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Review #26, by beebsy1219 PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.

2nd November 2007:
AW!!! Snape is so awesome in this story!

Author's Response: He is always awsome.

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Review #27, by PrincessKathyBx PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.

1st November 2007:
Yea It Was Super Corny. But That's The Way I Like It! Hopefully Nothing Bad Happens To Change This Love Feast. Please Don't Let Anything Bad Happen (Begging Hands). Errr I'm So Sad This One And Final Conversations Is Ending Though. Hopefully You'll Write More Fics! 1000/1000!

Author's Response: Thank you much. I hope you guys don't mind but I don't like too much happiness... There will have to be some angst, but eventually it will be happy again.

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Review #28, by hanoverpretz01 PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.

1st November 2007:
really really good
update soon
wat did snape want harry 2 do?

Author's Response: Oh you will find out by the next chapter

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Review #29, by Black cat PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.

1st November 2007:
WOW This is soo lovely! I was up to the sky and you hint something makes me worry again. m…Maybe I have to calm down a bit, more I worry, you want give me more surprise.

Author's Response: Don't be too worried. I think the end would be happaish eventually. There will be some things that will make you go "oh no" and some things that will make you go "aw". A nice balance, I think...

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Review #30, by Isha_Rose Part IV: October-Insomnia

1st November 2007:
He he, a fantastic idea from Tonks. Snape writing his own autobiography? I'd love to read that one!
Can I just say that the two flashbacks, despite being comprised of no more than a couple of words each, left me flawed. I found them to be incredibly powerful, and I think that it was perhaps the simplicity of their construction that was so incredibly effective. In the second, you didn't even have to complete the sentence to enforce the full impact. "Didn't you know? You were..." that really broke my heart, poor Tonks :[
Another thing to mention, your eloquent descriptions of Severus' manor really heightened the sense of difference between the two characters. It wasn't until I could actually picture bright, beautiful Tonks standing awkwardly in that dark and dismal drawing room, that I really came to understand what it is that makes the idea of them together so interesting. It's not Dark&Light, in the way that Snape and Lily are. It's more like Dark&Bright, and I think that's an incredible combination. Once again I have to emphasize just how much I adore the originality of this 'ship.

Author's Response: Umm Thanks... It really nice to know thatyou like it so much.

You understood me perfectly... I really love the idea of Snape and Tonks for that very reason. I really feel they could balance out each other.

There's lots of Snape and Tonks stores out there and some of them ar so amazing that I feel ashamed to recommend mine above theirs.

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Review #31, by Isha_Rose Part III: Remembering

1st November 2007:
Ahh, fantastic idea Severus. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd orchastrated the whole thing, just so Tonks can have a job again. And having he come to stay at his manor... Could get very intense!
The flashback was heart-breaking, because I LOVE Remus. Can't wait to discover where you're going with this!

Author's Response: Ohhh you love remus... I worte that for the Remus fans. I didn't want it be that she's suddenly in love with Snape and forgets about remus... I really wanted what she had with him to be special. I'm happy you liked it.

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Review #32, by Isha_Rose Part II: The suspension

1st November 2007:
Oh, poor Tonks. To be powerless and completely unaware of her own predicament. Now we understand why Severus was so concerned, and his choice to keep her in the office seems kind, rather than cruel. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Isn't Snape sweet in this... but poor man no one knows how sweet he is being. Thanks for reviewing again.

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Review #33, by Diandra PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.

1st November 2007:
No! I forgot that this one was wrapping up as well; I'm so distressed. How do you expect me to survive when your fics are done, young missy? You know that you're one of the only members still updating on a regular basis. You really need to get those new fics rolling so that I have some form of entertainment when these are over. Haha, now onto the review!

This chapter was sooo cute! I just want to eat it up. This line, "I can disrobe you anytime I wish.” might be your funniest yet. It's also one of those lines where I think to myself "I wish I was Tonks". Haha, so was the ending! Very sweet and adorable, and I really can/can't wait for you to finish. I want to know what happens, though I don't want it to end. You've done a wonderful job! Update (everything) soon!


