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Review #26, by Alas Earwax A Night To Forget

1st February 2009:
Just read the cillian/niki death chapter, oof. But I have a comment on the overall story too, I love how you tie in certain things, like how shay is missing from the picture.

Author's Response: thank you. i work hard to make sure that i stay as close to J.K's words as possible.

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Review #27, by Helaina (: Gone Baby Gone

30th January 2009:
Thats tragic
You cant kill Shay

Poor Sirius

Author's Response: Oh but I can. I write the story. I can do whatever I want. MWHAHAHA! (that was an evil laugh. sorry.)

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Review #28, by psycho_118 Gone Baby Gone

28th January 2009:
O.O well that was worth the wait to say the least.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #29, by llamasrule789 Gone Baby Gone

28th January 2009:
OMG it was all corny and mushy and I was routing for sirius and shay, but then it went bad. This is so sad and I cannot wait for the last instalment. Poor Sirius the woman he was madly in love with is gone.

Author's Response: Yea his life sucks and it's only going to get worse

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Review #30, by MoonlightDeceptions Gone Baby Gone

25th January 2009:
*cries hystericly*
oh how much ive missed your story hun ugh im having such troubles with mine i know exactl how you feel you like it one day then just something tifs you off and then you have to re write it completly
i cant wait for febuary now :)
keep them coming as always hun your writing amazes me
it gives me a tingly feeling logging on and seeing a new chapter number

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you can crack down on your story. It's one of the hardest things to do.

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Review #31, by BarbaraPotty Gone Baby Gone

22nd January 2009:
Wow. Well, I certainly didn't expect this. I thought the only author to kill his heroes in the middle of the series in G.R.R.Martin. You're in a good society.

I wonder what will the third instalment be about? I mean, those two were pretty much Shay's point of view, so what comes next? It will be strange to read a novel without it's heroine...

I really liked the talk with Sirius, I must say, it was very well written. But the final information kind of drove everything else from my head...

Author's Response: I really hope that you guys like the third installment. There will be a lot of surprises and definitely a lot of emotion. I think that the third installment will be my best. There will be disintegration of some characters and growth of others. But we all know that a lot of people will die.

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Review #32, by DEEPS 85 Gone Baby Gone

11th January 2009:
somehow i feel more bad for remus rather than sirius and for the same reason want shay to go to him... her refusal to sirius' offer give me hope

and i will wait till February to see where exactly is shay gone... and i will wait... i know sometimes it's not possible to update sooner... i am also an author and know that very well...

good luck... we are waiting

Author's Response: thank you very much. Many of my readers are Shay/Sirius fans. Only a handful like Shay/Remus. I personally like Shay and Remus together but I feel that Remus is way to good for her.

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Review #33, by harrypotterfan;) Gone Baby Gone

10th January 2009:
love this story, when does the 3rd part come?

Author's Response: sometime in february

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Review #34, by Cfm887 Gone Baby Gone

9th January 2009:
Oh you are truly evil!!! Ending an installment like that! I hope when the new one starts you go one into what had happened to Shay! Great chapter! Looking forward to the next installment and good luck with your papers!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!. I will tell you this. You will all find out what happened to Shay one way or another.

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Review #35, by ilovehim52 Gone Baby Gone

8th January 2009:
i didnt want shay too die :(

Author's Response: sorry. It's called the circle of life.

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Review #36, by RAE Gone Baby Gone

6th January 2009:

Author's Response: sorry. Don't hate me.

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Review #37, by Wizzo123 Gone Baby Gone

4th January 2009:
This is going to sound really stupid but you said
"Shay's gone" not "Shay's dead" so Im thinking that as she is the main character, you wouldnt have killed her off until the last installment. So I am thinking that the deatheaters have captured her. This may all sound stupid but in the first installment, Shay also had a vision of her and Remus walking through a burnt house or something like that talking about how everyone had gone. Maybe that could indicate that Shay is not gone merely captured and there is alot more action with Shay and Sirius in the next installment.
This is my thery on the whole thing.
Anyway, great story; I love it! I think that the characters are great. (its a shame Niki is gone though)

Author's Response: All is a possibility! You don't know what's going to happen until you read. I don't know what's going to happen until it comes out on this site. I can change my mind at anytime. It's a waiting game with this one.

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Review #38, by peace_police Gone Baby Gone

3rd January 2009:
Ahhh no! I love this story but Shay dead! Well i knew it had to happen sometime but so soon? xx
love the story though

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story. I hope I didn't disappoint you and I hope you come back to read the next installment.

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Review #39, by gocnocturna Gone Baby Gone

3rd January 2009:
ahhh! no! aw! You're writing is fabulous, but I'm so sad right now! :'( I hope the next chapter comes asap. :) 100/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll start the next installment as soon as I can and that will most likely be in February.

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Review #40, by Jessie Gone Baby Gone

2nd January 2009:
I'm seriously crying buckets over here! I think I might be in shock, I can't imagine how Sirius feels! I'm hoping she might still be alive? I just find it hard to believe you would kill her off with leaving some issues unresolved! I guess I'll have to read the 3rd installment, huh?

Author's Response: Yes you will and I hope you do to come back and read the third installment. Start checking back in Febraury!

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Review #41, by misshappilyeverafter Gone Baby Gone

1st January 2009:

please tell me you're gonna make her come back*making big puppy eyes*.

I feel really bad for all the other characters:(

I finished reading both the installments in one night!
AND i had physics exam the next day(o that horrid subject!)

I wish february was tomorrow too:(:(:(:(

your faithful reader,

Author's Response: it'll come soon enough. maybe even sooner than you think.

