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Review:Mags says:
Oh, train wreck was putting it lightly, wasn't it? It's just so many emotions, Jenny and Flora being drunkenly bffs, Jenny flirting with both Oliver and Luke, Flora being sneaky (?) and Dom being clumsy about what she says or just downright shady again. And on top of that FINALLY a confrontation with James. But it's also a typical teenage party, where basically everything can happen.

Jenny's anguish over kissing Luke because it'd hurt Dom is just so tragic. We've heard several times from different people that he's not interested in Dom and I know what Dom has done to Jenny! It's heartbreaking and Dom doesn't deserve Jenny's tears.

That argument, whooosh. James needs to get himself together both when it comes to Jenny and Flora. It's obvious that he's hurt but taking it out on others is not cool. But I like that while we've heard about a lot of his flaws as a boyfriend, Jenny can still reflect that he has never raised his voice like that before at her. Guessing James is a bit like his father-- bottling in the anger until it explodes?

And I LOVE that Jenny goes all out, being angry with James and how he acts and that she's thought about what she can do to make things better - which is great because it is James' issues - but at the same time she's doesn't really reflect on her own behavior. And that is totally realistic! Like, in this situation I get it, we're all confused a f, but stomping up to Flora, deliberately hurting her it's not okay. Which she realizes later, but still.
And I am a bit curious about how Jenny has acted around Luke since just a word from Dom was enough to make James suspicious. It's still James' problem that he didn't bring it up and said "I am uncomfortable with you flirting with Luke/whoever" but idk... there's different pov's for every story, right?

And so the thruth is out-- but it feels like it just brought Jenny more trouble with James' personality change and Dom's actions. I can't wait for them to confront her, I don't remember if we ever reached that in TWY, if we did I don't remember what Dom's reasoning were...

Author's Response: It was my fear that definitely too much was happening, but I felt like some of it was so insignificant, only would matter if someone pointed it out later. But then I thought, literally nights like these have happened to me (with WAY less drama of course haha and no shouting matches) so if it's real enough for me, it could be real enough for Jenelle.

I knooow!!! :( She genuinely feels so so bad for what she did and just wants to shut the memory down and drown it away and make it like it never happened. But you're right, Dom doesn't deserve her tears.

Yup! James is super easy going and quite mild-tempered but definitely bottles things in. He's never raised his voice at anyone - no even in Quidditch! - let alone Jenny, ever. The most he's done is probably yell at his parents or shout at Albus. But definitely I'd say Lily has Ginny's temper ... lol.

I mean that's the thing about these guys! They're all so inherently flawed and they have their good moments and they have their terrible moments where they lose judgement and forget about other people's feelings. But oh my GOD it was great to have Jenny really scream at James - such a relief, even for me.

And oooh, yeah that's so interesting that you brought that up! We'll definitely get more insight on that in later chapters ... but yes, this is Jenny's story - and there are four other pov's that we'll never TRULY know - which is frustrating, but also the way it goes haha.

Omg yeah I have no idea at this point where TWY left off lol so it's all up in the air. But yeah, the truth, while it brought clarity, hasn't just magically untangled the pain that everyone has felt. It seems to've for James - he seems suddenly lighter, giddy, relieved and it's understandable. The only reason he was so angry is because he thought Jenny had cheated on him with Luke.

On to the next review! xxx P

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