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Review:Mags says:
The fact that you manage to put out 8000+ words in basically EVERY chapter is very impressing and like, it's substantial, even when it seems like it could be a moment where nothing really happens, a lot still happens! It's just amazing.

Inter-House bonding but only with one Hufflepuff? Sounds like classic Gryffindor, lol. But I do love the more shallow talk about parties and who's-done-it-with-who even though they put Jenny in a bit of a though spot, ugh talking about loving someone you might not like so much at the moment. And the moment of maturity from Jenny, that yeah it's kinda hot in the beginning when a guy is jealous but after a while it's annoying. I would like to see a conversation between Jenny and James as to why he was that with her, he seems laid back with other girls so what was the difference with Jenny? (Except the fact that his feelings for her were more real than with others.) Freddie better lock those two up, forcing them to talk it all out sometime soon.

It's a shame that Jenny's got that instilled attitude that if you don't achieve something in school, you're setting yourself up for failure. It's a mentality that I think a lot of us have and while it makes things easier when applying for other schools or jobs or if you don't know what you want to do - Jenny has got a clear goal in mind and that is to become a professional quidditch player. She shouldn't have to give that up or doubt her ability to reach her goal when she's 16 just so she can get better marks. Of course it's not bad to do well in school since it's a competitive field she wants to get into, but I refuse to believe that the wizarding world haven't progressed and can't offer an adult to take their final exams, or do them over again if they don't get the right marks the first time. But I fully believe Jenny is going to be a quidditch player (hopefully with a private personal Healer at home hehee).

Dom is so shady, I don't know what her motive for all this mess is, but it's nice to see these glimpses of her where you see why she and Jenny became friends in the first place. But what is this ~drama~ between Dom, James and Luke? Spill the tea Fredster!

Please let fifth year Jenny make a comeback, she sounds like she was the bomb! Not that sixth year Jenny isn't, but you know.

"He's not over you". Not sh't, Freddie, pretty sure we all could see that. What has it been, not even three weeks since the breakup? Even if James hadn't been trying to kiss Jenny so much, I'd still side eye him moving on so fast. It's not believable, unless he were cheating and we all know he wasn't, right? By the way, your tipsy/drunken teenage dialogue is so good, the run on sentences and the language... totally believable that this is teens talking.

Heee, love James being annoyingly protective over his cloak (as he should be!) and that it's a secret. I don't think Harry would like people to know just what his invisibility cloak really is, so I like that you went with that.

Oh, the cliffhangers of cliffhangers! Flora Morgan finally makes a real appearance...

Author's Response: Oh my god thank you! When I started off this fic and the first chapter was around 8000, I was like *DEEP BREATH* okay, be consistent, you've got to try to make every chapter around that length. And it's actually worked out for me so well?? Because I don't have to cut myself off anywhere awkward and I feel like since every chapter is almost like a mini story contained in itself, it's honestly the perfect length.

But also, the fact that you've written me such long and wonderful and in depth reviews for so many chapters is mind-blowing and amazing and I just can't believe it!!! They were all such a pleasure to read and I can't wait to respond to them all (because if you didn't know by now responding to reviews is my favourite thing besides actually writing the story lol).

"Freddie better lock those two up, forcing them to talk it all out sometimes soon" ... do you have some magical ability to predict what's going to happen in the future??? Very curious now ... LOL, just kidding. But no - this is alarmingly accurate to the kind of behaviour Freddie would resort to to make those two work things out hahaha so I thought that was super interesting. But I will say that I agree about a conversation between Jenny and James. They have so much to talk about - they just need a clear moment.

Hahahahaha wouldn't we all love a private personal Healer at home if it was James. But yeah, Jenny's definitely feeling the pressure from her overly ambitious, over-achieving friends. Even Freddie has his talents and while he's not particularly ostentatious about it, you can just tell he's going somewhere. Luke may be the only one as in the dark as Jenny - but he's rich and, well, she's not lol. The Wotter definitely make up for the legacy they have to live up to with excellent marks and future careers pinned down.

Dom needs to have a chapter of her own. I wish I could do that - and I would if it would fit into the story somehow - but for now she remains as enigmatic as Jenny finds her behaviour and actions to be :(

LOL. Jenny REALLY needs someone like Freddie to physically spell it out for her, but yeah, it is SO obvious James isn't over her. And yeah it's literally not even 3 weeks! Hahhahaha, yeah no it's confirmed he wasn't cheating so James' lightning fast pace is so side-eye worthy. THANK YOU! That drunken conversation, in that bathroom, is an almost IDENTICAL thing that happened to me and one of my best friends (and she's no Dom, trust me).

Omg that was so much fun to write into his character. Like yeah he's brooding and serious, but he's also really annoying with his things - they're priceless and his dad will kill him if he loses it! He also hates that all his friends are so careless with it. And yeah - considering their lives at Hogwarts, his invisibility cloak being a secret is so vital.

I know ... ;) Thank you so much for your reviews! On to the next one while I still have some time to respond! xxx P

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