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Review #26, by Nym_Dora Lupin The Wicked Witch

30th May 2008:
So Maybe Jane is a Seer. So she is just coming into her magic a little late. Can't wait for the next chapter. Will Tabitha get whats coming to her? HEHEHEHEHEHE.

I really don't want this story to end.

And Tonks said YES! about bloody time.


Author's Response: I don't expect Tabitha to be in the next chapter... it might take a whil longer to get to there.

What else would she say but yes..

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Review #27, by bring_back_sirius The Wicked Witch

29th May 2008:
severus is so goddamn cute in this chapter. that little speech about being a good husband etc when he thinks she might say no... just adorable. i didnt click on straight away to what was going on in the first part of the chapter, but now i think it was a nice touch. i can just imagine what was going through severus' head while tonks was away with the fairies like that.
the apple thing, that happened in jane's dream, right? she dreamt that martha ate an apple and then martha died in real life. and now she dreamt that tonks ate an apple... she better not die. i would be so sad. you already killed her once in Little Nymph, that was enough.
so this connection between tabitha and jane... is it anything like the connection harry had with voldemort? can tabitha enter jane's mind etc? or am i asking for too much info?
10/10 as always

Author's Response: yeah... I started like that because... well... I had a block really and I thought maybe she needed a dramatic pause and I decided to make it a flashback... like she had some serious deja-vu going on.

Yup... about the apple. But Tonks didn't eat the apple in her dream... she just got one. so Jane was scared because she thougth it meant that Tonks would die too.

And I can't really answer about the connection. It will give a suprise away.

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Review #28, by haydensnape Mr. Cera

27th May 2008:
OMG, he finally said it! I loved that chapter, but I think that was the biggest cliffhanger yet! I cannot wait for your next update...which, if you don't mean next week, is tomorrow!I love being late on things!
"Um... where exactly does this man...ah.. live?"
LOL. i love how he's so protective of her. Again, can't wait!

Author's Response: yup... ou made me change my mind. Now I notice I have to have her say yes... on page. She was just going to think about it before.

thanks again

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Review #29, by bron Mr. Cera

27th May 2008:
woo hoo!
party at tonk's place
as long as she says yes of course
oh by the way a chapter of seeing pink has been validated.
oh i'm so excited for the next chapter
the use of dialogue in this was awesome!
please update soon

Author's Response: She said yes... it's not going to be written but she did say it.

I just started writing to see what would happen and by the fourth page he had asked her to marry him then I was like... I could live with that.

And I'll get to reading that ASAP.
thanks bundels

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Review #30, by BarbaraPotty Mr. Cera

27th May 2008:
Wonderful! Well, I think it's pretty certain what is her response...but I wonder how will Teddy react...I mean, you haven't yet written anything about his reaction to the article, does he even know? I wonder...

Author's Response: He is my Harry's place mellowing out. So the next time we see him... Harry might have already make things easier for Snape a bit. But you never know.... the article does have everything that was said in the kitchen. He could want to repent when he sees that his mother loves Sev so much and that Sev feels the same way.

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Review #31, by BarbaraPotty His Old Friend

27th May 2008:
Oh, and I hoped, when I saw the name of the chapter, that it's going to be about Harry, that they'll finally tell him about Tabitha...and no, Lucius has to come into the game...but Severus was wonderful, as usual. Very good chapter!

Author's Response: he had too... I knew this chapter was going was going to come so I decided to stick him in here. Harry is going to find out soon. Thanks for reading.

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Review #32, by BarbaraPotty The Reporter

27th May 2008:
Oh...well, poor Teddy, this is going to be terrible for him...they can make it through, but I'm really sorry for Teddy. Wonderful chapter again!

Author's Response: Yeah... I didn't want to see his reaction when he read the article... That's why I took his teen angst to Harry's place.

