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Review #26, by Precious Good Day?

13th July 2014:
Please keep writing this!!

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Review #27, by doesntmatter Good Day?

7th July 2014:
Where is the rest of the story? Come on really?

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Review #28, by smcfin Good Day?

29th June 2014:
Hey, I've read this whole story in 2 days! It's amazing! Please put the next couple chapters up soon!

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Review #29, by shaza_weasley Good Day?

21st April 2014:
Hey, your story is AMAZING! I love it but its just that its sad and touching, but you CANNOT ABANDON this story. I read it like a few months ago, and I bookmarked it, hoping you would write a new chapter soon, but I guess I should just send you a howler. SO DO NOT ABANDON THIS STORY. I AM WARNING YOU, IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, I AM COMING STRAIGHT TO YOU AND HEXING YOU BACK TO YOUR PRIMARY YEARS!!! DO NOT ABANDON THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF MAGIC!!

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Review #30, by Hayley Good Day?

14th March 2014:

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Review #31, by cath91 Average.

7th February 2014:
Oh no. Poor Lily. Poor Sirius! Of course they are still getting over Mary's death, and then her dad died on top of it, oh goodness.

I like the change in James, you started it at the end of TAOB and it's expanded now, it makes it entirely plausible that the immature fifth-year we saw in OotP is Head Boy just over a year later.

I was wondering, do you absolutely plan on finishing this fic? I only ask cause I noticed it hasn't been updated in a while. I really want to read it but if there is a chance it's going to get abandoned, I wont, it bums me out too much!

Author's Response: Hi cath91! I've really enjoyed reading all your reviews and it's really lovely to have you here! It's honestly great that you've read TAOB and the beginning of TAOS and liked them!

I am definitely planning on finishing this fic! Things have been very weird for me over here. Without going into too much detail, I basically happened to do something very VERY productive for case of writing-career, freaked out about it gained the worst case of weriters block I've ever had. I'm working on it, though, and this story is SO nearly finished I promise you!

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Review #32, by HarryPotteraddict Good Day?

30th December 2013:
Please keep writing!!! :) it's great!

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Review #33, by karin Good Day?

26th November 2013:
love this story! i especially like the way youve handled the character development of lily, it happened perfectly

keep writing please ! haha because i love reading it!

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Review #34, by dramaqueen728 Good Day?

25th November 2013:
I just reread the last HP book and this is bringing up a lot of feelings... please keep updating!! I've read all the way through TAOB and need to finish this. AMAZING JOB. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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Review #35, by EmmaJeanette Good Day?

19th November 2013:
no! it can't end there! please write more i love it so much i need to know what happens next aaahhh

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Review #36, by Amy Potter Good Day?

17th November 2013:

Sorry autocorrect I mean, "Can you please update?"
Your very curious reader,
Amy Potter

PS. I LOVE LILY AND JAMES but I miss Mary a lot

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Review #37, by AlexFan Good Day?

29th October 2013:
I don't know whether to be extremely sad because James' dad died and I just want to bring him back to life to make James better, or whether to be angry because I just got dunked in all of this depressing stuff again or to laugh because Sirius was just really funny for someone who was in a situation where he could've died.

And I'm going to take a wild guess and say that James bought an engagement ring for Lily and that's what he's hiding but Lily's just too oblivious to notice.

My Jily senses are tingling as you can tell.

And what do you mean there's no happy ending?! Are you going to end this with Lily and James dying off, what's going to happen?! Now you're scaring me because I feel like my OTP and everyone else are just going to die. Is the plan for the story still 30 chapters or has that number lessened?

And finally, have you gotten tired of my constant reviews on this story?

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Review #38, by AlexFan Comfort.

29th October 2013:
This chapter really got me thinking. Lily mentioned that she has nowhere to go and just about no resources to survive on her own. When you think about everything that she's been through, it's kind of amazing that she hasn't had a complete and total mental breakdown over this.

It's one thing to look at what's happened to her separately but when you jumble it all up into one big pile and add in that she can't get a job because of her blood status and the fact that whoever hires her will be targeted, it gets a bit much.

But I love that you discussed what would most likely happen after Hogwarts. And I'd just figured that Lily would stick around the Marauders since she'd practically become part of the group.

And James was right, she was asking for it when she kept pushing and pushing her family to the point that they would break. She shouldn't have expected much else to happen.

