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Review #26, by dracoslover1 Twelve Flutterbies Flying

13th October 2008:
Ah! That was such a sweet ending. I liked how you tied everything up. Your descripitions are amazing and the characterizations are great. I like your writing--it is extremely good.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the ending and that you liked this story. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #27, by dracoslover1 Eleven Mokes a-Shrinking

13th October 2008:
I wonder what he will give her on Christmas day. It should be interesting to see what she recieves next. I like how she brought up the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve so that Hagrid had another way to give her her gift. Can't wait to go and read the next chapter right now!

Author's Response: It was definitely a challenge trying to think of new ways/excuses for Hagrid to give Olympe a gift each day so that it wouldn't be predictable! Of course Hagrid will have saved the best gift for Christmas day ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by dracoslover1 Ten Porlocks Grazing

13th October 2008:
I liek how the creaturs you have Hagrid giving her creatures that would beneficial to either her or to her school (which is more beneficial for her so she can teach her students). I like how we as the readers can tell home much time and effort you are putting into this story. It makses the story even more fun to read.

Author's Response: There was definitely a little bit of research put into this story as many of the creatures were JKR's creations so I needed to research them to describe them accurately. I really appreciate your review.

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Review #29, by dracoslover1 Nine Fairies Dancing

13th October 2008:
I like how you have the relationship getting stronger as it is getting closer to Christmas. Your descripitions are good and I like your charcaterizations.

Author's Response: I really want to show the progression of Hagrid and Olympe's relationship in this story, so thank-you for the comment and thanks for the review.

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Review #30, by dracoslover1 Eight Knarls for Milking

13th October 2008:
I like how you had Hagrid teahc her something new so she could get what she liked. It was fun to read her expression and the way that she acts around Hagrid.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked my characterisation of Olympe in this chapter, she is another character who is difficult to write. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #31, by dracoslover1 Seven Plimpies Swimming

13th October 2008:
I like how you had Hagrid sort of make it up to Olympe by having him getting her something that she will like. It was sweet and thoughtful of him.

Your descripitions are good and your characterizations are great.

Author's Response: As I mentioned in an earlier response, I really do think Hagrid is a sweet and thoughtful person, and I can really just see him trying to please Olympe. Thanks so much for another review.

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Review #32, by dracoslover1 Six Skrewts a-Blasting

13th October 2008:
Ah! I think she is beginning to soften up about the creatures he gives her. She always seems surprised or pleased when he gives her something. Maybe have some different reactions for when he gives her a new creature?

Author's Response: I think Olympe always being surprised or pleased is part of her nature (at least that's how I characterised her), but I appreciate the critique, it is something I will consider if I ever go back and edit this story. Thanks for the review.

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Review #33, by dracoslover1 Five Unicorns

13th October 2008:
I laughed out loud when Hagrid tried to deny that he was wanting to get together with Olympe. Its such a Hagrid trait to deny everything he does! Good characterization you have here.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you thought my characterisation was accurate in this chapter as Hagrid can be a difficult character to write. Thanks for the review.

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Review #34, by dracoslover1 Four Salamanders

13th October 2008:
I like how you have Hagrid doing the small and simple things for her, and yet going out of his way to do them for her. It is a very good story and I can't wait to see what is next.

Author's Response: I think Hagrid is such a sweet and thoughtful character, and I could really just imagine him being this way with Olympe. Thanks again for another review.

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Review #35, by dracoslover1 Three French Parps

13th October 2008:
I like the story and how Hagrid is going about giving her these rare creatures. I also like how each of the creatures holds a certain quality that pertains only to them. Creative thinking on your part I do say!

Author's Response: It was definitely fun writing about all these strange creatures. Most of the creatures in this story are either created by JKR or are classic mythical beings, but there are a few that were my own original creations. The parps are one of the creatures that I created. Thanks for the review!

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Review #36, by dracoslover1 Two Jabberknolls

13th October 2008:
I like the plot and how things are going for the story. Your descripitions are good and I can't wait to see what Hagrid gets her next!

