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Review #26, by Shay_Gryff And then I accidently became a thief...

9th April 2013:
Your user name and COMPLETED make me a happy reader!! And Next Gen? I could barely stop myself from reading it before it was finished! But I did and can now rush through it in the blink of an eye!


Author's Response: Wahey! I love reading straight the way through a completed ff! It's always a great feeling. Hope you enjoy it :)

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Review #27, by Not angry just questioning And then I am in mortal danger (and so is James Potter)...

1st April 2013:
What does emareyebrow mean? Also, ppatonic female friend means it is onpy friendship, not dating or any of that sort. Just thoguht id let you know on that. And relationboat should be relationship, unless it was supposed to be a joke, there wasnt enogh context clues to know. One last thing, what is with underwear having a voice?

Author's Response: Hi there! Some of these changes were thanks to the April Fool's Day Prank, which is why this chapter may have seemed a bit strange. HPFF banned ships for the day, so relationship = relationboat, girlfriend = platonic female friend, voice = underwear etc. If you read it today it should make a lot more sense :)

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Review #28, by Eli And then I accidently became a thief...

31st March 2013:
I have just read first chapter and it was great! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #29, by Loving_Sirius_4eva And then I have a merry Christmas...

30th March 2013:
Wow, I can't believe it's really finished! This was a really good story. This chapter ended the story perfectly :D I hope you decide to write more stories in the future :)


Author's Response: I will definitely be writing many more stories in the future! Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #30, by TheQuidditchFreak And then I accidently became a thief...

28th March 2013:
I love this! Can't wait to read more, this was really well written! So funny!

Author's Response: You're in luck, my friend. There is much more available :D

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Review #31, by Serendipity1234 And then I have a merry Christmas...

26th March 2013:
That ending was fantastic! I loved this whole story so much. It's one of the best ones I've read!! I love all the characters. I've even forgiven April and decided I like her because she was great in this chapter. She still rocks the boat a bit and she has her issues, but she seemed like a sweet, caring sister and a good friend to Autumn here. I'm sad it's over but it was great :) I'm very curious about this alternate ending -very different? Does that mean it's a sadder ending? Because if so I'm not sure whether I really want to read'll mess up this lovely mostly-happy ending...but I know I'll end up reading it anyways. The one thing I think would be really cool in an alternate ending would be an actual conversation with Autumn's mother, since we never really see her pure perspective or's all through Autumn and we never really see her talk much. But maybe that's asking too much, seeing as you had reasons for not doing it that way. I also liked what you included about joy and happiness and contentment. I thought that was an interesting view :)
I hope you update Curiosity sometime soon so I can keep reading your wonderful writing :) and maybe I'll check out another one of your is spring break, after all.

Author's Response: Hi there Serendipity1234! Thank you very much! I'm so glad that you liked my little baby. April, well, I can't begrudge her too much as a person who likes to keep a lot of things from my family. Sadder? Yeah. But, it's also an ending I can barely conceive happening (and it took a lot of mental reworking to get there... so, it's more me fufilling a readers whim more than anything serious).

Oh, I'll make a note to maybe add a conversation with her mother though! I'll see if i can fit it in. CURIOSITY. It's on my to do list to look at that today, so hopefully there should be an update before the weeks out :)


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Review #32, by nott theodore And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:

I'm really sad that this story has ended, but I love this final chapter, so that's my compensation! I thought this was really sweet and I'm glad that Autumn got a sort of happy ending.

The beginning of the chapter was so funny, and it felt like things were coming full circle. It was nice to see her rebuilding a relationship with her parents and family, and that April was back for Christmas. I liked seeing Oliver and more of the close relationship between him and Autumn that we've read about but haven't really seen much evidence of so far.

Ending it with James and Dom both joining them for midnight mass is such a nice idea! I am really glad that James and Autumn are still together and that she's still friends with Dom. Obviously it's not easy, but everyone is making a real effort and I think that's much more realistic than James and Dom suddenly being best mates.

So,'re a fantastic writer and I'm sad this has finished, but I've still got your other WIPs to be getting on with (fingers crossed that you update Curiosity soon!). And I'm looking forward to the alternative ending for the story too!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: HI THERE NOTT THEODORE!

I'm really glad that you liked this final chapter! I've had half of this (the latter half) written for a very long time and it was really nice to have it all finished and polished at last.