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Review #42, by midwesterngirl Gone Baby Gone

31st December 2008:
so maybe its the fact that i just watched like 3 lifetime movies that my emotions are so hightened right now, but REALLY! shay being gone?! how could you do that right now!

if only february were tomorrow.

Well done on the 2nd installment!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love lifetime movies. I especially love the ones where the wife kills the husband out of rage because he's suppressed her for too long! Love it.

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Review #43, by 1234 Gone Baby Gone

30th December 2008:
Shay's gone? I love this chapter, it's amazing. :) Febuary? Thats too long !! Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Yes she gone. Maybe just for a while, maybe forever... February isn't so far away. only a month. You guys waited over three months for this chapter.

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Review #44, by Megan Elaine Gone Baby Gone

30th December 2008:
NOOO! (wails loudly)
you suck! well, not really, but, boo! did she HAVE to die?!
haha sorry im venting my sadness!
gahhh this is amazing!
i am so ready for the next installment!!

Author's Response: I am too! Don't hate me too much, I'm not an evil person.

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Review #45, by MoonysSuperSexySecretLove Wedding Preparations

30th December 2008:
I loved the stripper part
"Ooh then we'll defiantly get some of them"
I like the way you portray the wizards
being out of place in the muggle world
in a humorous and entertaining way

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #46, by PotterMalfoy_1993 Gone Baby Gone

29th December 2008:
WHY? I love cliff hangers, but why?! I love the way you ended it. I can't wait for the next installment! That's a really good place to leave it off, but again WHY!

Author's Response: Well, now I know that you'll come back to read the next installment. That's why I did it.

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Review #47, by James_Girl_Lily Gone Baby Gone

29th December 2008:
What a cliffhanger! I feel so sad for everyone! Remus, Sirius, Lily, and James! Ah! ;( Post more soon! 10/10

Author's Response: I try to start the new installment as soon as possible!

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Review #48, by Ollie Vander Gone Baby Gone

29th December 2008:
Yay! I was so happy to see a new chapter. I found one grammatical error -- "James and Lily had there moment before James departed, as did Frank and Alice." Wrong "there," it should be "their."
Other than that, pretty good grammatically, and of course, very nice writing! Such a cliffhanger. It had to happen, I just wasn't expecting it so quickly! February isn't too long...you reminded me that I have to get my next chapter up too. :-)

Author's Response: grammar, my worst enemy. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll change it as soon as possible. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and thanks for the review.

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Review #49, by PixiePower Gone Baby Gone

29th December 2008:
Oh lordy. We all knew it was coming, but it didn't prepare me for the shock of it. I'm sort of glad you didn't have them make-up, because I think that would have been a bit of a cliche - now we have to watch Sirius be all tortured...oh dear, I'm not sure I can handle that. Anyway. Onto the actual critique. Wait, let me have one last little freak out..

To me, the chapter all seemed a bit fast. While it was incredibly rich in dialogue, at parts I felt there was a bit much and could have been more internal dialogue that reflected their emotions. For example, Sirius and Shay's fight was mainly dialogue and in parts I felt like I was listening to it, rather than seeing and listening. Your descriptions of time and place need a bit of work and tweaking, but the storyline is so strong that it can be overlooked at times.

Anyway...good luck with college and the writing of the next chapter, I'll be reading it!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I love writing dialouge and especially in a 3rd person story. If I write in 1st person, I find it easy to write internal emotions because you are in their head obviously. But I will keep that in mind for the next installment. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you come back to read more!!

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Review #50, by Miss Marauder Gone Baby Gone

28th December 2008:

She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!
She's not dead!

gr, shes got caught and theyre gonna hurt her, but shes going to get saved and kick their arses!!

ahahahahah! you cant leave it like that!!

I can understand where shay's coming from, not accepting sirius back straight away or at all, its sad, but realistic. Life isnt always a Mills and Boon novel.
I love it, "Im looking for cereal."
"I don't know about you, but we dont normally freeze our cereal."
perhaps not word for word, but, AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed.

i hope u know, that when i checked to see if ud updated, and i saw this chapter, i screamed for my sister (who was in her room, trying to hide from a spider) and was running round the house screaming "LucyintheSkywithDiamonds updated 'Til Death Do Us Part, The Second Installment"!!!, the we screamed and ran back to the computer and read it together.
As soon as we read "We lost two." we started screaming, "NO!!".
3 minutes straight. feel proud.
I swear, the neighbours think were demented.

I love the way you write, its so engaing, i cant stop.
i need another 'Til Death Do Us Part hit.
you cant leave me waiting to February!! thats just harsh!!
Ive already been waiting for months!!

A message from my sister, "Lil_Miss_James_Black" : okay okay so just to set a few things straight.. I was NOT 'hiding' from the spider, merely trying to kill it, while staying as far away as possible and TWO- no matter how much i love this tory HOW COULD U DO THIS TO US??? :) but you know still a LOVELY story darling :D

im back. She so was hiding.
anyway, u know, even though we all act outraged at this turn of events, you know ur doing a spectacular job when you get this reaction.

I applaude you.

anyhoo, please dont keep us waiting until february??

Love from your favouritest reviewer ever, *WINK*
Miss Marauder.

Author's Response: this has to be my most favorite review ever. i think it's awesome that you and your sister love my story and it makes me feel all warm inside. I'm so happy that you waited this long for me to finally put out the chapter and maybe just maybe the third installment will come a little sooner but February gives me time to work with it. I like my writing to be good for my readers, keeping in mind the whole time I write "What do my readers want". And I'm glad that you think I'm funny and horrible at the same time. Thank you so much for the review and I hope that you like the next installment as much as the first two.

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