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Review #26, by Hope's Mom April.

12th January 2013:
I think you were right - this was the right place to end this. Grace is in a better place and definitely has a more hopeful future. I have loved this whole story and will miss it. Thank you for sharing Grace with me and your other readers.

Author's Response: Thank you Hope's Mom! You've been a lovely dedicated and wonderful reviewer for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I really appreciate you taking the time to review :)

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Review #27, by Jen April.

9th January 2013:
Yeah, nice ending. Not too much, not too little - room for the imagination of the reader to fill in the blanks.
I have honestly, truly loved this story. Thanks so much for writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much Jen! It's been lovely to have you reviewing and reading along with me and I'm so glad you liked the ending. Thank you!

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Review #28, by Hannah April.

9th January 2013:
AW NO SEQUEL?? that sucks.

Author's Response: Sorry! Glad you liked it though :)

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Review #29, by Uncharted April.

9th January 2013:
This has always been one of my favorite stories on this site (although I am in love with all of your stories ). It was funny and real and beautiful :) It is a little bittersweet that it is finished, and I will miss the updates (but I love the ending, and how she became the godmother!). Part of what makes you such an amazing author is you are able to blend the comical and sad parts in your stories, and you create such memorable and different characters (you were very inspiring for me when it came to my writing, although I still have quite a ways to go). Congratulations on finishing, and thanks for writing such a wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much Uncharted! This has been one of my favourite stories to write and I'm a little sad that it's ending too... but this was just the perfect way to end it so I couldn't possibly right any more. This review is just pure lovlieness and I'm so glad you like it -as the characters and the humour and the angst have always been the most important bits for me :)

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Review #30, by Hannah March 15th and 16th.

9th January 2013:
WHAT? NOO! I actually wanted her to be pregnant!!

Author's Response: Ahha, I don't think she'd be able to handle it I'm afraid :)

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Review #31, by Hannah October 28th

9th January 2013:
What the BLOODY HELL just happened?

Author's Response: Aha. I had to go back and read this after reading this review :P

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Review #32, by potterfan310 April.

9th January 2013:
Aww I'm sad to see this end :( No more Grace and James.
I'm glad they got together ♥♥ Yay!!

"Several people nearly died of shock when I was pronounced as God mother." - I love that :)

It's nice to see that even though her life isn't perfect she's on the right track to getting there.

Soph xx

Author's Response: Hello Soph!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by to leave a review! I'm sad it's the end too, but it was definitely the right place for it.

Yeah, I have a feeling Grace will get it all sorted out now ;)

Thanks for this :)


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Review #33, by sour_grapes_snape April.

9th January 2013:
This was beautifully, wonderfully, utterly perfect. I love the realism of it all. You didn't suddenly make everything in Grace's life perfect and normal and completely in-order. You still left her with some growing room, but it was all still nicely wrapped-up. It's amazing.

I have loved this story so SO much. It is easily one of my favorites. Grace's journey was so heart-breaking, so touching, an so real. You have such a talent.

I'm so happy to have this ending, but I will very much miss this story. But even though I'll never be able to leave a review for this story again, I'll still be sticking around.

As always, I look forward to whatever your next update may be. Cheers!


Author's Response: LAURA.

Thank you so very much! I have loved this story too and I'm so glad that you did too. Life rarely works out all completely perfect and I didn't want an ending that was really fake but... so I'm glad that you appreciated it :D

Next update... suffering with the worst bout of writers block I've ever had (hideous affliction for someone who needs writing as much as I do) but hopefully it should be coming at some point soon!

Thank you :)


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Review #34, by Solo April.

9th January 2013:
Wow. Well, personally this is one of my favourite stories of yours. Grace is just so... real. Her flaws, everything about her. I love Jill as well! God bless her. I think she's going to be okay as well, and that makes me really happy. Thank you for such a read! It's been a good run.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for being utterly lovely! I think this is one of my favourite stories of mine too and I'm very glad you agree and yup, I have this feeling she's going to be just fine :)

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Review #35, by Hope's Mom March 16th

3rd January 2013:
Go Grace - she's is SLOOOwly reclaiming herself. I am glad she wasn't pregnant. She was/is is no way ready for a child - with the possibility of different fathers it would have been awfully messy. I am glad James confessed to loving her - maybe poor timing like he said but hearing those words should always make you feel good. Grace needs more of that. Great chapter - thank you!

