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Review:Mags says:
...and we start with James apologizing yet they're still so far from each other that it ends up in a screaming match, lol. But I get Jenny, I do. James *has* been treating her horrible and that's not something you forget just because you've found out the truth. And James isn't stupid, he gets it, but him just flipping his moods is a bit unnerving.

Luke being like that, quoting poetry, sending meaningful glances towards Jenny and Jenny admitting that she does think about him in maybe more than in a friendly way brings me back to James' feelings. Maybe it's not all that unfounded and he's been seeing things, interpretating them wrong and instead of talking with Jenny about it, Dom comes up and confirms his thoughts. It's not an excuse for him acting horrible, but maybe an explanation of sorts?

A++ for those Scooby Doo and Sherlock references, ha! Now I'm imagining Harry Potter reading Sherlock Holmes to his children (I have A LOT of feelings about Harry as a father, especially to his first child and not one of them is compliant with the cursed child but I don't care).

I did think Freddie's sexuality was an open secret, but Jenny and him talking about it is so great. And his fear! I love Freddie, I know I've said it before but I truly love him.

Oliver Gamble, where did that temper come from?! I like getting to see Jenny and James from an outside perspective, even though he's jealous and angry on Flora's behalf so ooh boy take it back a couple of notches.

This plan is not going to end up great is it? But I'd like to see Jenny get to go back to Hogwarts, she's simmering close to a panic attack or an explosion of epic proportions with everyone around her, so for her own health it's better to go back.

Author's Response: Yup, James' mood flip is one of the many reasons Jenny's like what the F***! She can hardly adapt to her own shifting emotions let alone his sudden and abrupt one. But - since we'll never get a James POV chapter - I guess it's fine to say that James is so relieved and the only reason he was acting the way he was (seeing no problem in it because he thinks cheating is the worst, especially if HE'S being cheated on and he was deeply hurt that it's okay to lash out in pain, that he's justified and vindicated) was because he thought Jen cheated on him with one of his best friends, Luke. To hear it didn't happen, that none of it was true, it's like the past three weeks and month or so never happened at all. He thinks they'll get back together, problems solved. It's very ideal thinking haha.

Okay so this is the third review I think I'm responding to and can I just say how BLOWN FREAKING AWAY I am that you can deduce certain implication and catch subtle suggestions that I'm thinking in MY head as I write, but not aware that it maybe seeping into the story? Because you are ABSOLUTELY spot on!!! So we know so far that Dom told Luke and James similar things about Jen fancying Luke. We roughly know the timeline (though it's still not totally clear), which is that Dom told Luke in February, a few weeks or days before their trip in March. And a week before they leave for the trip, James says he confronted Jen about Luke (which means Dom told him the same thing - we don't know exactly when, but it's safe to assume it's after Luke). Conclusion, it's not impossible that James has caught Luke staring at Jen or saying strange things and assumed the worst but not saying anything. And sorry, I've just given the LONGEST responses to two short but apt statements haha.

LOL, I imagine that Harry's inundated his kids with all kinds of Muggle literature!

I KNOW. God I love Freddie. He really is the only redeemable one out of the whole lot. Not a bad bone in his body. Well, not really.

It's like the characters in my story don't ever know how to just CHILL with the people they fancy .

True ... but WILL she go back to Hogwarts? :O DUN DUN DUN!

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