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing this chapter, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

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Review #37, by dracoslover1 A Fwooper in a Star Tree

13th October 2008:
I like the beginning of this story. I can't wait to see what else happens in the story.

I like you have the relationship for Hagrid and Olympe. It should be interesting to see if you get them together in your story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the beginning of the story so far. I thought it would be fun and different to write a Hagrid/Olympe love story, thanks for the review.

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Review #38, by Emerald_Girl Twelve Flutterbies Flying

11th October 2008:
An amazing start to this final chapter (Oh, btw thanks for letting me know what the french foods were. The dessert made me hungry :P). I just love Christmas stories cause it means presents! *Celebrates* And its wonderful to see the trip giving Hagrid presents. And even their presents were in charactar for them. Hermiones bound to send a book :P

I was squealing when fang turned up. It was so wonderful of Olympe to get Fang, and give the key to her house. So sweet that I was again, squealing. I think Ive turned into a massive Hagrid/Olympe fav girl *Giggle*

Atfirst I thought it was just gonna be flutterbies but then there was that wonderfully described ring. By then I really was acting like a fan girl. He asked her to marry him ^_^ And even better she said yes. That was so sweet!

Well, the end is now and I'm a little sad. But you have an amazing writting style, its impossible to make this fic any better because it was just such a delightful read, and I have to say I'm glad I came across it. Absolutely wonderful!

Author's Response: Christmas is by far my favourite holiday, which is one of the reasons I loved writing this story so much. I couldn't write a story about Hagrid without at least mentioning the trio at least once, they are after all his closest friends. And of course I couldn't have a Hagrid story without Fang. Again I wanted to show Olympe's deep love for Hagrid with this gesture.

I had always planned from the start that Hagrid would propose to Olympe in the final chapter, and of course she said yes :) I like to think they will be very happy together.

Thank-you so much for reading my story and for all the wonderful reviews. I'm kind of sad it is the last chapter too, because I won't be getting anymore of your lovely reviews. Check my Author's Page around Christmas time though as I am sure to have another Christmas story then (though it will probably be about different characters this time ;) )

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Review #39, by Emerald_Girl Eleven Mokes a-Shrinking

11th October 2008:
And all the creatures were mentioned again ^_^ I just love the Porlocks. They sound so cute and I want one. Your very creative. But it was nice to hear all the creatures all trying to keep warm, except the freeze free Plimpies - haha. And the Salamanders.

I just cant get over your characterisation. You must be sick of hearing this but gosh, Hagrid and Olympe are cute and just wonderfully characterised! They whispered sweet things ^_^ And Hagrid was going to 'Give her another present anyway', haha! That made me laugh.

The Mokes sound strange but I like them. Ive always wanted a lava lamp. But I like the Motes because they sound strange, and are also kind of different the other creatures cause theyre decorations. And the watch sounded pretty ^_^ I want it. Its great to see Olympe getting a chance to try spoil Hagrid again. Awesome!

Author's Response: Yes, the creatures were mentioned gain, I wanted to refer to them so that the reader knew they weren't forgotten and they are still a part of the story.

I really am so pleased that you like my characterisation so much, because obviously Hagrid and Olympe are difficult characters to characterise. So thank-you for your continued comments on this.

The Mokes are another of JKR's creations, though it was my idea to have them inside the 'lava lamp'. And I wanted to show again that Olympe cares for Hagrid equally as much as he cares for her, and of course she wants to spoil him too :)

Thanks again for the review.

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Review #40, by Emerald_Girl Ten Porlocks Grazing

11th October 2008:
Its great that Hagrids really doing his part as a guest to look after the animals. I wish he was my boyfriend ^_^" But he really is sweet. The great thing is as Ive said before that JK Hagrid is this sweet, and I can really see him doing all these things for Olympe. Great job!