Thank you for the lovely review and all the others that you've left me! :)


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Review #33, by Manga_girl And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:

Helen, I loved this chapter! Apart from being sad that this story is over, it was perfect! I'm so glad that Autumn sorted everything out, and that Autumn/James is now an official thing! I'm so happy that it ended well but I can't believe there won't be any more. 10/10

Emma x

Author's Response: Thank you very much Emma! Glad you liked it and thankss for being so lovely and wonderful. You're awesome :D

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Review #34, by TimeSeer And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:
Ah! It's over. I am so sad now. It can't be over! I refuse to believe it... (if I deny that it is over will it stop being over? Is that even possible?) Anyway, I absolutely love this story because it is one of the best of this website. I am happy to see that the ending was mostly happy and Autumn actually seemed happy and content. So I guess that all that is left to say is please continue writing best you have a talent and it would be a shame if you put it to waste.

Author's Response: TimeeSeer,

Thank you very much for an honestly lovely review. It's been lovely to have you on board and I'm so honoured that you think so highly of my story.

You're lovely :)


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Review #35, by SilentConfession And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:
I've been steadily reading this story but i don't think i've reviewed it yet. I suppose the last chapter is as good as any to leave something.

This story has been such a great ride and a really great coming of age tale. The ending of this is really perfect. It is so hopeful and reminds me of all those moments i've had that are so clear that life is beautiful even though it gets messy sometimes. I like the idea of hope and that things can get better even after everything you've experienced and i think you showed this really well through this work.

I loved the writing style and how we felt very close to Autumn through her experiences. She was very relatable and I think everyone has gone through moments where they are unsure of themselves and question everything about their life and themselves. We may have experienced it in different ways than Autumn but the idea behind it is all very similar to human experience.

Great job with this story AC! You've done a great job in weaving this story and having a really lovely writing style to go along with it made it that much easier to read too :P

Author's Response: Hi there SilentConfession! It's lovely to hear from you :)

I've reeaaally enjoyed writing this story, particularly the coming-of-age learning-to-like-yourself bit, because it's something that I haven't done all that much of before... but ack, that's really what I wanted to get across with this chapter so THANK YOU very much.

You are lovely :)


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Review #36, by Holly_Mist And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:
It's finally over! I think it was a really sweet way to end it :)

But, hey! you have nine other WIP's to keep you company so update them soon! Especially Curiosity (hint hint) ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much Holly Mist! Curiosity is next on my list to update, as I've neglected her for far too long! :)

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Review #37, by AlexFan And then I have a merry Christmas...

25th March 2013:
Okay, first of all, I look forward to the alternative ending and second of all, this was the most hilarious scene in this entire chapter and probably my favourite part:

“So he alternates,” April grinned, “From yayJesusisborn to -”

“You’re all condemned to hell,” Oliver finished. “Personally I find the burning lake of sulphur talks pretty funny.”

Author's Response: This is actually what the vicar at my church tends to do for Midnight mass. I think I'm the only one who finds it that funny :')

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Review #38, by AlexFan And then I start to fix things...

18th March 2013:
Phew! No cliffhanger, I was legitimately worried for a second that I'd be yelling "NO!" in an overly dramatic way.

I'm so happy that things are working out though and I love how all of your characters are so real and imperfect. They sound like genuinely real people and this story is one of the stories that I've read where it shows what being a teenager is kind of like!

Anyway, I'm excited for the last chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you AlexFan for this review and all your other lovely reviews! No cliffhanger here (and definitely not in the last chapter). I'm really glad my characters come across as real - you're lovely :D

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Review #39, by AlexFan And then there are shifts...

18th March 2013:
I can't believe that I haven't read this for two days! What was I thinking! So glad that I got to it and I'm crossing my fingers that there's no cliffhanger in the next chapter. That would really suck for me because I adore this story/

Anyway, I'm happy to see that Dom and Autumn made up even if I was all for killing Dom and hiding her body and the evidence.

Author's Response: Hhm, we'll see in terms of cliff hangers I guess (although I don't think there is one so don't worry). If you're all for killing, well... maybe that's not as entirely out of the question as it seems?

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Review #40, by AlexFan And then I think about the world...

17th March 2013:
Really? That's the best that Dom could've come up with, she's a Ravenclaw and apparently quite clever. She could've just given people a look that said they were stupid for thinking that she and Autumn were lesbians and then said no.

I don't know if that would work for her but it works for me.

Anyway, I'm excited to see everyone make up and all that jazz! Poor James though, being all sad because Autumn isn't talking to him.

Author's Response: Ahha, well, people tend not to always do the sensible thing. But, yes, that probably would have worked a little better... but, well, silly Dom.

