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Review:Jay says:
I'm enjoying reading it so far but this chapters confused me. You have Mrs Granger dying of a disease which makes no sense?

1. They can vanish and regrow bones, something which would eradicate any type of bone cancer for a kick off (just an example, the potentials there, it need not be specifically bone cancer).
2. Snape, in The Philosopher's Stone stated he could teach them to, among other things, stopper death. Now, whether this was related to the syllabus or bigging himself up is by and large irrelevant - the fact is it can be done.
3. Harry takes in a truck load of basilisk venom as a 12 year old - a substance far more destructive and rapidly spreading than any other venom or any cancer for that matter. Yet there's a cure which not only wipes out the venom but removes any residual effects. I'm aware that Fawkes has vanished prior all this but phoenix tears obviously aren't the only effective cure out there - Healer's sorting out Mr Weasley? I gather that these are instances of venom and not a disease but when you consider that they have remedies available which cure things far more life threatning than an over-multiplication of cells (which is what cancer is) then it begs the question - Why is she dying from it..?
4. They bring people back from being petrified, a scale way beyond a coma, using plants they have pretty easy access to. This again highlights massive potential to cure incurable conditions by our standards with almost no effort.
5. That all being said, the only thing they've been unable to cure is a case of deadness, wearwolf bites or heafty spell damage (Neville's parents etc. - none of which apply to Mrs. Granger. The potential that a magical remedy exists - spell, potion ot otherwise is certain - magic could fix it. So why is this even a thing?.
6. It can't be about Mrs. Granger being a muggle because she along with her husband have already been well inducted into the magical world. Platform 9 3/4 during the original series and then present in both Hogwarts and The Burrow in your story. The whole rule about magic not being done in front of muggles even if they're in the know (Harry Dudley patronus charm) obviously doesn't apply to the Grangers as they're bound to of seen magic being done at one or more of these places - as if going through the barrier or seeing the enchanted ceiling wasn't enough? And even if it was a question of politics - Kingsley as minister, Hermione Granger's mother, one of the three responsible for saving the wizarding world? Surely that constitutes a bend in the rules, not that anyone'd find out regardless?.

Fact is, going by everything in the wizarding world, its lore and what else has been done, vanishing a few tumours or replacing an organ in the worst case scenario would be trivial. Maybe you chose to ignore this to instil a sense of urgency or drama but when you actually consider the situation its a weak and confusing plot line.

Really looking for an answer here?

All the best and looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Hi and THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write out this review. All of your thoughts on this are so interesting, and I haven't really thought of it in such detail before.

I guess we all have different versions in our heads about how healing magic and all that works. I definitely do understand where you're coming from and I suppose it doesn't make perfect sense when you consider all of those examples. The way I've seen it, though, is there are lots of wizarding diseases you can die from too (dragon pox, just to name one). And I've always thought that a lot of those magical remedies work on magical injuries or diseases.

I don't want to give too much away about Mrs Granger's condition, but at this point, remember that she has only been to a Muggle hospital.

I don't know if this answer was satisfying? Let me know if it's not. It's just the way I view things and I definitely understand if you disagree. I really, really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this matter though. Thank you so much for that, and for reading and reviewing. All the best to you as well! Xx

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