, the Blondie trio managed an O, an E and an A respectably. AHHHA I forgot to mention this in my authors note, but I made Archie and Dionne on Sims and then I DID set Archie up on a blind date, and he DID get Dionne! I was dying over the levels of meant-to-be.

AHAH. that was the ONE bit of plot I knew from the begin. Kevin a muggle born masking as another clueless idiot, ahhha. If you ever feel the need to read back over it all... you'll see Kevin is genuinely laughing at him the whole time.

Thank you for all your lovely reviews! I'm getting to them, I promise you! You're lovely and I love you :D


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Review #34, by patronus_charm Don't stop the partaay

3rd June 2013:
Woo go Shelley! I always liked her and now sheís taken on the roll as Archieís cheerleader sheís even more awesome :D Thank goodness itís nearly the end of the school year as that hopefully means Iíll never have to see Elliot again after this chapter, I feel Archieís pain!

ĎHe wasnít teaching anymore. He was babysitting.í Sorry if Iím wrong Archie but judging by how badly most of your students behave I thought you spent most of your time doing that. Oh my god the idea of them having GCSEs I dread to think what kind of mayhem they would get up to in the muggle world.

I am in love with this line Ďby the beginning of his relationship with the Charming Charms teacherí is the thing between him and Dionne official then? If so that is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever heard :D I think itís a good thing Muggle Studies is completed because if Fredís dropping it, it wouldnít be the same without him. I mean, how could he leave Dom? I thought they both loved it!

Ok I canít even say anything Iím laughing too hard! The idea of the muggle party is brilliant and the way Archieís despairing over it makes me laugh way too much! Then the mention of Katie Price set me off again, what were these parents thinking when they named their children?

I officially died when Archie said this ĎďDamn right, itís better than yours,Ē Archibald quipped back,í. Ah he won teacher of the year award and the reasons for him winning were brilliant and Fredís not leaving and everythingís brilliant again and Iím sitting here feeling jealous of his scented ruler as it sounds infinitely cooler than my non-scented one!

Ok this was possibly my favourite chapter so far ♥


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Review #35, by patronus_charm Parashoot-me-now-please

3rd June 2013:
Whatís not a better to way to procrastinate than reading this? Itís school related so that must count for something ;)

I never had a space hopper, but I did have Wii sports it says a lot about my fitness levels :P Iím so glad Vicky popped up again as I really loved her brief appearances beforehand. Ah Elliot appeared again, Iím not so happy with him popping up again, but if there wasnít that annoying one it would be so much fun to read.

There planning on jumping off with a bed sheet? Oh god now Iím having horrible images in my head of people being crushed to death. Iím surprised that Archie wasnít killed by Sinistra if that does go ahead!

I find it ironic that his dumbest class is the oldest class. I would have thought they would have grasped the basics of muggle studies by now. I wonít be surprised if the last chapter is Archie having a break down and leaving to become a hermit because he canít deal with them anymore. I mean, surely they would have seen a plane in the sky and wondered what it was?

This line was brilliant ĎďThey didnítÖ die.Ē Archie said, his mouth feeling slightly dry.í I agree with Archie as long as no one got injured or died it should be fine. Though I am surprised that no one didnít die maybe they had brooms attached to their bed sheets or something like that?

Ah the mystery about his girlfriend has been solved! How on earth did she manage to blow up the microwave though? Iím kind of glad because I can ship Dionne/Archie without feeling too bad about his girlfriend. And the mystery about how they didnít has also been solved, it was rather ingenious actually and I would try as parachuting looks rather fun but sadly Iím stuck being a muggle.

Another amazing chapter and I canít wait to read on :D


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Review #36, by AlexFan Summery and Summary

3rd June 2013:
Bye bye Archie, I'll miss you even though I didn't know you as long as the other readers.

I'm pretty sure the reason that I love Kevin Pips is because he's just a ball of sass. I especially loved him at the very end of the chapter.