Thanks for the review AlexFan!

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Review #41, by AlexFan And then there are decisions to make...

17th March 2013:
I feel like an idiot now, Ethan is the name of the fiancé. My God, I just called April's fiancé by the name of the dog. I feel like a moron.

Ethan seems like a decent person though and I'll probably get to like him. Professor Vector gives some good advice though. This is probably one of the only times where handing an essay in late is okay.

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry about it! I think sometimes life gets in the way and teachers should except LATE ESSAYS (obviously, I'm not speaking from a real life issue right now at all...)

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Review #42, by AlexFan And then I run into another wall...

17th March 2013:
WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! So much drama and why is everyone lying to Autumn! Why on earth hadn't her sister told her that she was engaged and I bet you this was why April hadn't come back, because of Neb.

I can't believe she's getting married! Everything is messed up, things need to get fixed, things are wrong. I have the urge to start raging again.

Author's Response: I find that people OFTEN lie about things without thinking about how it will make someone feel, because it's easier for them in that moment. It makes no sense, of course.

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Review #43, by AlexFan And then the proverbial excrement hits the metaphorical fan...

17th March 2013:
Oh my God, I can't believe that Dom would spread rumors about her best friend! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER! DOES SHE REALLY HAVE THAT BIG OF A PROBLEM WITH AUTUMN TALKING TO PEOPLE!

Autumn, pick James, he's not the one spreading rumors about you and I can't really blame James for believing them, it's hard to know what to believe with rumors.

I have so many feelings, this story makes me rage. I am so done.

Okay, onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm sorry about the rage AlexFan! And thanks for the lovely reviews :)

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Review #44, by AlexFan And then there is a brief calm...

17th March 2013:
Oh no, oh no, this is bad, this is really bad. I pray for Autumn and that she gets out of this alive. Oh my God, what's going to happen. I have a feeling that things are going to be getting intense now. Holy cow, I'm excited but at the same time scared of what will happen.

Author's Response: AHha, yep. Intense is definitely on the cards. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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Review #45, by AlexFan And then there is a deviation into toilet humour...

17th March 2013:
Oh my God, this was hilarious. I'm crying, I was laughing that hard. Sweet Merlin, I especially loved the banter when Fred was stuck to the toilet and the part with Roxanne taking pictures made me crack up again even if it was a really small part.

Author's Response: Oh dear, I loved writing this chapter. It was a nice break from what is about to come... well, you'll be there soon. Good luck!

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Review #46, by AlexFan And then we talked...

15th March 2013:
Benson Flint is one of my favourite characters in this right now. I barely know anything about him and he's described as creepy but for some strange reason, he's one of my favourite characters.

Author's Response: Huh, well, I'm glad you like him! :)

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Review #47, by AlexFan And then I’m a terrible girlfriend...

15th March 2013:
Maybe I'm being an idiot but what the heck happened between Autumn and her parents! It's been so damn long and I'm dying to know! Will I find out soon about why she doesn't want to talk to her parents and what happened between them?

Author's Response: I think you'll be finding this out in the very next chapter! Don't worry about it, it's all coming :)

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Review #48, by AlexFan And then we were all prissy...

15th March 2013:
At this point I'm just getting irritating with my reviews aren't I? Oh well, I don't care!

Anyway, Dom was so mean! You do an excellent job of making her self-centered! It's about time that she heard about James and Autumn dating though. I started laughing though when she was like "obviously that's a rumor." I felt like going "oh, if you only knew Dom. If you only knew."

Author's Response: Not at all! Your reviews are lovely and it's been a real pleasure to receive them. Thank you very much AlexFan! You're great :)

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Review #49, by AlexFan And then I am in mortal danger (and so is James Potter)...

15th March 2013:
Just to let you know, I died laughing while reading this chapter. Oh my God, everything was so hilarious but sweet and funny.

I'm actually amazed that Dom hasn't noticed anything going on but then again, she doesn't really pay all that much attention to Autumn except when it suits her.

Anyway, lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Ahhha, I think Dom is pretty busy thinking about her own life (that sounds a little bad, doesn't it?) but, yeah, she's not expecting it from Autumn AT ALL :)

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Review #50, by AlexFan And then there are not-so lazy Sundays...

14th March 2013:
Oh my gosh that was so cute and adorable and skdjnkdsnnfjcndndnfnf I'm not even speaking English anymore! This story is just so awesome I can't even describe it! Onto the next chapter I go!


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