And the whole Vernon offering Holy Water and such was pretty funny. That's the first thing that his mind jumps to when he heard that's his fiancé's sister can do magic. I've never seem that reaction before from Vernon so it amused me greatly.

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Review #39, by AlexFan Acceptance.

29th October 2013:
I love how even though a lot of them have family problems and are on the verge of being disowned or are, they still manage to make jokes about it. I thought the badges thing was kind of funny.

They could wear them whenever they had their secret meetings and talked about how much their families sucked.

And those puns were so darn cheesy but there's nothing like funny puns to make someone laugh. And oh my goodness, Liky dropped the love bomb. I'm surprised James didn't start throwing confetti or something. I feel like he would've prepared for that day or something.

And Lily is finally letting go and saying goodbye to Mary. I think Mary would a halt be really happy with everyone and the fact that they're moving on with their life. I can just imagine her watching everyone from heaven and being touched that she'd affected their life so much but then getting annoyed and rolling her eyes when no one moved on.

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Review #40, by AlexFan Closure

28th October 2013:
Ladies and gents, Sirius is back! I haven't seen Sirius his happy or excited since the Art of Breathing. It's nice to have him back. And I'm glad that he and Lily have decided that its time to move on. You can't mourn someone forever but you can remember them all of your life.

The ending to James' speech though was brilliant. At first I thought he was going to get stunned or something and I was thinking something like "Dear God, you're asking for it."

I would've loved to have seen Sirius yell out Down with Voldemort. I can imagine that wouldn't have ended well but still, it would've been pretty awesome to see.

And I'm noticing that there's loads less angst and more fluff and cute moments and I don't know which I like more, the angst or the cute moments. And that's a big thing for me to debate over since I'm not the biggest fan of angst in the world.

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Review #41, by AlexFan Forgotten.

28th October 2013:
Drunk James is adorable. Then again, James is always adorable but he's especially adorable when he's drunk because he sounds like a little kid and I was just aawing the entire time that he was asking Lily to stay with him.

Those two are going to be the death of me, I swear. Just to clarify though, did Sirius dump Joanna or did Joanna dump him? (And if she dumped him because of the Quidditch match, that's extremely petty of her).

Speaking of her, she's only the person that hasn't made me want to hit her, other than Mary, by associating or dating Sirius. It just felt wrong in other fanfiction but I don't have that problem this time.

I wonder what it really means when two people who know each other have the same patronus. We know that Snape's was a doe because of Lily but I want to know what the actual reason or definition of something like that is.

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Review #42, by AlexFan Drifting.

27th October 2013:
I always love getting to the chapters where the characters realise that they're being butt heads. It gives me a chance to see them mature a little bit and realise that they were wrong.

I've gotta say though, Lily can be pretty awkward when it comes to confrontations sometimes. That conversation between her and Remus was very awkward. I guess no matter how you brought it up though, talking to someone about how they're a werewolf, it would be awkward in any way.

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Review #43, by AlexFan Disintegrate

27th October 2013:
The fluff, it was so beautiful! As you can maybe tell, I enjoy James/Lily fluff a lot. But damn, that was a lot of arguing going on! I suppose they all argue thought and it would be impossible to stop.

James is so sweet though! Going to all of that trouble to cook dinner and the picnic even though he's dead tired and he should be sleeping. If you could order a James online, I'd be doing that right now.

And he's just so mad at Lily for the werewolf thing and for relieving him of his Head duties when she was only trying to help with the latter. I think he would've been secretly relieved not angry about that. For one week he doesn't have to worry about extra work or something like that.

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Review #44, by AlexFan Empowerment.

27th October 2013:
I suppose that Lily could think of the Remus situation kind of like learning about history. You take the information given to you and then you can form your own opinion of what you've found out.

Werewolves are just nice people who had the bad luck of getting bitten but it's no reason to hate them. Some of them like Greyback aren't nice but I'm pretty sure most werewolves are good people.

Besides, Lily knows Remus and what he's like, I never really pictured her as having to really think about if it changes anything about him.

Everyone seems to be having some sort of family crisis these days, relatives not speaking, relatives dying. On the happy days! Petunia isn't even trying though! I get that she's mad and I get why but she's honestly not even making an effort to get along or to fix things! Lily may not always be at home but at least she tries to get along when she is.

Ah well, on to the next chapter!

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Review #45, by AlexFan Chaotic.

26th October 2013:
I could probably put all 6,000 characters of this review into good use by just ranting about Snape and how much of a hypocrite he is.

