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Review #26, by Kayla Hide and Go Seek

14th March 2012:
SO GLAD you have not deleted this. It would have been torture if you did. I've been dying to know the end of this story! Please post soon. It's been months since you posted this and I can't wait for the end!

Author's Response: I'm almost finished with chapter 25. Which in my world means that it should be up by the end of the summer. I'm terrible, aren't I? Thank you so much for staying with the story for so long. x

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Review #27, by arwenevenstar Hide and Go Seek

26th November 2011:
OMG I had long stopped checking for updates on this story, but then there was another chapter, and I just had to look, and it was amazing, because it's been amazing throughout, so no reason to expect any different. What a cliff hanger though! if you leave us here you're really cruel, but seriously, thanks for not giving up on us readers!

Author's Response: I would never! Once a year updates - I'm terrible, but I will get this finished. I am determined! Thank you so much for leaving a review, it means the world :)

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Review #28, by swimmingirl4eva Hide and Go Seek

5th September 2011:
OMG OMG FIND HER SIRIUS! ah poor Amy! im confused...did benjy actually rip her hair out?!?!?! thats HORRIBLE! omg she totally lost her mind poor amy!!! poor sirius!!! POOR THEM! ah i sort of feel bad for benjy too, being controlled like that. all he wanted was to show that he was as good as everyone else but he put his trust in the WRONG hands!!! AH cant wait for the next chapter please please please please please please please please please please please HURRY!

Author's Response: Yes he did, or well the guy controlling him did. Not nice, huh? I actually felt nauseous writing out this scene (the original had more gore, it didn't get accepted for validation and I had to change a dew bits). I'll try my best to get a decent chapter out soon. You're encouragement means loads. Thank you for still reading & reviewing after all this time. xxx

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Review #29, by Jenna Hide and Go Seek

4th September 2011:
I was so happy when I saw you had posted a new chapter, I had almost given up on that you would continue writing this story. Hope that you'll post a new chapter soon, I thought this one was great and I really want to want to know how this story will ends.

Author's Response: To be honest, I had almost given up too... but I'm determined to get this story wrapped up no matter how long it takes me. Reviewers like you help me going :D Thanks so much for the support. xx

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Review #30, by Sigridur Hide and Go Seek

2nd September 2011:
I really like your story, it's one of my favorite on this site, please post a new chapter soon, can't wait to find out what happens

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I will try my best to post up as soon as I can (though I have to be satisfied with the chapter first, of course :P). Your review means a lot xx

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Review #31, by HollyBerry Hide and Go Seek

28th August 2011:
I just found this story and read through the entire thing and it's honestly an incredible story. You're a really great writer and I enjoyed reading about Amelie. Don't doubt yourself. :D

Author's Response: Welcome on board ;) And bless you, that's so kind! Amelie's a special character, isn't she ? :P I'll try my best, it's hard to get myself thinking like her again, I'm a bit out of practice you see. Thanks so much for reviewing! x

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Review #32, by sandra205 Hide and Go Seek

24th August 2011:
Finally a new chapter! Hope that you'll keep on working on this story, I really like it and I have to know if Sirius knows where Amelie is. Can't wait for the next chapter,

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm truly sorry that it's taking so long to get chapters out, my writing isn't where it used to be, and it's really affected my enthusiasm. That said, I don't want to destroy this story and not do it justice with the ending. Your encouragements mean so much. Thank you for the reviews xx

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Review #33, by SamanthaNicolette Hide and Go Seek

23rd August 2011:
Please don't delete it! Please! Not before you finish this - I'm hanging on the edge of my seat!

To be honest, I was surprised that you updated, but it was a good surprise! A great surprise, in fact!

So please update soon - this story needs to be finished! It must!

Author's Response: To be honest, I'm surprised too. Life is incredibly hectic and I don't really write anymore so I basically second-guess every sentence when I do give it another go. Still, it means so much to see people are still reading and enjoying this story. I agree, it does need to be finished off. Hopefully there won't be too long a wait for the next chapter. Thanks so much for the lovely review xxx

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Review #34, by Kayla A Push for Power

9th June 2011:
Please. I'm begging you. BEGGING YOU. It's been years! Please finish this. We're all dying to know how you will finish this incredible story.

Author's Response: I've just posted chapter 24. Thankyou, Kayla, for your reviews, and that you've stood by this story for so long. Hope you enjoy it :) x

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Review #35, by EponaBlack A Push for Power

19th April 2011:
Erm.What happened? Has this story been abandoned? I'm dying to know what happens after this chapter.