I found the parent discussion so sad, but well written. I always wondered about Olympes parents. You've filled another gap in the Harry Potter mystery for me ;D

I just found it so cute that Hagrid tried to change the conversation a different direction. That is so him, awkward silences. But its great that he bought er another gift ^_^ And they sounded unusual but cute things. I had in mine bunny rabbit sheep XD How cute - and creative!

I just love his goofy grin at the end. Funny XD I just love Hagrid! I just love this story!

Author's Response: Hagrid is most definitely a sweet man. I thought that eventually they would start sharing a bit more about their lives, we know Hagrid shared about his parents in GoF, but Olympe never said anything about her own parents.

Porlocks do sound rather unusual and cute - they are one of JKRs creations from Magical Beasts and they are also briefly mentioned in OotP. They remind me a bit of a bunny rabbit sheep too lol.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #41, by Emerald_Girl Nine Fairies Dancing

10th October 2008:
“Only three days ‘til Christmas,” Hagrid said." Nooo, because that means theres only three chapters left *Sulk* But that was a cute ending. I feel like hugging them. But I'll virtual hug you instead because this is such an amazing and cute story and the characterisations so incredibly accurate. I wish I could do more than favourite this story T_T

I like how at the start you mentioned all the creatures (Yay Parps!) Because its like theyre part of the whole story more than just something in the background of the story. Thats a good thing! And I found it funny that Hagrid and Olympe talked about everything and nothing.

Wow, all those French words! What are all those foods? I want them cause they sound nice. But you did an amazing job with that, with help or not. Using other words is a challenge, especially when MS words constantly yelling at you that the words are spelt wrong. But its great how you really have put in such effort with this story. They need a Dobby for that - Cause you'd get it! I can really see all the effort you've put in to this and thats my favourite part so far. Excellent!

Author's Response: Yes, only three days left! It's so great that you are loving this story so much, it was definitely a lot of fun to write.

I wanted to mention the creatures again as I didn't want them to be forgotten and I wanted to show that Olympe was enjoying them.

I had to consult a few French menus to get the ideas for Olympe's French banquet. The foods are as follows:
Bouillabaisse - A seafood stew or broth.
Souffle au Fromage - A cheese souffle.
Fricassee de Mer - A seafood dish made with scallops and fish in a creamy white sauce.
Creme Caramel - A custard dessert.

Thanks for the review, and the virtual hug! *gives virtual hug*

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Review #42, by Emerald_Girl Eight Knarls for Milking

10th October 2008:
"Besides, Hagrid thought, he had already got Olympe so many birds already and he didn’t want to overdo it." He agrees with me! I always thought that he was just going to keep getting her birds, but then the Salamanders came in. But I loved all the creatures you mentioned. Did you make up any of these because they are just sooo clever!

I thought it was really funny the things Hagrid predicted that all the people would be saying. Its so true! And Hagrid having to comunicate that he wanted the Knarls was so funny XD I can imagine him doing all these strange and disturbing jestures. Haha!

“Well yeh are one amazin’ woman, Olympe,” Hagrid replied." That was so CUTE! I found that whole last bit cute. You always make these two interact in such cute ways. And Ive actually realised that JK did that too (Because you just write these two so well like her). That was yet again another amazing chapter!

Author's Response: lol, yes Hagrid does agree with you about the birds lol. I did make up most of the creatures in this chapter, however the knarl is JKR's creation (I believe Harry studied them one year in a Care of Magical Creatures class). The idea of how to milk them was my idea though.

It would definitely be interesting trying to communicate in a foreign country when you don't know the language. Yes, I did take a bit of inspiration from the book, in those small scenes when we do get to see them together, and they really are quite a cute couple. Thanks for the review.

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Review #43, by Emerald_Girl Seven Plimpies Swimming

9th October 2008:
"Hagrid really was in danger of turning into a tomato the amount of times his face had turned bright red in the past week, and this moment was no different." - I think I'm in danger of losing my head or dying the amount of times Ive laughed reading this fic. That has got to be one of the funniest sentences Ive red (get it? *nudge*) in the whole entire fan fiction. I think Ive been blushing with Hagrid. This is so sweet.

