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Review:Mags says:
I've got such a bad feeling about this party. Freddie and Jenny not immediately going out telling everyone it's cancelled, Jenny not wanting to leave until she's heard the thruth from Dom, Flora on the war path and the danger of James being caught and therefore missing the last quidditch game. Something tells me that Flora is going to do everything in her power to have him there, believing it's what Jenny wants too and it giving James a legitimate reason to be pissed off.

I'm really interested in the dynamic of this group, you have three cousins who've been friends since they were born I assume, with James and Freddie just naturally becoming best friends-- now, since Jenny's mother is who she is, has she known the Potters since before school or did they get to know each other at Hogwarts? And where does Luke fit in? He and Freddie don't seem to be really close going by Fred's comments last chapter and Luke has some really harsh words about James this chapter that makes me a little wary about their relationship.
It's obvious Jenny and Freddie are friends and Jenny and Luke... but Jenny and Dom didn't start hanging out until fourth year? It's like they're two groups who's melded into one and the only one I'm not getting a really good grasp on is Luke, is he a "true" friend to the boys or is he a dormmate turned friend because of circumstances? Maybe all this doesn't really matter, but it's interesting because they seem to kind of think about themselves as a well functioning group, but that is not the case.

I enjoyed both conversations between Jenny and Luke, and finally we've gotten past his stupid crush-that-wasn't-a-crush. But I do want to say that even though there was a possibility of their friends getting caught in the middle, James and Jenny taking a chance and trying to being happy with each other could be seen as selfish, but sometimes you have to chose yourself over others, because how else are you going to find that happiness? They are allowed to think about themselves, and sure, Luke can be bitter in hindsight but he sounds jealous that he wasn't the one who was allowed to be happy, if that makes sense?

Dom is really something, pulling a long con? How long has she planned this if she talked to Luke a couple of months ago? And WHY is she doing this?

I really did think that James and Flora had some sort of ~understanding~, that both of them wanted to make someone else jealous so they figured they could help each other out. But she really liked him? Honestly, I do feel bad for her but can't help but cringe a bit because of her being so oblivious. If he hasn't shown any sort of interest before, but wants to become girlfriend-boyfriend just days after breaking off a year long relationship some sort of warning bell should ring. Of course Flora doesn't deserve to get treated badly because of it, but what did she think James' aim was? And is James oblivious to her feelings? He's said several times that Flora doesn't really care for him, so what is the truth, lol

What's interesting is that Jenny's been going on and on about how James only cares for his own feelings, yet Luke clearly tells her that James was willing to put his own happiness aside so that Jenny and Luke could be happy together. It's still misguided for sure, but it's a counterpoint to what she's been thinking about him. Jenny doesn't stop and reflect on it but it's understandable, she gets hit with confession after confession and all signs point to her best friend deliberately and maliciously tying to destroy both Jenny's romantic and platonic relationships in the group. I'm just surprised Jenny is able to keep herself together at all.

And yeah, this party... I've got a bad feeling about it. But can't wait to read about it, I'm sure you'll pull if off marvelously as usual!

Author's Response: Okay, first of all, can I just say how speechless I am that you have written reviews for these chapters so quickly and with so much depth and insight and you've cared enough about this story and its characters to really understand them? Because I am totally speechless. Like, it makes no sense that you'd want to talk about this story as much as I want to (I did write it after all haha) but you DO. It's just overwhelming and I can't even process it.

But okay - the review.

Yeah ... not sure if you've read the latest chapter yet (and I hope you don't read this before you read that) but the party does NOT end well at all. Lol.

Oh my god I love that you've taken an interest in understanding the group dynamic because, like you so perfectly put it, they think they're a full functional, loving friend group, but it's completely not the case. And - like you've so astutely pieced together - they really are two groups merging together, or more like one person and a group. Dom has always been a kind of social butterfly with no close friends in the sense that she intimidated and slightly scared the other girls, but she got on well with the boys. And while she was close to her cousins - especially James and Fred - she didn't really hang out with them until, as we know, fourth year when she became friends with Jenny (because of Luke). So she's the new addition in a way, despite the fact that she's cousins with 2/5ths of the group. Honestly, James and Fred like Jenny more. And Luke ... Luke is one of my favourite characters and you'll find out why. Or maybe you won't but you'll get to know so much more about him and why he is the way he is. His relationship with James and with Fred. Lets just say he has a chip on his shoulder - kind of like how most James Potter characters are in NextGen fics, but still sweet.

This is getting repetitive, but you are just so spot on. You just get these characters and I'm in awe haha. He does sound a little jealous and a little bitter that he wasn't the one who was allowed to be happy. That statement kills me because it's, like, the core of his personality and character and mindset.

Great questions! ;)

I know - it's cringe. Teenage feelings are cringe and even the brightest amongst us can be blinded by good looks and the chance to date someone hot. Even they can think they care deeply about someone when, maybe, the reason they're crying is because they can't have something they wanted. And James wasn't oblivious to her feelings - he genuinely didn't care. He was only thinking of how to hurt Jenny. He was a real a**hole. His way of making up for it is to say she doesn't really care, that she'll get over it. But like I said, I've seen girls confuse desire for a real emotional connection and Flora's no different. And she's hurt in the moment - because she's been humiliated - but will she continue to wallow? This girl DOES go through a lot of abuse (a strong word and not precisely what I mean, but you get it).

YUP. I've said it so many times before, but Jenny's only seeing her point of view. She doesn't - and doesn't want to - see the real machinations behind all of this. James wasn't just being malicious for no reason. Granted, it's no excuse, but he actually thinks of nothing besides her.

HAHA, can't wait for you to read it!!!

Once again, for the bajillionth time I'm sure, thank you so so much for this wonderful, brilliant and illuminating review. You touched on so many important things and picked up hints about characters that are so deeply hidden - this was such a pleasure to read and respond to.

All my love, P x

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