Author's Response: Yup, she is! I'm glad she wasn't too because it would have been utterly hopeless (but semi reflected some of my original plans for not this story, but another story with Grace in which now I'm happy to say doesn't need to be written) and thank you for being lovely and review this for so long! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #36, by potterfan310 March 16th

31st December 2012:

I swear to god this story is like my future. I can relate to Grace and the bit about James losing his granddad quite a bit.

Can James and Grace just get together already because y'know sexual tension and stuff ;)

I'll be sad to see this end but I hope Grace gets the happy ending she deserves. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Soph xx

P.s Happy New Year's Eve ♥

Author's Response: Happy new year! Thank you very much for this lovely review! I lost my granddad this year - that's how that bit crept in there.

BUT MAYBE they'll get together soon! No promises though ;)


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Review #37, by sour_grapes_snape March 16th

30th December 2012:


All I can say is: this.

Darn it, Helen, how do you do it? I'm sitting here, having just read the beautiful collection of words that was this chapter, and I'm crying. I'm crying. Do you understand how big a deal this is? I don't cry. I don't. It's a very very rare thing for me to cry. And now, this is the second story of yours that I have ever read that has made me cry.

I don't know how you do it.

And oh my good God - James told Grace he loves her! Please give me a moment to fangirl over this. I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this chapter. Times a million.


Author's Response: Laura! Thank you for this lovely review!

I actually wasn't planning on James bringing THAT out in this chapter, but then I realised that we'd go through the whole scope of the story without James saying the L word and I thought that might be a little bit stupid.

BUt thank you so much! You are lovely. :D


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Review #38, by MaryAnn March 16th

30th December 2012:
This story is not only humorous and entertaining but also enlightening. My grandmother is on the verge of death and what you wrote about James and his granddad is a bit consoling, also reading about how Grace is changing and dealing with Hope's death from years ago...I feel less depressed than I used to and a bit more optimistic.

Author's Response: Oh wow, I'm so glad that this was able to help you! Death is always difficult to deal with no matter what the circumstances, and I hope that you and you family will be as okay as you can be. Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #39, by slytherinchica08 May.

12th December 2012:
Helen, you've done it again! You come up with these fun oc characters who are so different from each other but yet I can't help but falling in love with each of them! Grace is just so fun and yes I believe that I have enjoyed reading this first chapter as much as you have been writing it! I feel so bad for her, being twenty seven and still not having much of a life really in terms of a job or boyfriend! And what was up with Roxanne! Is it just me or did you want to hit her too! Seriously I can't believe that she would stand there and take pictures of Grace to send to James! Poor girl! This first chapter was so fun to read and it flowed really well! I did notice some small errors though nothing too huge that it detracted from the story. I think sometimes it was just a matter of a missing letter or an added word here or there. This chapter did a great job of introducing your MC and it has me interested to read more and find out what will happen to her next! I look forward to reading more! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hey there Slytherinchica!

Oh, I think this is the last time we're ever going to see Roxanne but I didn't reckon much to her in this bit, ahha. I'm really glad you like Gracie though! She's been one of my favourite characters (of my creation) since I started and it always makes me grin like an idiot whenever any one likes Gracie.

This story is now COMPLETE so I guess over the next few days I might do some serious editing (writers block) to fix up those things but THANK YOU! :)


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Review #40, by Jen March 15th and 16th.

11th December 2012:
Dammit... I so wanted that! Again you have mirrored my life from 15 ish years ago. I swear you have been reading my old diaries (except for the fact that I have never been bothered writing in one).
I went & saw an old childhood friend, was introduced to his daughter (whose name was Grace oddly enough) and he suggested that I might be pregnant... well I was... but a week later I wasn't.
This story resonates with me in ways that I can never explain fully. I truly adore Grace.

Author's Response: Oh wow! That is a little bit insane! Like, seriously... that's mad. But thank you so much for your lovely reviews! I love Grace too and I'm so glad other people do and ever more so that this has the possibility of 'resonating' with anyone. Thank you!

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Review #41, by Loony_Scorpy March 15th and 16th.

9th December 2012:
Oh my god wow
(man I haven't reviewed (or read really) anything in forever oops but I was in a rubbish mood and somehow this made me feel better ♥)
The fact that she opened herself to James like that though, and she's moving on and getting better
(I'm kind of glad she isn't actually pregnant though)
So I'm hoping this means Grace and James just get closer together and gah so much progress happening with Grace!
I loved it of course ♥

Author's Response: Yup! She's making some progress which is lovely (and good considering we're very quickly heading towards the end of the story!) but I don't think I could have thrown a pregnancy in at this point without having to make the stoyr a LOT longer ahha. Thanks for being a lovely dedicated reviewer m'dear! Always makes my day to see your name pop up :)


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Review #42, by ieatfurbys March 15th and 16th.