I feel bad for him that he wasnt convinced that olympe liked the Skrewts. But atleast he hasnt given up trying to woo her. I just love the word Plimpies. And they sound cute too! Though my favourite creature so far is definately the Parp. Did you make it up?

I love the detail you go into about Hagrids work. It gives me such a great picture of the scene. And ofcourse he has to recognise it :P He is using his umbrella, right? But yes, excellent descriptions.

Again, Nothing at all to critisize. This is just a really nice little fic Ive really enjoyed reading. I love the end part were theyre together on the seat and shes concerned about the pond freezing. And then going inside 'Arm in arm' for cocoa. Just so incredibly cute!

Author's Response: lol, I get it ;)

No Hagrid has not given up, in fact he is probably more determined to please her. Plimpies is a cute word, I thought so too when Luna first mentions them in book 7. Plimpies of course are JKR's creation, as are several other creatures we've come across so far. But as for the Parps, they are indeed my own creation, so I am extremely flattered that they are your favourite creature so far :)

Even though Hagrid could have done the easy thing and used magic to dig the pond, I think the fact that he did it himself is another act of love - I think it makes the gift more meaningful because he put in the hard work to create it.

I'm so glad you are enjoying this fic so much, thank-you for your continued reviews, I can't wait to hear what you think about the rest of the chapters.

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Review #44, by Emerald_Girl Six Skrewts a-Blasting

9th October 2008:
Honestly, this is my favourite chapter so far. But I'm not sure because Ive really enjoyed reading this so much. Ive laughed, and smiled, blushed and Awwed a little too much. You seriously are just so great with Hagrid and Olympe. Because this is the most amazing story ever. Ive never gone through so many emotions, except for sad fics. But this is the first non sad fic that Ive really really felt so much for.

I was delighted to see Hagrid teach. Its now I realised school hasnt ended for them yet, lol. I'm a bit slow sometimes ^_^" But this was hilariously funny. Ofcourse he had to drag in those Blast ended Skrewts. And getting distracted by translation was funny. But what really made me laugh was the question of the blonde French boy. Malfoy? XD That was so incredibly funny. And especially when he shut up because the proffessor 'Said something angrily in French'. Honestly, really funny! (AHA, FRENCH MALFOY XD *Giggle*)

I like that Hagrid wished Hermione, Harry and Ron were there. Really sweet. And I just loved Olympes comment about not really wanting the Skrewts but accepted them because they were a goft from Hagrids heart. Proberly the sweetest ending so far :)

Author's Response: Thank-you! It means a lot that you feel this story can bring out so many emotions. It was my first attempt at something light-hearted, fluffy and romantic, so I'm glad I could still evoke emotion :)

I thought it would be fun having Hagrid teach at Olympe's school, and yes, of course it had to be the Blast-Ended Skrewts lol. When I was picturing the scene in my head, I could just see Hagrid becoming distracted by the translator so of course it was natural to add it in. And yes, the French boy may have been inspired by Malfoy just a little lol, there's got to be one at every school right?

Hagrid had to get one wrong eventually, and not many people would think a Skrewt is very good gift. But I wanted to show that Olympe's love for Hagrid was as strong as his love for her, and I think it is a real testament of her love that she accepted the Skrewts so graciously.

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Review #45, by Emerald_Girl Five Unicorns

9th October 2008:
I loved the conversation between Hagrid and John. Its so likely Hagrid would have a friend in some kind of Magical creature department. And Hagrid is so likely to start giving things away like that. After HP1 you can see that cause he just cant keep his mouth shut, haha!

He made her a pen for the Unicorns ^_^ Cute! But I dont think I would have guessed they were in the crate if I hadnt read the title :P I just love that Olympe has all this space and Hagrids filling it up with useful creatures or creatures she likes. Speaking of which, where are the Salamanders?

