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Review:Mags says:
Oh my god, I've been in a reading hiatus because of work and now I'm back and have so many chapters to read!! Oh, can't wait! I also had to reread a couple to get back in the story and I just want to say that your writing is amazing

Love the chapter images, really, really beautiful

oh, Jenny, judging people by their talent in the quidditch pitch, never change

I remember I thought James was going to be cranky after he woke up from the dream and here we are! Cranky McBroodpants. Can't wait to hear what he truly dreamt of, except being a Healer (which is such a great career choice, now during my reread I was amazed at his oh, just invented a new potion, no biggie and Jenny was so surprised which means James is a bit sneaky about his talents, is he?)

God, while I do enjoy how the cousins always seems get of track or starts bickering, it must be irritating for Jenny and Luke, lol. Not that they're not a part of that too, but James, Freddie and Dom are probably the next level only because they've known each other since birth.

Your Freddie is honestly one of the best secondary/supporting characters I've read. He's fantastic and I admire how he's able to be both Jenny's and James' best friend during this. He's the one that's keeping them all together as a group and while he's got his own teenage problems and angst, he manages to be the calm in the storm and I just really really love him.

And uugh James, why are you with Flora?? You obviously have feelings for Jenny! You're only torturing yourself, Jenny and probably Flora too. I know why he broke up with Jenny in the first place, but it could all be fixed if they just had an honest conversation with each other! Sigh, teenagers.

Son of the Chosen One... The Chosen Son... If I don't find a Dark Lord to kill, I'll be blasted of the family tapestry...
Such a great line and insight into James's character. We haven't seen him interact with strangers who thinks he's different because of who his father is, but the fact that he can joke around about his legacy with his friends shows that he's handling the pressure of being Harry's firstborn quite well.

And Jenny's having conflicted feelings about Luke! As if she doesn't have enough on her plate already. But I'm solidly on the J & J train, so idk, maybe Ella or Marisa is a good fit for Luke, lol? And a party with teenagers that's been isolated together for two weeks? I'm sure that's not going to be dramatic AT ALL! Off to read about that train wreck lmao

Author's Response: Oh my god I have missed your reviews so much!! I'm so glad your back! Yay!! And already with the kind words - *heart*

I know right! Milominderbinder and scintilla @ tda are supremely talented, brilliant beings.

Oh god I don't even know if I want to say what he dreamt the uproar about be bad haha. It was just NOT good … but we may get more detail at some point, I promise lol. And actually no! Everyone in Potions, including Jenny, knows how insanely talented he is in the subject - like, expert, prodigy level. But it's still very shocking to invent potions on the fly lol.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously thank you. Freddie is a character that grew on me every moment that I wrote him. It was impossible to leave him on the sidelines - he demanded to be a fully-fleshed, 3-dimensional character with as much depth as Jenny. I love that you love Freddie because I love him so much!

I know!! No seriously - you are 100% right. If they just sat down and had a clear and honest conversation, they could probably work things out … but alas, Jenny is angry and beyond hurt and filled with rage she's barely tapped into and it's going to complicate a LOT.

Yeah, for some reason I always saw James as a kind of rolling with the punches guy. He genuinely loves his dad and is proud of him. Not to say he's just a goofy, silly, funny guy - which he's all those things (or was) - but he's layered and complicated too. He has his issues - just not with his dad or his legacy. I mean, he's also super popular, sorted into Gryffindor no problem, easy on the eyes and pretty much good at everything so he doesn't have a lot to complain about, and he's aware of it. Sometimes, he even kind of enjoys the perks of the fame lol.

It's so fun to read reviews on previous chapters because I literally CANNOT wait to hear your thoughts on the rest!! AHHH! It's going to be good :D

Thank you for this review! I'm so glad you're done with your hiatus! Really looking forward to your reviews!! x P

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