ďYouíve got stuff all over your face all on your own, Professor,Ē Kevin grinned, rolling his eyes before he disappeared again.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to get to sleep but that just amused me to no end.

Author's Response: Bah, I always loved Kevin. Thank you very much for enjoying and reading and reviewing this story. You are completely awesome!

AND SLEEP who needs sleep!?

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Review #37, by patronus_charm A Good sport

2nd June 2013:
I saw I could get the 160th review so I decided to come back :D

I adore the banter between Michael, Terry and Archie. In fact, itís the thing which I look forward to most in each chapter I read. I never imagined Michael and Terry to be so funny and imagined them to be boring old swots so I love seeing them here. Oh and the Fred and Dom banter is also brilliant, I never expected them to be great friends and now itís my head canon for how they were at Hogwarts!

Your Neville = perfection ♥ I can never write him but he was so cute and adwarkable with his alopments I just wanted to hug him for his cuteness. Theyíre going to have a muggle sports day? I hate participating in it, but watching it is great so I canít wait to see what on earth is going to happen at it.

Eep this line ĎAnd Dionne Scrivenshaft had not let go of his arm.í Romance is definitely on the cards for them or Iím a flobberworm. When you mentioned The Hunger Games I almost thought Archie was going to get them to participate in their own version and I was seriously worried about his mental state.

This line ĎWeasley/Potter unit (a force onto itself, really)Ď was exactly how I imagined them to be so I couldnít help but laugh a little when it came up. I wondered when the infamous James Potter would appear. He always appears in next gen stories and is the main focal point so it was nice to have a different one for a change. I think I may have died with the bit about James Bond. It was brilliant.

Ack the ending the romance blossomed at last. I really did die at that part. I couldnít help but laugh at the crazy details Archie had come up with and then for her to go and kiss him was very unexpected to say the least. It was so perfect for them due to the unexpectedness of it all.

This was the best chapter so far :D


P.S. The pun was great!

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Review #38, by patronus_charm Regular Dom-foolery

2nd June 2013:
Ah the last chapter has been posted *cries to self and wishes for possible sequel involving muggle reality TV*. Oh well, I still have the rest of these chapters to read and then all your other WIPs to stalk, I mean, follow ;)

Archieís a Ravenclaw! Woo! I always knew our house got the coolest people. I probably be one of those Ravenclaw nerds who take muggle studies even though I would be a muggleborn just for the fun of it. I always knew there was a reason why Ravenclaw was awesome :D

Ok when I read this line ĎďWe appear to be locked in a broom cupboard.Ēí I assumed something different was going to happen other than dung bombs being let off, with the whole hand touching and the thing in the last chapter I thought Archie was going to get a chance at romance and happiness other than being mocked all the time but the moment was kind of dampened. Oh well, he still may be with his girlfriend so this could just be wishful thinking.

Somehow I have a feeling that Archie and Dionneís pranking is going to be up to the same level as Dom and Fredís. I think the fact that Fred has access to everything a joke shop may possess raises the stakes a little for them. Plus itís ingrained in their blood being Weasleys and all.

My old English class and our teacher played a prank on a person by changing the clocks in the lesson ah the simplicity of the prank but it works so well :í) I thought their reactions to Archie Ďleavingí were so sweet and the way they were even going to get Hugo to make posters for them despite slating them a few months back.

Another amazing chapter and I canít wait to read the final ones :D


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Review #39, by Cirque Du Freak Summery and Summary

2nd June 2013:

I genuinely like this 50% cut he's getting and really Archie is growing much better in the game of life as he's now got a girlfriend who appreciates The Sims and even wants a simulation cat with him (if thats not true love idek what anyone else is doing in the world) and of course attempting to one-up people and just not quite getting it right, but I mean at least he's not hiding in closets and skulking around (as of yet - or is that more of parody!Snape I'm thinking of? Probably, yeah)

THIS WHOLE THIS IS OVER and its rather shameful because I looked up how many reviews I'd made on this earlier and I haven't reviewed this since 2011 on the fourth (or sixth?) chapter. So you know catching up slowly but surely.