I loved that Hagrid mentioned the childhood memory (which was cute btw) and then he lead her to the pen and she was like "You didnt!" That was so funny and cute ^_^ Just like the development of these two. Wonderful! And again, the ending of this chapter was enjoyable. This is one of my most favourite stories now!

Author's Response: Yes, Hagrid seems to have a lot of trouble keeping secrets lol. And its does seem likely that he would have a friend who works in the Department of Magical Creatures, I think it would help keep him out of a lot of trouble, but also creatures are his passion so it makes sense.

I think Hagrid thought that it was pointless having so much empty space with no creatures to occupy it. I think he may have also thought it would be quite lonely for Olympe in that big house by herself. Oh, and the Salamanders were brought home in their bowl of fire and placed on the dining table as a kind of centre piece (kind of like how some people have goldfish bowls).

I'm so flattered you consider this one of your favourite stories! Thank-you so much!

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Review #46, by Emerald_Girl Four Salamanders

9th October 2008:
Aww! I dont think Ive ever said Aww aloud so much! Again, an adorable chapter! Your characterisation of these two is so amazing. Sometimes I wonder whether JK asked you for help on creating these two charactars, haha! I really imagine these two acting like this. And Hagrid is bound to spoil her rotten. It really is ashame that they never got together.

The description in this chapter was simply amazing. I loved the idea of the school being hidden by mountains. And your description of the castle itself was wonderful. It gave me a clear picture of the scene. I really can see everyone dancing and Hagrid and Olympe to awkward so just watching everyone. This really was wonderful.

Ah, finally a creature I can recognise. Atfirst I thought the things he got her were all going to be birds. This is a nice change. But either way its good.I loved that you had Hagrid surprise her AND us.

I love Hagrid. I cant say your Hagrid because his so like JK Hagrid its just amazing. Just like how this chapter ended. Though I am dreading the end because this is just such a wonderful thing to read. I wish I'd found it sooner

Author's Response: lol, no JK did not ask me for help lol, but I did refer to the book a lot when I first started writing to make sure I portrayed them accurately. I've always thought Hagrid was sweet, even though to outsiders he has a rough exterior.

I loved writing about the school - imagining what it would be like. I thought it would have to be elegant and classy from the way Fleur described it in book 4 and the way the students acted.

And no, definitely not all birds, but remember the song "12 Days of Christmas" is not all birds either.

Thank-you so much for another wonderful review, I am really glad you are enjoying this story.

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Review #47, by Emerald_Girl Three French Parps

9th October 2008:
Now I'm blushing! That was proberly the most cutest thing Ive ever read. Thats just the way I feel about Hagrid. His so awkward around Olympe. Its just so cute! And I really love how in each chapter that theres some kind of progression between them. Like, last time it was holding hands, and this one was saying "I love you". So cute!

I also like how there always doing something, like this time in a French village. That must have been really challenging to do, even with the help you got. Its very admirable. And I love that you described some other creatures, not just the ones Hagrid was going to buy.

I love the French Parps. Theyre strange and like chickens but ofourse theres something unusual about them. I love the idea of 'Parp' sounds. Funny and cute! But these are oppisate to Hagrids usual creatures - They can heal! Haaha, I find that quite funny. But so cute cause he built their home. How sweet of him ^_^

I'm just loving this little tale. And I love how you ended this chapter. I love the way you've been ending every chapter actually. And I still cant find anything at all to critisise!

Author's Response: You're making me blush with such a complimentary review! Thank-you so much.

I feel, too, that this is a typical Hagrid, so I'm glad you think my portrayal is accurate. :) I really wanted to show Hagrid and Olympe's 'courtship' in this story. We see little glimpses in the series, but I thought it would be nice to explore their relationship a bit further - especially what happened to them after the war.

The French village was definitely difficult to write, especially since I've never spoken or learned any French in my life (though I have always wanted to learn it), thankfully I had help with the language and was able to make the chapter authentic.

