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Review:BBHP says:
Wow. Wow. Wow.

I feel so bad for Flora! She thought she was supposed to stick to the plan, and even though it's really Freddie and Jenny's faults that they're all in trouble, Flora is taking the fall. I hope she catches a break soon. And for James to just be all whatever about Flora is just...bad form, James.

And stupid James, thinking that one night of something ALMOST happening means that they're suddenly fine and getting back together. Is he serious? Jenny is right, their relationship isn't just messed up, it's RUINED. Like, almost beyond repair it seems. (I still have a bit of hope for them, though. But for Jenny's sake I hope James really works on his attitude and everything before anything really happens.)

And Dom. Oh, Dom. I knew it had to be something along those lines. What kind of messed up friend is she?! Who does that!? Realistically though, I had friends in high school who were petty and jealous about their friends, and pulled the same sorts of thing (without the whole magically confusing them thing, obviously. haha), so it's actually very believable. I still am shocked though. Actually getting that worked up and jealous, and telling James such a lie, and then actually Confunding your best friend. I think Jenny's reaction was completely right. How do you even come back from that? How do you forgive someone -- your best friend -- for that? For messing up -- more like DESTROYING the relationship with the love of your life? Like Flora said, I think Jenny is "it" for James. And now it seems like it's just ruined. And even if they can repair their relationship, what about the fact that Dom is James's cousin? Even if Jenny and Dom get past this and can be civil to each other (I don't know if I'd believe they can really be best friends again), they'll still have the awkwardness of being semi-related (eventually).

Thank you for getting the last few chapters out so quickly! I don't think I could take the suspense for any longer haha. You're awesome! And good luck with your Masters program! That's so amazing!

Author's Response: HI!

Oh god I know - seriously poor Flora (I've been saying that a LOT) but I have a few things up my sleeve for her. For some reason I seriously love her? And it may just be because her FC is Taylor Hill ...

I KNOW. He is so single minded and has blinders on - for him, the fact that they've somewhat established they've both been lied to by Dom (though, in the beginning Jen still doesn't/can't believe it) means that the last few weeks might as well not have happened. It was just an inconvenient blip and their feelings have stayed the same. I think it's safe to say he's an idiot.

Jen certainly feels like it's ruined. I don't want to say too much because we'll get all of what she's feeling soon and why she's feeling that way but i don't know! I feel like they could somehow find a way back to each other but we'll have to see how lol (and sorry that was so vague hahaha but I feel like I'm gonna spoil something!!)

i KNOW. Thank god I've never had a friend like her but man the stories I've heard ... insane. There are some people in the world that you look back in hindsight at and wonder why the f**k was I friends with them. And I know girls like Dom who don't even need magic to ruin peoples lives so, she's dedicated to them haha. And the thing with Dom is that it wasn't even a one day blow out - it was this insidious, slow burn that just developed over time out of irritation and jealousy. Dom was being a plain b***h - no way around it.

Also you raise some very interesting questions. Like what would it mean for Jen and Dom if she and James somehow repaired their relationship? And i love the certainty of them being semi-related "eventually" hahaha. But you know what strikes me is that you really feel the destruction that Jenny feels - like it's obvious and palpable that she and James are not okay and it's going to take serious work to get anywhere good and stable and normal again.

And no worries! I love the feeling of posting a new chapter hahaha and god I would've felt awful leaving the suspense hanging forever. THANK YOU! It's really kicking me in the a** haha.

Thank you for this review!!! xxx P

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