Blah where am I going to get my amazing crack fanfiction from now? :( Obviously you have to do some sort of sequel or some sort of something. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. I dont know what but just do something. Okay.

All the splurgey love over these brilliant chapters that were just amazink and aw yeah I'll miss this hilariousness and punny glory.

Forever Archie yo.

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Review #40, by Solo Summery and Summary

2nd June 2013:
I bloody love this story. I love Archie. I love the humour. I love everything and everybody. Yay!

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad that you liked it :D :D :D

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Review #41, by patronus_charm Charming Assessments

29th May 2013:
Iíve been away from Archie for an inexcusably long amount of time :P I donít think Iíve said this before but I really love the things at the beginning of the chapter as itís a sort of synopsis about what trials and tribulations Archie will have to go through today.

I knew I was in for a good chapter by how early this line crops up ĎThe sort of voice that haunted his nightmares continually, particularly whenever Neville Longbottom had made him one of his cups of herbal tea.í I can imagine Neville wanting to be a do gooder but actually causing more harm through it.

Archie is definitely right about the name thing of all the chavs Iíve met theyíve been called things like Ashleigh or Chantelle; actually those are girls names so it would be kind of weird if they were called that but you get the gist. I also loved the charms teacherís reaction if Archie didnít have a girlfriend I would think romance would be on the cards for those two.

I loved the idea of peer assessment week and I really wish it had actually happened in the books as it would make it a lot more enjoyable to read. I got far too excited about the brief mention of Trelawney and I was really happy to see that she was still there.

Ah my point about Chantelle being a chavy name has been made, albeit with an s - ĎChelsea and Shantelle were the next to arrive,í! I like the idea of the blondes being together to be aesthetically pleasing, though I would find it confusing and annoying to stare at after a while. Ahaha I cracked up far too much when Dom appeared out of nowhere, I almost wish I was blonde so I can have some of their mysterious powers!

Meep I take it back about charms teacher/Archie and Iím joining you on the Dionne/Archie shipping front. I had a feeling that she was going to end up joining in with the fun and Iím glad that she did as those facts about Archie are great.

Another excellent chapter, Helen!


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Review #42, by patronus_charm Frying the flag

15th May 2013:
I loved the pun in the story summary, it was simply brilliant. I actually have another egg joke and if you speak/know basic French you should get it! Why didnít the boy have two eggs for breakfast? Because when was an oeuf. Yeah I know that was terrible, but you may be a lover a terrible of terrible jokes!

If Archie really didnít want to not refer to her as the Charming Charms teacher he should stick with Devil Incarnate, it does convey the point in a better way than just adding not-so to the name, but each to their own. I have to give Fred some credit in this chapter, I honestly thought he was going to tease Hugo mercilessly for his poster making but he managed to restrain himself, more so than Archie.

As much as introducing cross-curricular things into Muggle Studies sounds great, Archie really should give up on that idea. This is the second time heís mixed things with fire and it really isnít turning out well, and itís even worse considering someoneís hairs on fire! And blue pancakes? How on earth did Lysander end up with them? Perhaps Dom or Fred spiked them with food colouring for fun.

Ďin his normal snooty I-know-more-about-muggles-than-the-Muggle-Studies-teacher-voiceí this line cracked me up so much! Iíve always held a great dislike for people who think theyíre better than others, and in this case it was Elliot. I can fully understand Archieís mental rant for him.

Yay more puns! I am definitely going to write these down and say when appropriate next Shrove Tuesday. Though thatís almost a year away so I may forgetÖ Thatís a pretty good tongue twister too, (ooh and I sort of made one there :P) I havenít just sat here and said it for two minutes or anythingÖ.