I used the opportunity of the shop to show a few more creatures, after all it's Hagrid's passion so those creatures wouldn't go unnoticed. The French Parps are one of my own creations, so I'm glad you liked them. I didn't want all the creatures to be 'dangerous', even though it's Hagrid's preferred kind of creature. We know in the series he also valued creatures who were useful too, like unicorns, even though they're not as exciting as dangerous creatures.

I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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Review #48, by Emerald_Girl Two Jabberknolls

9th October 2008:
I have never giggled or smiled that much! That was soo cute! I wish I could write Hagrid as well as you. He and Olympe are just SO cute together! I totaly agree with Olympe, Hagrid definately is the sweetest man ^_^ And I can definately see him doing something like this!

Again you captured Hagrids and Olympes accents marvoulous! (Oh btw, Kudos to you for being original and doing this instead of Lily/James). I always loved the way Hagrid said for. You did a brilliant job with this.

I love that she recognised the Jabberknolls. You described Hagrids capture of them really well. I love that when they die they scream all the noise they ever had XD Its so funny, and a kind of Hagrid creature to get. There has to be something dangerous/annoying about it.

Again, I really enjoyed this. Its really nice to read something different :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you continue to enjoy this story. It was a cute and fun story to write. I could always imagine Hagrid being a sweet guy in love - and of course being Hagrid he's going to give interesting gifts!

I love Hagrid's interesting way of speaking too, though it was not easy to write. And thanks, I like writing original ideas even if they're not read as much as the popular ships.

I thought the Jabberknolls were interesting creatures too when I read about them on the Lexicon. I had fun reading about all the strange creatures JK created for "Magical Beasts". Obviously I have used a few of them throughout the story, but there are a few of my own creations too.

Thanks again for your review. :)

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Review #49, by Emerald_Girl A Fwooper in a Star Tree

9th October 2008:
Whee! I had to read this because I absolutely ADORE Hagrid. And on the plus side this looked liked something really nice to read :) And let me just say that the first chapter was brilliant, funny and cute!

You've written the accents of Hagrid and Olyme extrodinary well. Its amazing how wonderfully it was written. Even better it wasnt hard to understand or read. You've really done the accents really well!

Hagrid and Olympes relationship is so cute. I love how you described Hagrid looking like a school boy with a crush. It was cute. only critism is it wasnt long enough T_T It was so cute and you made it to short. But thats ok :D The Fwooper was cute XD and funny. This was nice to read. I'm going to read more now cause I love Hagrid and this looks promising to be something fun to read :D

Author's Response: Thanks, Emerald_Girl! I don't know of many people who write Hagrid-centric fics, but I thought it would be fun to write a Hagrid/Olympe story for Christmas last year - I like to write minor characters. I also like to try out original ideas, and at the time everyone was writing James/Lily Christmas fics. But writing Hagrid was much more fun because I got to use interesting creatures.

I'm so glad you thought I wrote the accents well, it was definitely a challenge trying to write both Hagrid's unique accent and Olympe's French accent! I really wanted them both to sound authentic, so I spent a bit of time studying how they spoke in the books to make sure they sounded right.

I'm sorry it wasn't very long. When I wrote this I had a challenge to myself to write a chapter a day in the lead up to Christmas, so as a result the chapters weren't overly long.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters!

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Review #50, by morgana67 Five Unicorns

5th January 2008:
Well, I had to read this chapter here and now because, well, as you know, I have a thing for unicorns too! I like the fact that they are rescued animals too. This is just so lovely and fluffy and Hagrid, yes, it's just so like him to try to hide something (her identity) and give the name when most people probably know who she must be, very him.

I love it!

Author's Response: I thought you might like the chapter about the unicorns. :D I'm glad you think I am portraying Hagrid realistically, he can be quite a difficult character to write.

I'm glad you're enjoying this fluffy Christmas fic! Thanks for reviewing.

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