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Review:Hasane says:
Hi! I'm so sorry it took me just about four days to finish the rest of this!

You’ve really set this story up to have some real potential for plotlines here. Cass is already making steps into maturing a little bit, as she took the chance to apologize; that takes a lot of guts you know?

I never really did like Cass in ‘Complicated’ but you’ve really made me sympathize with her, and understand to an extent why she would do what she did. Of course, your readers hating Cass (most of them anyways) also had something to do with a bit of denial; all of us would love to believe when push comes to shove we wouldn’t run away, wouldn’t we? She’s human, so we’ve got to give her some leeway for that.

I really like that Cass went to James to do something about their ruined ‘relationship’ but having sex with him really wasn’t the way to go. It would bring up old feelings, or some illusion of it, and they’re usually never good. I don’t know what you plan on doing with the two of them, but by the end of the story I’d really like to see them friends, as friends who have worked through their problems, you get what I mean?

So, about Scorpius. I really have to applaud him. Olivia suffered a lot with Cass’ disappearance in her sixth year, but Scorpius clearly went through some stuff too. He had to experience the anxiety of thinking his girlfriend had died or something, and all this while his feelings for her were at his strongest. He did say that he was going to confess that he loved her at the beginning of ‘Complicated’ didn’t he? And then, it turned out Cass was alive! But pregnant with a baby that wasn’t his. Yikes. Seven years later, I would say he had properly moved on, but those feelings of frustration would have lingered, I think. He didn’t punch Cass the moment she showed her face to him, even when he had every single right to. I give him props for that, honestly.

Olivia is such a sweetheart. Seven years, and she still kept sending letters to Cass. People better than her would have stopped after the first few years, but she never gave up. You have to love her.

And Albus! We finally saw a bit of a mean side to him! No one can ever be that nice. He really is a sweetheart; he could never hurt a fly. Well, except if it was Cass (kind of).

Also! Cass finally saw her child! Cadence! What a pretty name you chose for her, especially a pretty one alluding to music. Do you plan on doing anything with those two? I think it would be really nice if Cass ever finds the courage to talk to Cadence, and become friends with her? I don’t think Cass is quite ready to step up to the plate of being a mother to her, but I think being friends with her is a nice compromise.

I really like what Cass has going on with Louis? They’d be a really good brother-sister type relationship, and I think Cass is just really comfortable with Louis? Maybe it’s because they’ve made the same mistakes and that puts them at the same level with each other? I don’t know. Is that it?

So, uh, I hear you’re on a bit of a roadblock with this story (I read your response to my last review!)? I don’t know if I have any worthwhile ideas, but I suppose I’ll still throw them at you.

In this very recent chapter, I caught a very tiny small detail that had me really interested?

“I had a new friendship with Louis, and thought I’d found a way to help make James feel better.” It’s this one. So, Cass found a way to help James? Is it prosthetics? I think it’s the most logical way to go about fixing James’ situation. So maybe in the next chapter Cass could drop by James’ and perhaps pitch this idea? Of course James’ can take this idea however he wants, since it’s coming from Cass, and her idea is maybe iffy?

Or the next chapter could be the aftermath of Olivia’s breakdown, and Cass is slowly helping Olivia come back from it? Breakdowns are very exhausting, not to mention they just kind of make you… feel empty.

You could even throw Cass into a very uncomfortable situation with Olivia’s bridesmaids and make Cass feel horrible, or either somehow build her persona of a maturing person. You know?

Was my gibberish any help to you? Gosh. I’m so sorry. Also, apologies for not being able review my thoughts on every chapter; so instead I just made into a whole giant review with all of my thoughts gathered.

See next time, hopefully with a new chapter!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! It's honestly so lovely to read such a thoughtful, detailed review. I'm so glad you're still enjoying it!

Cassie and James have a pretty complicated history and relationship, but I have a feeling you'll like where they end up (fingers crossed!).

And I'm really pleased you'er enjoying Scor and Olivia! They've both grown up quite a lot and I'm enjoying showing Cassie dropping into the lives they've both built. I would have loved to write a big confrontation scene between Scor and Cass but I think he's pretty pleased with where he's got to and wouldn't feel so angry any more, so it wouldn't have been fair to him.

And thank you for liking Louis! Loving writing him. He's the one who hasn't really grown up at all but he's lots of fun.

Thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. I've planned the rest of this story (does actually include a little bit of your stuff!) but for some reason I'm not feeling that drawn to it when I sit down to write at the moment. The same thing happened every so often with 'Complicated' so I'm sure some time soon I'll sit down and finish it off!

Thanks again for all your kind words and thoughts.

Emma xx

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