And Iím half way through! You could go on writing this forever you know. Like Archie visits China or Archie takes on a gecko, or make him go on a muggle reality TV programme. I would love to see what would happen if he met The Only Way Is Essex cast :P Another fantastic chapter, Helen :D


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Review #43, by patronus_charm Squabbles and Squibbles

13th May 2013:
Haha I loved the plan about Archie giving up magic for a month, if I was a witch I donít think I would be able to do that. Poor old Neville too, I do feel bad for him as heís such a forlorn character who always ends up in mishaps.

Ooh I just remembered something; I donít think you ever mentioned which house Archie was in. Iím going to go with Slytherin as he has not so nice thoughts about the students at times or Ravenclaw because he seems quite smart.

This part really cracked me up ĎďNo, but well... thatís your last warning. I hope you learn from it.Ē

ďSure,Ē Kevin said, dropping his potato peeler onto the desk and folding his arms, ďlike a Ravenclaw on a Sunday.Ē Considering Iím a Claw and my revision tends to peak by Thursday, I would say that was fairly true :P

Poor Archie that class really didnít seem to go well at all. Though itís more amusing on my behalf, if they were sitting there getting on with their work it would be nowhere near as fun to read :P

So they get to experience a food tech lesson then? Mine were nowhere near as eventful as thereís was, but then again, I actually knew how to use the muggle cooking things which probably made a big difference. I was feeling all proud of Archie finally cracking down on the discipline front, then for him to realise that he didnít have wand with him was sad.

Aw poor Archie needing comfort food, at least he won award and that should cheer him up :í) Another great chapter :D

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Review #44, by Jack On Your Bike, Sir

13th May 2013:
I seriously love this story, its hilarious and witty and cheers me up greatly!

Author's Response: Thanks Jack! Really glad I was able to amuse you :D

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Review #45, by Rumbleroar goes roar Don't stop the partaay

7th May 2013:
ďItís the milkshake, Professor,Ē Fred said from the vicinity of the drinks table, ďyour milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.Ē

ďDamn right, itís better than yours,Ē

Oh this made me laugh so much. As did,
ďA novelty ruler,Ē Dom corrected, ďitís scented.Ē

In fact, pretty much the entire chapter had me giggling. Seriously keep up the amazing writing - I adore your characters and this wonderful story :)

Author's Response: Aha, I couldn't resist that one. And there are such a thing as scented rulers and it's WEIRD. I can understand scented pens but... rulers. It seems... slightly odd to me.

Glad you liked the chapter :D

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Review #46, by patronus_charm On Your Bike, Sir

7th May 2013:
Aw sad times when I miss out on the 150th review, oh well, I'll aim for the next landmark review!

It's fine Archie the amount of teachers who have shown me films around Christmas is unblievable, so you probably wouldn't get fired!

I'm almost surprised that Dom and Fred didn't include Mean Girls in their favourites, but I can imagine why they would like Grease, those dance moves are classic!

Haha I loved how you could tell what a type of person they would be due to their nail varnish and the fact that Hogwarts had an emo sub-culture. I never thought about them having the same sort of cliques but it makes sense. Iíve painted my nails both black and pink, so I guess Iím a Barbie and an emo!

The muggle tour actually sounds really fun, and if I was a wizard I would love to go one! I canít wait to see the reaction of Archieís girlfriend though, I can imagine she wouldnít be nearly as delighted I would be if I found out I was going on one!

Another awesomesauce chapter, and I can't wait to read on :D


Author's Response: Films are pretty much a muggle christmas standard, so I though Archie might be able to get away with it (and if he was going to be fired, I can imagine there'd be a whole host of other reasons to fire him which would be slightly better reasons).

MEAN GIRLS! I'm going to HAVE to make a mean girls reference at some point. I hadn't even thought about that. THANKS for the suggestion.

