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Review:putitonpaper says:
I知 back!! Work was slayinggg me but I知 back! And so excited to read MULTIPLE chapters!! Like FOUR chapters?!?! I知 so jazzed cause Christmas came early! Like honestly, I知 like curling up my toes with a hot cup of tea and reading this before answering my reviews cause I知 stoked!

I don稚 know why but I absolutely love, love 都kin the colour of tea with just a skim of milk, and freckles that mapped a thousand constellations all over her face. Such a cool description and a great picture in my head.

Umm. James. Chill. She got a new slip! What was his dream?! How are you able to make me feel annoyed with him and feel bad for him at the same time??

的 saw Luke sit beside me - He likes her!! Was this obvious in your first write? Or are you playing up the connection now? Either way, I知 quite the fan of Jenny having options :P!

Wow! Sixteen days! I don稚 know why that surprises me so much. It makes so much sense that her feelings are so raw at this point. I have a newfound and heightened appreciation for how much pain she痴 feeling.

'What?' Freddie cried out suddenly, rounding on me. 'Jennyhatessomething? Inform the press! Where's theProphetwith therealnews when you need them!' FREDDIE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I adore how much he calls Jenny on her stuff!

套Your mum read methreechapters ofWe Should All Be Feminists.樗 LOVE LOVE Jenny痴 mom. YAS.

:( - ugh. This makes me feel for her so much! - 徹fcoursehe didn't want to talk about the past Idiot I just sounded like a clingy, stalkerish ex-girlfriend.

You are so good! SO GOOD. 澱ut who would cater tomine? Then BOOM! Luke shows up!! Love. This makes me so very happy. AND THEY WENT ON A DATE! YAY! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH? WHY? I don稚 know! But I do! He loves her hair in plaits! True love. Obviously.

(Hmm. I need to go back and figure out the timeline but did Luke like Jenny and then Dom tell James that Jenny liked James so that Luke and Jenny wouldn稚 get together?)

Even knowing what I know, I remember now why I thought James was still problematic. This - 笛ames had been possessive, jealous and a maybe a little controlling in our relationship - ugh. Such an issue and I知 wondering/ trying to remember if Dom痴 actions had anything to do with this. (I keep saying this but every time I think about your story, I find Dom so, so fascinating. Like she痴 not my 吐avorite but I think about her motives all. the. time.)

I love this description! - 砺iolentrush of adoration went through me, a starburst of gold, pink and blue. It reminds me of your story description - which you know I love!

I REMEMBER THIS SCENE (the shopping together scene) - And you probably assume I remember this scene because of the kiss but it actually wasn稚 about this kiss!!! For some reason, (and I swear to you I am not lying) when I think about your story, this quote from James rings in my head - 'We were one of those supremely weird couples.' I don稚 know why! I have no idea why this quote hit me so hard when I first read it! Maybe it was Jenny痴 reaction? Maybe it痴 the fact that it痴 two immature teens having to reflect on their relationship in the most painful/unforgiving way possible?

AND THEN I ALSO REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY!! - Acting like a wounded animal whenyou'rethe one who * things up. - I feel like this is when I was like 鉄TOP EVERYTHING! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? HA, girl, this is bringing back all of the memories of the emotional rollercoaster you put me through!! LOL

I LOVE THE PAINT FIGHT FOR 2 REASONS! (1) I feel like we are peeking into the foundation of their relationships - like what it would really be like if their friendships were purely platonic UNTIL (2) my new best friend, LUKE, comes through with the flirtatiousness. LIKE YAS, Jenny does look very good ;). I知 so hardcore shipping Lenny right now. Was their tension this apparent in your first write??

'Tyra Mail!' HAHAHA I love Freddie.

Wait. Time out. Do Fig and Newton know ALL of the convos these crazy kids are having in this house lol. If so, what an invasion of privacy! lolol.

And the Alena Fight makes you my favorite writer ever right now hahahah

Marisa and Dom are friends?? LOL I don稚 know why that surprises me so much.

Anyways, wonderful chapter as always. EVERYTHING happened and it was amazing. I can稚 wait to read the rest of your updates!! Hopefully that happens BEFORE work kills me (*rolls eyes*)

Author's Response:
AHHH!! I'm so glad you're back!!! I'm sorry work's been slaying you but yay - you're back!! I am so excited to read this review - I'm just going to be responding while I read it :D

Eek! That makes me heart glow omg!! I'm now SO in the mood for a curling up with a cup of tea and reading a good fic (my unsubtle way of saying I can't wait for your update lol). But yes, I've updated soo much in your absence I cannot WAIT to hear your thoughts on it all!!

I have been absolutely itching to find a way to put in that tea-skin-colour imagery in a story for about a gajillion years so I'm so happy you liked that hahaha

I genuinely sometimes feel your inner monologue about james is exactly Jenny's lmao. Like she is 100% annoyed with him but also feels bad for him all the time haha. And o no I was definitely developing Jenny and Luke last time around as well!! But you're right it's a little juicer his time around hahaha

16 days is almost unbelievable probably because I've dragged them out for 100 lmao. But yeah!! It's why she genuinely cannot shut up about it! It's so raw and present for her and it makes what james did just a thousand times worse.

HAHHAHAHA I'm going to have to know your thoughts on Jenny and Luke in the rest of the chapters.

Also the fact that you've written this sentence: "did Luke like Jenny and then Dom tell James that Jenny liked James so that Luke and Jenny wouldnテ「ツツ冲 get together?" makes me lol because this kind of thinking is so inherent to this fic, like all of the characters are constantly running around this loop. On another less divergent note, it's a very interesting thought .VERY interesting .

Your words on Dom are so lovely to hear!! Because hating a character is such an easy emotion to develop and, like, I hate her too at times but finding someone fascinating - that's so much harder to cultivate because I had to make her relatable but alien, familiar and yet utterly unfriendly and it just makes me happy that that's what Dom is to you!

Ahhh!! Thank you!! That's one of my favourite lines too!!!

Omg I did completely think it was because of the kiss hahahaha but oh wow that's so interesting!!! I love that though!! James and Jenny's physical connection is probably obvious and expected but considering james' behaviour, Jenny's pain and her general ambivalence towards James at the moment, finding real moments of truth about how she felt about him is so rare and splendid.

HAHAHAHA I'm so sorry I put you through this emotional rollercoaster!! This new one is way crazier LOL.

Omg no Fig and Newton do NOT know all the conversations they're having. That would be so awful.

HAHAHHA watch this fic take a dark turn and have Alena actually murder them all. But stop im blushing.

LOL yes, they are and even more surprisingly they're a lot more alike than you probably think haha.

MY GOD. Well thank you SO SO much for reading and reviewing this chapter because I know you must so bloody busy with your own reviews and, of course, work ( :( ) and I hope you got through this absolute behemoth wall of text all right.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the other chapters!!! Here's to hoping work doesn't slay you!!!

Much love as always!! Xxx P

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