Author's Response: It was very close to being abandoned, but I couldn't leave you all hanging. I know it's been ages, hope you'll all forgive me. Next chapter is awaiting validation. :) x

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Review #36, by HartOfARebel A Push for Power

21st March 2011:
Sirius will save her *said with undying belief* =P
Poor poor Lily! =( And poor James can't do anything about it, but bless him, he's being all sensible and stuff!
Can't wait to see how this ends =]

Author's Response: It's all a mess, isn't it? :P Thank you for taking the time to review! Means a lot. x

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Review #37, by HartOfARebel The Village

5th March 2011:
James it isn't what you think!! Lily is just saying goodbye! Aw no poor James =( At least Lily is starting to realise that it's him she wants =]
Be a rebel and write more, even if you are on a writing ban ;) so update soon =D

Author's Response: Hahaha Rebels are the best ;) I did write more, and I'm still writing, years on. Thank you for the review! x

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Review #38, by HartOfARebel A Question of Thrones, Burnt Egos and Unfulfilled Requirements

20th February 2011:
"Strange how a friend could beat something home to you without even realising that they were. How, sometimes, they thought that they were doing good, and were slowly killing you on the inside."
love this!! =]

Author's Response: I love it when you guys quote. So nice - and interesting - to see what different people pick up on and enjoy. Thanks loads! x

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Review #39, by HartOfARebel Three Stunned Boys and an Evans

20th February 2011:
i love that Sirius is all cocky at 11 and that Amelie can handle herself =] and that Lily is already giving out to James haha

Author's Response: 11 year olds are the worst :)) One should never under-estimate a pre-teen. x

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Review #40, by Kriztal Flawed Perfection

26th December 2010:
I like your story so far, specially how you're building up Amelie's character. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest.

I saw several mistakes with your French. If you need any support in the future, I'll be glad to help. I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of correcting some of your passages...

"Tu sais qu'on l'interdit de les gens de sangs purs se frappent?!"
You should better say : "Tu sais que c'est interdit entre les sang purs de se frapper?!"

"Je suis tres decu dans toi." You should better say : "Je suis tres decue de toi." (the accents are well placed btw, my computer is the one at fault here... it is not letting me put them correctly).

Other than that, great story!!! I'll keep reading then!

Author's Response: I'm more than happy for you to correct my appalling French. Of course, I've had several years of French education since I wrote that chapter so I'm absolutely cringing, but it's nice to have a ready-made translation at hand. Thanks ever so much, I'll make that change asap.
Thanks also for your review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story just as much! x

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Review #41, by Queen Carina A Push for Power

21st November 2010:

Author's Response: The next chapter's awaiting validation right at this very moment, should be up in a few days :) And no, I could never forget about Diamond. It's like my baby :)) x

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Review #42, by Blaze A Push for Power

10th October 2010:
Ok now that I've reached the horrible cliffie I realised I've fallen in love with Amy lol.

Unfortunately I feel quite disheartened because it's been over a year since you've updated! A YEAR! I do understand that uni must be hectic but its not fair to get people so intrigued and then vanish :p

So for the hundreds of your fans I ask if you could please update ;)

Author's Response: She's a strange character, isn't she? You love her even though you know you shouldn't.
The cliffie was horrible. If I were a reader of mine I would be angry. I apologise again.
Thanks for your amazing reviews. They were part of what kept me going. x

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Review #43, by Blaze Shameless

7th October 2010:
Wow!!! I can't believe the writing capabilities of some people in the world. It's a wonder how Rowling got payed, a lot, and you havn't. Strangley enough I only started reading this novel today by checking ASmilingGrimm's favourite stories and I only found her through Gryffin Duck's favourite authors.

It seems that you havn't updated in over a year... which meanas when I reach chapter 24 I'm gonna be stuck :/
But I really had to review this because I really fancy Amelie ;) and this chapter really made me laugh. My favourite part : “Can I have a better look?” For the tone that he was using, James could have been a five year old asking to borrow a felt-tip.

I was in hysterics. And this is an excellent story and I can't wait for you to finish it ;)

Author's Response: Blaze, you're a star. Seriously, your comments make me blush! I'd gotten into a rut with my writing and hearing comments like this so long after I'd basically left the story.. well, it's heart-warming to say the least. The next chapter is now awaiting validation. Thanks so much for reviewing! x

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Review #44, by SamanthaNicolette A Push for Power

24th August 2010:
Please tell me you haven't abandoned the story! Oh goodness, what a place to leave it! And are you seriously going to kill her? Oh, I've read too many sad stories recently... I'm beginning to get a little disheartened. But I truly love this story and hope that you do update soon.
Sirius, anyone, please let them save her!

