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Review:Yellowdays says:
Every time I read the name asbo 5 I seriously just laugh so hard to myself
Wow this chapter was like the climax that I feel like has been hinted towards in all the previous chapters and it totally smashed it for me
Jenelle seriously did not expect her life to take this turn did she bless her, holy jesus Am i looking forward to seeing James and Freddie's reaction to what dom has done and rose's actually, I feel like it's going to be quite a reaction 😂
Part of me feels bad for Dom at this stage too because I believe that she does truly love jenelle (unless she's actually more of a psychopath than I ever imagined) but she totally fudged up here the bit that gets to me the most is how she just sat there poker face throughout the whole time jenelle was so heartbroken that she could barely function. The fact that she had the cheek to keep asking "why did you break up" as if she didn't know but people make mistakes I hope dom can prove to jenelle she's changed
This makes my heart ache even more for a James and jenelle reunion but I'm enjoying the sharp jenelle that is keeping James on his feet because he needs to realise that the fact her best friend has done this to her is something really serious for jenelle that has affected her emotions. I hope he can actually be there for her but I do also enjoy the selfish side of james coz it does show how much he must like her for his sole goal to be for her to give him her undivided attention
You're doing such a great job with this story I love your characterisation of James so much I have read so many James oc stories and for the first time I'm getting to see a properly jealous possessive James- it's a dynamic I feel that isn't explored in other fics and you play it so well with him because he doesn't always show it obviously but it's been implicitly implied in all his actions
I am a bit shocked that James didn't attack Luke for supposedly getting with his girl haha
Love that he's an Over protective brother too I really hope we get to meet the other wotters I would kill to read your takes on lily Roxanne Louis albus, rose was so vivid in my head I just know you'll do a great job
Can't wait for the next chapter and to see all the drama unfold
Good luck on your masters!!what are you studying? I'm Just about to apply for an undergraduate degree!!
Lots of love xx

Author's Response: HAHAHA you can thank me being obsessed with Misfits humour for that but I honestly love it ... like all five of them fit the bill 😂.

Oh my god thank you!! I'm so glad - not gonna lie I was a little worried the big reveal would be like "...oh, okay" so yay!!! And yeah, it's going to be so hard figuring out James and Freddie's reactions (seriously even if your family is insane like what can you do?! You see each other all the time!) but omg yeah Rose - who even knows - she's about as readable as a marble statute.

I'm genuinely SO pleased you said that. Yes, what Dom did is unforgivable and inexcusable but - and it's hard to rationalise - but I think it sort of bleeds through her actions in the previous 11 chapters that she genuinely loves Jenelle and loves being her friend, but just screwed up massively. So yeah - hopefully she can redeem herself somehow (isn't it interesting how that seems to be a running theme in this story? lol).

LOL James is not emotionally intelligent or mature and it's so clear in how selfish he is about his feelings for Jenelle (also VERY interesting how you picked up on that - I would remember that for the future if I were you 😂).

Ugh, thank you. That's honestly so wonderful for you to say that. I feel like I'm constantly missing a certain depth to James but the fact that you love him just reassures me. And yes!! Just because you're possessive doesn't mean you're a lunatic the whole time. And yeah - I think James was in shock too, to be fair. That's why he did all the stupid things he did lmao.

OMG I can NOT wait for the other Wotters!!! I'm so so so excited to write them all. AH thank you!!! Rose was SUCH a pleasure to write - I wanted her to be so different from the usual Roses so YAY :D. That seriously makes me so happy!! The next chapter will be up soon so I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

Thank you for this lovely, lovely review!!! And thank you! I'm studying Law so - let's see how that goes haha. And omg! Good luck with that!! That's such an important moment in your life. What are you thinking of studying???

Lots of love, P xx

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