9th December 2012:
The emotions. Oh the emotions, it was good seeing Grace see Connor and Romilda Vane..

Forget about her, Romilda Vane said, or use her to fuel some good. Do not allow her to ruin your life.

Probably the line that sums up Grace's change since she met James and all that. And now onto the elephant in the room.
The Pregnancy Scare. I'm not sure how to think about the test being negative. It's not Max's and thats good. And I'm almost glad its not James' because that would fix the story rather smoothly, because he would have stayed. But there would always be a - he just stayed for the baby aspect. I think James and Grace need to choose each other for themselves. and not for a baby. Also, if the test is a false negative... grr.

Great chapter as always, update soon.

Author's Response: Hullo ieatfurbys! Lovely to see you again! I'm always glad when you show up (as proof that you haven't become seriously afflicted by the whole furby eating thing)! In the earlier plans for this story, there was a grace not-negative-test-type-sequel but it was... as you said, a bit too smooth and a bit childish of me and I was very glad to scrap the idea and settile for this instead. I think it worked much better.

Thanks for the lovely review! Lovely to hear from you as always :)


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Review #43, by ravenclawriot March 15th and 16th.

8th December 2012:
Emotions! /falls over

Author's Response: Hehehe, thanks for this lovely review!

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Review #44, by You Have No Idea Who March 15th and 16th.

8th December 2012:
UPDATE SOON! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: MORE SOON. MORE SOON :)

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Review #45, by Cirque Du Freak March 15th and 16th.

8th December 2012:
salkdjsiofshfsa you obviously know all of my feelings about this chapter seeing as you experienced it all first hand and well there's not much else to say.

I'm still waiting for ShakiraLooking!Hanzi to turn up and for her and Gracie to run away together to Gretna Green, but, well, you have a while to work in those kinds of details...

Blah James is so freaking cute in this it actually sickens me - him being all dependable and amazing for Gracie and then and then you bring up the thing this whole potential fairytale future (as much as a potential Gracie being preggers could turn out as fairytale-ish) AND THEN THEY'RE GUNNA BE TOGETHER 5EVA AND YOU JUST BLOW IT WITH THE 'NEGATIVE'. WHY. EXCUSE ME, BUT, LIKE, AT LEAST IF IT WAS POSITIVE THEY'D BE LIKE LETS GET OUR STUFF TOGETHER AND NOW ITS JUST LIKE. NOT AND IM GENUINELY UPSET ABOUT THIS. I MEAN. LIKE. HOW COULD YOU. WHAT IS THIS AFTERMATH,

So after my breakdown I can talk about Connor who is so freaking sweet and aw can I come and marry him and scare Faith. (haaha - how witty of me. >.>)
I liked the Heddy scene, actually, like a lot because Romilda had a point and just you know its 100% true and ugh it was such a squishy scene. But, like, I think Romilda sounded a bit robotic? I know she was sort of meant to be, but the structure of her speech was a bit awkward? I don't know - it could just be me though,

Anyway as you know I love Gracie and Jamesie and Max a lot less but I still like his character and I love Francis and Gracie's cousin who I forget the name of the one who just reminds me of Julia's Scorpius. And and and that's it really.


Author's Response: Ahahaha, I always seem to know about all your feels because I tortured you by sending you bits and pieces of this chapter like a really bad person (although you saw a bit of it MONTHS ago but just forgot about it, so you can't blame me for that much).

See, I think James being dependable here is really what clinches it for our lovely Gracie. I mean, I don't think she really believed him... but well, she needed something concrete but MORE ON THAT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER.

And you know the pregnancy thing would never have worked. COME ON. It wouldn't. Realyyy.

SO YES let's talk about Connor who I liked and just snuck in all unawares (I wasn't expecting him to be... it was supposed to be Liz/Beth but I liked this better) So YEAH I'll look over Rom's speech again and se but yes. Love you as per.


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Review #46, by sour_grapes_snape March 15th and 16th.

8th December 2012:
Oh, Helen, you really had me going there for a moment! I was completely freaking out in my head, thinking she'd be pregnant, wondering who the father is, blah blah blah, and... negative.