Author's Response: In the mean time I will send you some links to some stories that I like. Some of them are so goood that I read them over and over and over during my time off from school.

Like I said before, I have stories but I am having a hard time finding time to write them. But what I do you will be the first to read them. They won't all end up here... some might just go on ff

Ohdon't say you can't wait for the end. You have no idea what horrible things I have planned for the end... hint hint.

I'm really bad... sorry in advance.

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Review #34, by Isha_Rose Part I: The Housing

1st November 2007:
Oh, this is truly something else indeed! I love the originality, and the fact that Tonks can't seem to define her feelings towards the insufferable potions master/head auror. Also, I love the ambiguity of Snape. He's like this dark, floating enigma, just waiting to be unmasked!
I really enjoyed this chapter- can't wait to read the next!

Author's Response: Oh thank you it is always nice to get a new reader. I hope you enjoy the story.

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Review #35, by bron PART X: January - Muhammad

19th October 2007:
aw very cute...

but why does pince call him muhammad?

maybe i missed something

loving the new story toonmili keep writing!

Author's Response: On no. Snape said: If the mountain won't come to muhammed then Muhammad must go t the mountain.

That's a saying in england. It means. If you can't have your way then... you must give in.

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Review #36, by Snapegirl PART X: January - Muhammad

17th October 2007:
Oh I really liked this one! You write romance very well. I liked the part where she stroked his hair, I've always imagined myself running my fingers through Sev's hair! silky!

Ahem! Anyway, I have to admit, I did get a bit worried that they would break up, but then I realized once they quit being stubborn and talked, it would pass.

I've got two new chapters of my own up, in case you were wondering.

Author's Response: Thanks... I hope I write romace well as it is the only thing I write.

break them up... Never. And break his poor fragile heart...

I'm a horrible person I don't keep promises. I am so free today that I am certain I will be able to read a bunch of things today. So off I go.

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Review #37, by x-heartbreaker-x PART X: January - Muhammad

17th October 2007:
itz relli gud!

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Review #38, by Black cat PART X: January - Muhammad

17th October 2007:
Your Snape is so tasty, yes, he is an incredibly difficult man to be with but we love him, don’t we? Also Harry and Hermione’s bit is so funny. You are the author, and I really enjoy reading your stories but hope the ending will not break my heart so much, at least I want to have a little bit of hope..…please??

Author's Response: Yes he is... that's the only way I write him. Don't be too worried about how it will end. I won't be too hard on him. ( Oh that statement might worry you even more. )

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Review #39, by beebsy1219 PART X: January - Muhammad

17th October 2007:
aw... how sweet! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks...

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Review #40, by Diandra PART X: January - Muhammad

16th October 2007:
You changed the ending? Oh no! I loved the ending of this story; it was so brilliant and happy-making (excuse the Westerfeld lingo; I'm reading Extras right now). I really hope you don't make it all angsty and sad, though you really are incredible at writing with that style. Anywho...

Great chapter! I do recognize bits and pieces of it from the one, but only during the middle. I really loved how you began it, with her touching him. I had Tonks envy when you described that. I also laughed at the Tonks/Charlie bit and how Severus became really jealous. That was really cute! I loved this chapter, you did the most amazing job!

So, update soon. If you want anything at all beta-ed (I saw your comment on your MTA page), just email it to me; snapelurve@aol[dot]com. It'll be much easier than PM, I'm sure of that. Send me anything you want and I'll send it back after editing. It won't take long; I promise. I can't wait to see what you've come up with. Update/send stuff to me soon!


Author's Response: Well what I had was not the end of the story. I got writers block on it before I could write the last chapter. It was just too corney and did nothing for the story. I have an ending in my mind now that is much better. I'm not to sure you will like it. I'm certain most people will go... What the... and scold me in the reviews. But I think it will still be a good read. It might not end the way you guys want it to or even how you think it would end.

Is it angst.... *evil smile*, maybe.... it depends on how you interpret it.