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Review #33, by bring_back_sirius Mr. Cera

27th May 2008:
he said it ! yippe. tonks better say yes.
i dont remember the part where tonks' boss kissed her, was that even part of the story? maybe i had a momentary lapse in concentration.
we need some action in this story now, when is severus gonna start kicking ass? tabitha's, lucius', anybody's ass...
oh and i just had to mention this: the change in severus after tonks says "I said… more than he would ever understand.” its so cute how he was still not quite sure about the way tonks felt about him, he's probably been asking himself the same question (i.e. if he's worth it).
are they getting married first, or kicking tabitha's ass first?

Author's Response: I'm not going to wrtie it but she is going to say yes....

The part where he kissed her happened off That's what happened in the office. I didn't write it. I just had her leave... then come back... not writing anything in between.

Action... ugh... I hate writing action (that's never a good sign). But I see what you're saying. I will have to get to it eventually... but I am building something. I know it's not coming next chapter. He still hasn't told Harry or the others about his wife so... I'll have to get to that. And that thing with Teddy still needs to be sorted out. But I'm glad you asked because now I got an idea about how to bring it about. I didn't have one before.

Yeah... I thought that was a good way to say a lot without being too sappy.

I imagine the wedding will come after... because he is actually still married to tabitha.... so she either has to sign some papers or kick the but I also think your wife trying to kill you and your child should be a deal breaker.

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Review #34, by Nym_Dora Lupin Mr. Cera

26th May 2008:
How could Mr Cena get the wrong idea about Tonks??? That was funny and the way Severus responded is exactly what I expected.

Thanks for the update and I will be watch Wed to make sure.


Author's Response: Becasue men always think that someone hitting on them... even when they're not... yeah... If only I was writing that from Sev's POV... that would have been fun.

Thanks for reading... and I will update Wed.

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Review #35, by haydensnape His Old Friend

26th May 2008:
I knew it! I am hating Rita even more now. if thats possible.But how did Lucius get into their house?It must've been some form of dark magic. I'm so glad Severus wanted to marry Tonks because I'm really starting to like this pairing.There were several small grammer/spelling/punctuation errors, but thats ok. Great job, as usual!

Author's Response: lucius still works in the ministy and all the employes floos are connected so he could visit and he maybe got clearence to visit. He and Sev used to be friends after all.

I really have to go back and check those errors. I'll try not to get too distracted.

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Review #36, by bring_back_sirius His Old Friend

20th May 2008:
thanks for updating so quickly. i was right, he IS gonna ask her to marry him. but somehow i think that things are gonna get in the way.
i hope rita does get stuck in bug form, noone would miss her.
great idea about making severus a bad-ass again, i miss that!

Author's Response: I haven't made up my mind about rita yet... hmm. I haven't made up my mind n how far Severus will go either... I have a lot things to decide which is odd for me because I usually have a clear idea of what they are going to do in my mind.

Thanks for reading. I will update at least twice a week from now on. I promise.

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Review #37, by jess75 His Old Friend

20th May 2008:
I don't usually review, mainly because I usually read stories that are already completed, but I wanted to say that I really enjoy this story! I find myself checking almost daily for new chapters! Keep them coming!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll try to update more often. I get distracted so quickly.


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Review #38, by bron His Old Friend

20th May 2008:
aw yay!
i hate rita so so so much! stupid Malfoy. he needs to get his disgraced indbred nosy little head out of other people's business. I wish he had asked her to marry him, that would've been so cute!
oooh i hope he really bashes someone soon, he's getting more and more interesting!
i love it when you upload 2 chapters at a time, it gives me so much to think about.
great chapter, keep it up, and i'm so glad that she has never loved him more.
there are a couple of spelling errors, the most noticeable is 'cafe' instead of 'care' but everything else is pretty good.
looking forward to the next chapter

Author's Response: He would have asked her but.. he didn't have the ring... which is part of the story. I guess you will read about that in the next chapter. I have a feeling he will be very tempted to bash someone's head in. People are really going to be stressing him out... even in the next chapter...