You're right, that ending could have been a lot worse, and I am infinitely glad that it wasn't.

The thing I found interesting was that second-to-last paragraph. From the way it's written, it almost sounds like Grace wanted to be pregnant. Which, you know, would definitely throw a nice little twist in there. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

Can I just say how wonderful and adorable I find James? It's so obvious how much he cares about Grace and he just makes me melt sometimes. He's just too cute.

And I loved the parts where Grace visited Connor and Romilda Vane. It was very neccesary for her to do that to find closure.

Overall, you are fabulous and awesome and I absolutely adore this story.


Author's Response: HA BET I DID LAURA.

I think the way it could have been a bit crueler would just be to like... leave it... not tell you what the answer of the test was until the next chapter... I mean, yeah, could have been much worse.

YES YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT. Although I think it's more... she got attached to the idea and then suddenly its like WHAT another curveball but yes James is lovely.

Thank you for another lovely review! I adore you :D


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Review #47, by emma March 5th - March 12th

14th November 2012:
please please please update soon! i can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! An update should be coming soon :)

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Review #48, by potterfan310 March 5th - March 12th

29th October 2012:
I'm so glad I read this, it's Brilliant!!! I love Grace, she's just so awesome:D

My all time favourite quotes (there was more but I don't think they would all fit :D) -

"There was this really awkward time in Holland where I accidently killed off three grandmothers in a month."

"She set fire to herself, by accident, and the, ermm... ashes blew away."

"for example, once woke up partially covered in raw chicken thank you very much, James Potter"

"thanks to you my muggle neighbour thinks Im a drug addict"

"Im stuck on top of my kitchen cupboard."

Her entrance at the wedding has to be the best moment and especially George introducing himself as 'a big fan' - Tears of laughter, I LOVE it!

I seriously LOVE this story and Grace! I've got tears of laughter, Her personality is great! And in some ways I can relate to her which makes me Love her even more x

So glad she's managing to turn her life around and that James is back.
Really can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens. I really,really do Love this story! ♥ ♥
Soph x

Author's Response: Hey there Soph! Sorry it took awhile for me to answer your review but I'm SO glad that you like my story! I love Gracie, she's like my favourite (they all are, I just tell them this to appease them) and those are some of my favourite quotes too!

Thank you so much for this lovely lovely review and AHAH the wedding oh dear. Well I can only imagine how one would feel if that actually happened but... there you go. Thank you so much!


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Review #49, by potterfan310 May.

29th October 2012:
This is great so far, this story has been in my favourties for awhile but I've never got around to reading it until now.

Grace is awesome, she's witty, funny,sarcastic and loveable. :D I really like how she's unsure of what she's gonna do with her life even after all the travelling.

I think it's great that she's kinda failed at life and is trying to make her own way without really knowing what to do. And I really, really can't wait to read about her embarassing Hogwarts years as they sound like a pretty good laugh.

Grace's life is interesting and I love that her family is slightly mad and that she never bothered to learn the names of her couisns, so she calls them 'Sprog one' and 'Sprog two'. This makes her seem real and it's believeable. (I have a slightly mad family myself)

At the moment I'm not really liking Roxanne, just randomly taking pictures of someone you haven't seen for years? Um weird! I can't wait to see James' reaction to the pictures though.

My fav quotes -
"You're the girl who wrote a love letter to Flitwick, got so drunk that you wet yourself and sent a picture round of yourself naked because you were trying to get James to date you." - I'm guessing this is one of many of Grace's embarrasing Hogwarts moments.

"Did you really send one of the teachers a pair of your dirty underwear?" - I wonder if we'll find out if Grace ever did lol :D

Off to read the next twenty chapters :D

Author's Response: Hey there Soph/Potterfan310!

I know how it is when you see a story you fancy then never quite get round to it due to lack of time, but thanks so very much for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely review!

Roxanne is utterly rubbish but I don't think we'll be seeing her again ever (I say think, I've finished the story and it's a conclusive no so NO you won't see her again).

This sort of stemmed out of a fear that my life would become this and I'd just be, in the future, looking at all I'd done going WHHUUTTT but it's been a blast to write! Thank you so much for these lovely reviews and I'm glad that you enjoyed it :D


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Review #50, by Jen March 5th - March 12th

21st October 2012:
Great chapter. Go Gracie :)

Author's Response: Thank youu :)

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