I can't believe that he actually had the nerve to ask Lily if what James' friends did bothered her! I can't believe him! What about when she warned him about his friends and that what they were doing was wrong?! Snape had just brushed her off and aimed it was just joking around when in fact it was dark magic!

The Marauders may not be the best people out there but at least they don't deal with dark magic or anything like that. But I suppose I can't blame Lily for not wanting to hurt Snape any more. After spending so much time with him, I don't think she'd ever be able to truly stop caring.

The carefree banter at St Mungo's was really funny though. That discussion of the Baker's Wife was absolutely hilarious and made me laugh. Even when she's very sick, Carolyn and Magnus still manage to stay positive and make jokes.

And huzzah! Lily has finally found out about Remus! I want to see where that goes now and how it's dealt with.

As usual, awesome chapter!

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Review #46, by AlexFan Shift.

25th October 2013:
WOOT WOOT! I loved this mixture of fluff and seriousness in it. I think I was doing the same thing as Lily when it came to her mum. It was obvious that Mrs Evans had a drinking problem it's just that I didn't pay too much attention to it.

Petunia is a horrible person but the thing with the trash bins made me realise that maybe not everything that Petunia did was to get back at Lily. I think she was just at angry at Lily for leaving her and letting her deal with everything on her own and the mean things that she did were just her ways of opening Lily's eyes to her home life.

It's times like these when I pity Petunia.

And technically, Petunia could give birth to a magical child. Obviously there must've been a Squib in Lily's family because that's how muggleborns are born and there could've been a likely chance that Petunia might've had a magical child.

But wow, I don't really know what to make of Sirius. I feel bad for him when he's sad and then I'm glad when he's happy but the thought that comes to mind every time his mood changes is that he has more mood swings than a pregnant woman.

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Review #47, by AlexFan Sincerity.

24th October 2013:
Oh my gosh this is beautiful! They've gotten together and I can be happy and yay!

It's good that they had that talk though, they really needed to and at least now James and Lily can have a proper relationship or at least are heading to a proper relationship.

Maybe I'm weird but I was so amused when Lily refused to talk about anything and was asking to move on from everything that happened but ended up spilling her guys anyway. And I was glad she spilled the beans too, I feel like I know her better now and I understand her a lot better than before.

I can see why she would want to experience the Cruciatus Curse but that was still a stupid thing to do, going out there and looking for a Slytherin or a Deatheater to curse her.

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Review #48, by AlexFan Unwelcome.

24th October 2013:
You know, if it weren't for the fact that there was another chapter right after this one I'd probably be making some absurd high-pitched shrieking sound at this ending.

Good thing I can keep reading (I had originally planned on going to sleep after this but clearly that's not going to happen). I was going to suggest the same thing as James. Lily could always ask out James, it didn't always had to be him so you can imagine how excited I was when Lily got the guys up to ask James out.

Honestly, I'd expected some hesitation but she didn't even blink before asking James out.

I love his parents though, you can tell that he's related to them because they're all so similar. Especially Carolyn . . . And Magnus, I can't pick between those two, they're both equally awesome.

I hope they're around more as I keep reading.

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Review #49, by AlexFan Inevitability.

24th October 2013:
You know, this is the only time that I've probably ever liked Vernon Dursley. I kept thinking that maybe he wasn't such a bad chap with the way that he was acting around Lily and James but then again, he doesn't know they can do magic.

Still though, it was awfully nice of him to buy Lily's family a television set. Sometimes I forget that not everyone had a television set in that time period so I was a bit surprised when Petunia got excited about a television before I came to that realisation.

And her enthusiasm, I thought the Evans had won the lottery or something because Petunia was so happy and talking to Lily!

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Review #50, by AlexFan Burn out.

23rd October 2013:
Those two *sigh* I don't know what I'm going to do with James and Lily. I will never get tired of their arguments and their weird forms of love.

My favourite part about this entire thing is that Lily realises that she depends on James a lot and that she doesn't like it. That's overlooked a lot whenever it does happen, whether it's fiction or fanfiction, and I like that Lily acknowledged that she had become dependent and was struggling to deal with that. She'd gone from being someone who didn't really need to depend on people for all that much to depending on just James who could screw her up pretty bad if he permanently left.

I feel like I'm being all philiosophical in this review and like I'm making no sense. But basically, I love that Lily recognises that she's become too dependent on someone and isn't okay with that fact.

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