I had to make malfoy stop by... for two reasons... to taunt Snape and make him start to loose his temper and the second... well it's a very subtle reason but imprortant all the same and I'm not going to tell you so I really shouldn't have mentioned it. I will fix those errors. I have been reading twilight and it's driving me nuts because I shouldn't be enoying it so much.. I'm not a fan of vampire stories ... but gosh I'm hooked. Now you have to convince me not to go rush off and write twilight fanfic... Even though I'm on vacation I still have like no time.... grr.

Thanks bundles

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Review #39, by bring_back_sirius The Reporter

20th May 2008:
sorry about reviewing again, but i just read your comment to one of the other reviews for this chapter and you said that we missed a clue somewhere. so i went back to the previous chapter and couldnt find anything except this bit: ...what do you think his reaction will be once he learns that I want to…” He stopped himself. . was that the clue? i didnt notice it before, but now im pretty sure that sev almost blurted out something there, like maybe that he wants to ask tonks to marry him???

Author's Response: haha.... that wasn't the one I was talking about but it was a clue none the less. I actually finished the chapter but I have to re-read it before I post it... gosh let me so do that now. I'm finally getting back into my groove I think...

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Review #40, by Hayden The Reporter

19th May 2008:
OMG.I'll bet my broomstick that the reporter is Rita.Who else could have found out?Great chapter, but it was so short!I'm dying to know what Severus wanted to tell Nymphadora.

Author's Response: I can't believe people liked this chapter. It was horrible for me because it was supposed to be sooo much longer but Grr.. I'm having problems with writing right now.

Everyone said that they think it's her... we'll see...

and you will find out what he had to tell her eventually... when she finds out.. he he.

Thanks for the review

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Review #41, by bron The Reporter

17th May 2008:
oh dear...
oh dear indeed...
not good
if its rita i'm going to kill her!
omg so much suspense.
if you hadnt said you were having trouble i wouldnt have noticed because it all seems pretty natural, there are just a few issues with the flow. hmmm
i cant think of anything for you to read! maybe you should try Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights again, or maybe even north and south...
i wonder whether Teddy realised it was snape and told people or rita figured it out some how...
i'm so excited for the next chapter, and i've only got one exam left so i can start writing again!

Author's Response: yeah the issues are still there. But I decided to read a book. Twilight... it doesn't really go for this story but I kept seeing Bella and Edward pics all over and I was thinking... who are these characters and why are people so crazy about it. It's really good but I'm reading from the computer (which I hate to do) so it's talking me a while to finish. I almost though... once that's through I'll get to writing. I suspect I'll finish today.

You have very good idea about where the story is going... that'll I will say. You guys missed a major clue about a chapter ago... odd. I thoought you guys would have spotted it.

Thanks again...

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Review #42, by bring_back_sirius The Reporter

17th May 2008:
was he gonna ask tonks to marry him??? and omg, who told the newspapers about sev being alive? i bet its that damn rita skeeter, shes probably been spying on them in her animagus bug form. someone should really squash her.
good chapter, too short AGAIN, i need more :)

Author's Response: I won't say a word....

I know it was really short but I'm just having a really hard time with this story, this chapter was supposed to be so much longer but I just kept sticking with it.

Thanks for reviewing... I really appreciate it.... and stop hacking into my brain... hint hint.

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Review #43, by Eternity Potter The Reporter

17th May 2008:
How could you post a chapter on the wrong fic?

Great story, good cliffhanger, what could Severus say thats so serious?


Author's Response: I know, I'm so careless. I just clicked.. add chapter and I really wasn't watching what story I was posting it on. I'm so glad I spotted it.

Yeah I guess that chapter could be seen a cliffhanger but really it was all I could think of... Lol.

Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #44, by Hayden The People On Our Side

14th May 2008:
This story is awesome!Even though this pairing would never happen in the books, this story is one of my faves. I'm glad snape finally admitted that he loved her, he is my fave character. I still thought this chapter was great, even if it didn't flow very well. I wonder what will happen when snape and harry see each other again.Anyways, a job well done!

Author's Response: Would you believe I actaully thought it could happen. I read one fic and I was like... ah this has to happen. Then I went looking through the books for clues and found a lot but gosh... it turned out to be nothing. they didn't end up together in the end.

Snape is my fav character too.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Review #45, by bron The People On Our Side

11th May 2008:
awww yay!
sev is finally going to go kick ass, and he's finally admitted he loves her!!
i see waht you mean about innuendo. very very helpful.
a great chapter, even if it was hard to write. it doesnt seem to flow as well as some of the earlier chapters but i'm sure thats cause you've been very busy.
both the banners you sent me are beautiful, but i think i'll use the one with alan in it. it just seems better suited to the story.
thanks heaps for making them!
a great chapter, looking forward to the next one!

Author's Response: Yes I know.... he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore....

and yes it was a bit difficult to write that and avoid saying certain words...

I know right... the flow was totally off and that's the problem I was having with this chapter it just wasn't flowing... it's not so much because I'm busy was just having a block... I need to go read some books... I think need to pull out my agnes Grey of Jane Eyre... or even Wuthering heights...

And I knew you would like that one better... I just wsh had a better pic of alan to work with....

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Review #46, by bring_back_sirius The People On Our Side

11th May 2008:
ooh, another war. this tabitha sounds almost as nasty as voldemort, too!!
please please please make teddy not hate severus, at least in time.
great chapter, thanks for updating so quickly. and i didnt see any grammatical errors! well done :)

Author's Response: yeah... she's a baby killer too. The only dif is that Jane is her baby... which makes it worse I think.

And cool... finally. maybe because I was writing so slowly becasue had no idea how to write this chapter...

Thanks bundles...

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Review #47, by BarbaraPotty The People On Our Side

11th May 2008:
So I suppose they're going to tell Harry now...Good, I hope he'll understand...and I'd like to see the Order reunited, fighting Tabitha...her family doesn't stand a chance against them. :)

Author's Response: Yeah... It's like you read my notes... hint hint... Harry shouldn't have a problem with it I think... I hope... hmm I don't know. I'll only know for sure when 'm writing it.

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Review #48, by bring_back_sirius The Potions Master

9th May 2008:
Severus is getting soft in his 'old' age. But its good that hes telling tonks about his feelings and trying to make teddy like him. but why did he have to leave like that at the end???
btw, i just wanted to say, your banner for Envy is awesome, snape looks so hot there.

Author's Response: Aww thanks.... when I switched to different computer I thought it looked too yellow but I guess it depends on the computer you're using...

The eding for that chapter got me in sooo much trouble. I had a hard time writing the next chapter but I think I wrote something worthwhile at last. I can't wait to post it.

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Review #49, by BarbaraPotty The Potions Master

8th May 2008:
Oh please, don't let Harry tell Teddy about the real relationship between Remus and Severus...everything would be lost then. :)) But seriously, wonderful chapter again, I just hope that Severus didn't go into one of his "I'm so bad, I don't deserve anyone" moods, I don't like those. :))

Author's Response: Ha ha... that's funny...he's actually not going to go into one those moods. I know what I want to happen but I'm just not finding a way to ease into it... it's kind of difficult. I can say this without a doubt that Harry will not do anything to jeopardise thier relationship... I mean at the end of it all Snape did save Lupin's life... I'm going to try to write the other chapter again... I hate that I'm taking so long with this story.

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Review #50, by akasha101 The Potions Master

6th May 2008:
o a cliffy.
but once again i asked you to make the chapters longer

Author's Response: I try so hard to make them longer but for some reason I don't like to put more than one theme in a chapter so if I tend to finish when I'm finish with one idea... I think the next chapter is worth it though.

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