I will take you up on that offer. ASAP.

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Review #41, by PrincessKathyBx PART X: January - Muhammad

16th October 2007:
YaY This Was An Amazing Chapter! 10/10

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Review #42, by Snapegirl Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

12th October 2007:
Great chapter. I really liked the way you developed the relationship between them and the way you let Sev tell her about his past and Nymph tell him about her parents reaction to poor Remus. It's good that they've finally begun to trust each other. Write more soon!

Oh, and my next chap is up too! You know what to do.

Author's Response: Yes, I saw it was up. But I'm afraid I will only have time on Wednesday.

And I still have the other one to read as well. My reading queue is so long at the moment... but you're second in line.

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Review #43, by bron Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

10th October 2007:

thats cute

i shall look out for the new chapter then!

Author's Response: I guess some time next week it should be up. This queue is a little crazy at the moment.

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Review #44, by x_heartbreaker_x Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

7th October 2007:
that was so good don't worry about the lost chapter. I've been dedicated to this story ever since the's really good!

Author's Response: Thanks again for reading and reviewing. I can remembber all the people who were there from the start well.

I'm so happy that you didn't abandon me after

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Review #45, by Black cat Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

6th October 2007:
Wow! I am so happy when I read your new chapter but at the same time, I am so worried if something bad is waiting for them. Oh, I can not wait reading next one!!

Author's Response: Thank. I can't wait to post it. I hope the queue gets short.

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Review #46, by Diandra Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

5th October 2007:
After reading your response to my last review on 'Final Conversations', I just wanted to express how SORRY I am about your poor flashdrive. That's so ridiculous! I mean, doesn't anyone know that people NEED to read your chapters?! Gr, this world is so insensitive. I really hope that you're able to recover all of the chapters for which I so readily await. But, I think I did come up with a bit of an idea for getting chapters from this story onto your hpff account. Just copy and paste them from fanfiction[dot]net, that way you don't have to completely rewrite them. Anyway, I can't wait to read the other chapter that you're adding! I've decided to reread each chapter when its validated, by the way. It refreshes my memory and makes me feel very giggly inside. So, without further ado:

Hehe, I loved this chapter. Like I said above; it made my insides feel all bubbly and happy. Their relationship continues to develop and I continue to fall in love with it. I never am able to depict the way that you write the characters so friggin well. So, another fantastic chapter; I look foward to many new ones!


Author's Response: Oh, I always copy from I was talking about chapters that I didn't post there, for example the extension of this chapter. I wrote the extension. I don't know if you noticed but the end is totally different from what it was on I wrote over three pages of additional things and then I lost it.

Final conversation I was really worried about. That one is not So I had to really look for it. I finally found it after some real digging. I couldn't even remember where I had it.

My next chapter, ( the new one ,which I love) was written in a note book so I wrote it over from there.

Oh and my next chapter of final is in the queue. This was my fav chapter of the whole thing... so I hope you like it.

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Review #47, by beebsy1219 Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

5th October 2007:
I love it! Finally they get together! = D hehe... pleze continue!

Author's Response: yeah they did. and I will so continue..

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Review #48, by dancer Part II: The suspension

5th October 2007:
crying is what a person does when they grieve luv. no need to appologize for it even though Tonks doesn't seem to realize she is still grieving for Remus. I think you have handled a tough situation very well. Don't know where you're going but I'll have fun finding out. Keep it up and don't give up.

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Review #49, by dancer Part I: The Housing

5th October 2007:
never thought of Tonks and Snape but I like the idea. When I first glanced at the story I thought maybe she was a secret daughter f his and Lily's but this is better. Your grammar could use a little polish but that's the only criticism I have. Keep it up I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: I suck at gramma... this is actually one of my better ones... So I'd hate to think what you would think of the others.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can get trough it without getting to bothered by the errors.

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Review #50, by hanoverpretz01 Part IX: December/ January- Spotlight

5th October 2007:
update soon!

Author's Response: Oh it was... wasn't it. I'll update as soon as I can. It all depends on the queue.

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