Ahha, nail-varnish-defines-your-personality. Did no one ever tell you, you Barbie-emo? ;)

THANK YOU for such a lovely review and glad you liked the chapter :D


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Review #47, by AlexFan Don't stop the partaay

7th May 2013:
Oh my God, as usual, this was hilarious and I was laughing the entire way through. I can't imagine Archie as anyone but Robert Downey Jr. I just can't, he fits so well into the character now.

I love this fanfiction, I really do, it'll be one of the ones that I'll always come back to read.

Author's Response: I was so pleased when I realised Archie WAS RDJ because I'm usually rubbish at finding face fits, but it's perfect.

So glad you like the story! You're awesome :D

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Review #48, by WeasleyTwinMom_staff Don't stop the partaay

6th May 2013:
Very cute story, I enjoyed it. I do want to point out that it's "extra-curricular", not "extra-circular". But really enjoyable story, I like your OC!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I'll go fix that up now and I'm really glad you liked it :D

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Review #49, by patronus_charm Compulsions and Convulsions

3rd May 2013:
I never thought I would see George Samson in a chapter image, but there's always a first for everything!

Aw poor Archie having to look after the equivilant of wizarding chavs, I get why George Samson is there now! I almost want the Bonfire thing to go ahead, so we can see what they may do to it!

Yay we get to meet Dom and Fred! I loved the pair of them and you gave them such refreshing characteristic you couldn't help but fall in love with them! I'm with Archie on the parent curelty front, ignorance really is bliss in some cases.

Oh god the intelligence level of those people was so low it made me laugh! I really feel for Archie, I mean, how could you not know what the pointy end of the pencil does?

I think you may have meant Lorcan here 'Locran' :D

So the bonfire night went off without a hitch then? That's rather surprising, as I was almost expecting something Fred and George esque to happen! I suppose Vicky setting the ground on fire was more than enough though, and thank god it didn't do anything more damaging!

Another great chapter, and I can't wait to read more :D


Author's Response: I had to have a bonfire, because there's no possible way in which something wouldn't go wrong when you have Archie + students + fire so you know... couldn't resist ;)

I love writing about Dom and Fred so expect them to be starring characters for most of this humble little story. Along with Archie, of course.

I'll go change that thing now. Thanks for pointing it out.



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Review #50, by patronus_charm A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

23rd April 2013:
Ok it may have taken me ages to come back to this story, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to! Gah, I'm so excited to be here. I should probably get on with reading and reviewing rather than saying jibber jabber (Did I really say jibber jabber? Kill me now :/)

Ah what does this story do to me? I'm already crying with laughter after the first paragraph. It sounds rather like my RE class, and I suppose most people take as they think it's a doddle then end up failing, dropping out, and in situations like the ones you described!

I loved Archibald's observations of his pupils. I think I would have had the same reaction to Ronald's name too. I wonder if they learnt about McDonalds in Muggle Studies or not?

Wub this line was perfect - 'ďAre you calling us thick?Ē Squeaky demanded. Oh, hell.' To be fair, I could quote the entire chapter in this review as it was all so awesomesauce but that would go over the review limit :'(

Ok I don't think I can recover from this 'ďSir,Ē Shelly said helplessly, so quietly he could barely hear, ďIíve got a crush on her.Ē

Well that was new.' All he said was 'that was new', I would just be like what? Are you serious? You like your teacher? Then run away and tell someone the gossip. I guess that just shows how cool Archibald is, if that's his reaction.

I may have sounded like I was little mentally unstable in this review, but I assure you I'm not, I'm just high on caffeine :P


Author's Response: Hey Kiana!

Thanks to coming back to Muggle Studies! This is one of my babies (actually, saying that, they're all my babies - I'm so attached to all of them) and I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter aha :)

AHHA. His non reaction! That was one of my favourite parts of the story to write, because... well I guess he's so used to all the crazy that it's just like 'oh that's new, what's next?' but yes definitely real fun to write.

THANKS for such a lovely review! You're awesome :D

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