Author's Response: I almost did! I know, it would have been heartless and cruel but live has been so hectic and I'd not written in so long that getting back into my story was becoming increasingly difficult. Anyhow, the next chapter is awaiting validation. I hope it's up to par!
Thanks so much for comments, and for liking the story. Means the world. x

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Review #45, by siriusb A Push for Power

16th June 2010:
Hi, just wanted to say that i love your story and hope that you will update soon xoxo

Author's Response: Thanks a lot siriusb, for sticking by my story for so long. The next chapter is awaiting validation. :) x

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Review #46, by Green-peace Excuse My French

22nd May 2010:
hi , your story is nice , your french is not so bad , but you should write : "Pourquoi faut-il que tu sois le seul à parler français couramment ?!" ;)

Author's Response: merci beaucoup! je le corrigerais bientot. :D

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Review #47, by KatrinaLK A Push for Power

7th May 2010:
I can't even begin to express how much I LOVED your story! I just found it yesterday and was a bit hesitant to start it seeing as the last update was a long time ago (and I'm a very impatient person :D), but as soon as I started I couldn't stop. I started reading really late at night and couldn't stop until I finished.
I really like your writing style too. Most fanfics on here have very simple and straightforward sentences. I love how you fit so much into just one sentence and still make the story flow.
Ahh! ...And that ending! Such a cliff-hanger. She can't die!! I'm so attached to her, I would probably start crying haha
Anyway, please update soon! I'm going crazy, not knowing what happens to Amy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! It's so nice to hear that there are still people following the story, even though it hasn't been updated in aeon's. I'm sorry, there aren't enough excuses, but I've been really busy and I don't want to mess up the last few chapters so it's been very slow. But I hope that by the end of summer this story will be completely finished. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. :D

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Review #48, by HP_aficionado A Push for Power

10th October 2009:
God, this is going to end soonish? It's just that I've been following this story for almost two years now - I think it was the featured story sometime in June or July 2007, right? - and I think it's a testament to your talent and the quality of the writing and the plot itself that I'm still reading this. I also think I'd predicted sometime back in one of my older reviews that Amelie could possibly die. That prediction seems to ring true now; but then again to uphold the canon compliance it's necessary that the character of Amelie cannot feature in the post-Hogwarts life of the Marauders, because there's no mention of her in canon. But that's a good thing, because personally I'm not a big fan of Sirius/OC fics that're all sweetness and light because inevitably at some point they all tend to veer away from canon. I can't wait to see how you wrap it all up, and reiterating, this was a great read. Though not without its share of flaws - in retrospect, some of the earlier chapters I feel could've been tauter, a little less gratuitous perhaps, and could use some editing - but overall, this is one of the better Sirius/OC fics I've read. There's something really compelling about it that's kept me hooked all this while. :)

Author's Response: Sadly, it will be. Though I'm STILL working on the last two chapters. It's been a bumpy ride. And I don't want to mess it up, either, so I try not to write when I'm too preoccupied with work and such. Sadly, this year I haven't had much time to myself. But I do hope to have finished and posted this whole fic up by the end of the summer, so let's just hope these next few months go smoothly. I'll miss my lovely readers, though. Your encouragements and criticisms truly meant - and still mean- a whole lot to me. I probably wouldn't have made it to this point in the story if it weren't for you lot. So huge thank you. And keep reading! It's not over yet! ;) xxx

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Review #49, by arwenevenstar A Push for Power

6th October 2009:
I'm very curious to see how you'll end it! and I don't think you can really blame people that stop reading, because while the story is really good, you take so much time between reviews that I actually had to go back and re-read the previous chapters to know what's going on. That said, I hope you won't abandon it, because diamond is one of my favs, so I sould say something positive too. Let's see, Amelie becoming a really well characterized character and I really like the way you've done Sirius as well. Very few authors manage to make him come across as an ass at first, but make him into a strong good sides/bad sides character later on. if that makes any sense. Anyway, good luck with writing the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I totally understand what you mean by long waits, etc. and I really don't blame people who stop reading. At the end of the day, life comes first, and reading someone's fanfic isn't going to be on the top of many people's to-do-list. Then again, I also have a life and it's been so very busy recently what with uni applications etc. that I find little time to write, let alone write well. And it's the last few chapters - I really don't want to mess up. These are all excuses, I know, and it doesn't make up for the fact that I'm not updating, but it's taken so long already, I might as well take my time to create an ending that won't disappoint my readers.
I'm so glad you like Amelie and Sirius, they took a lot of time and effort. And people's responses to them have been amazing. I really do appreciate your comments. Thank you very much for taking the time to write a decent review. Hopefully I won't have you waiting for too much longer :) xxx

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Review #50, by ^.^ A Push for Power

4th October 2009:
Omg! I love this story, I only just found it yesterday and devoured it in record time! Great work, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long :) xx

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