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Review:BBHP says:
This was so intense and I have so many thoughts and feelings after reading this chapter that I actually had to step away for a bit to gather my thoughts before leaving a review. And then I had to go reread the chapter WHILE writing this, so forgive me if it's long and sort of all over the place!

I'm still so confused over this whole breakup thing! Like, is Polyjuice involved somehow? Because I can't even understand how any of this went about. How on earth is James SO sure that Jenny said she kissed Luke, and Jenny is SO sure she didn't even see James until later? Also, Jenny's indignation and sarcasm during that fight was on point. I loved it. (I even had to stop and read it aloud so I could make sure I got the emotion and tone exactly right.)

I don't blame Jenelle at all for having a sort of panic attack. Everything in her life has been turned upside down and she can't seem to grasp anything steady or that makes sense. I'm very curious to see how (and if) she gets out. I'm glad she went to Freddie instead of Dom (although Dom was clearly very put out when Jenny chose Freddie). Dom was already getting on my nerves and now it's easy to completely hate her, but I'm trying to think of some way that this is still a huge misunderstanding. If she really did mess up Jenny and James's relationship somehow, WHAT was she even trying to do?! Was she trying to manipulate things to see how Luke felt about Jenny, or if Jenny would go for him once she and James broke up? Dom seems every bit the vapid, airheaded blonde Veela that people expect her to be, but I think she has a lot of underlying issues. And she's seeming to be quite a conniving, manipulative, attention-seeking you-know-what. I'm looking forward to their confrontation, and hopefully it'll shed some light on why Dom is the way she is.

Freddie's conversation with Jenny was actually hilarious and sad at the same time. Of course Jenny knew -- we all knew! But the fact that Freddie's fear was that he wouldn't be accepted by his closest friends just makes my heart hurt.

Jenny seems to be changing a LOT over the weeks that she's spent in the bubble. She's more assertive and direct than she was at the beginning, and I think it's a good change. The Jenny who snapped at Ollie is a different Jenny who was heartbroken in the beginning.

I feel bad for Flora, but at the same time (speaking from experience) a girl's gotta know if her boyfriend is kissing someone else, no matter who is the one to tell her. I did suspect that their mutual current disdain for James would forge a sort of truce between them. They'll both want out of there after all this drama, and I'm dying to know how they do it.

Author's Response: AHH omg!! I'm reading this review and responding at the same time so forgive me if I'M all over the place, but GAH, I can't believe it was that intense?! I didn't even mean to write it that way at all?? But I'm strangely pleased? I feel like I'm such a cruel author haha. But honestly it's so crazy that everything feels so intense for readers!

Cruel authoring again, but good! I wanted people to be as confused as Jenny is because that makes her actions a little easier to understand (I hope lol). But omg haha, I do that too when I'm writing!!

Yeah Jenelle's having a crisis of faith, if you can call it that. She has no idea why her perfect world is being so terrifically torn apart and why her god is so cruel. Yeah it's going to be QUITE interesting how stupidly simple and flawed Freddie's plan to get them out turns out to be lmao. But yes, as for now, Dom's reasoning is so incomprehensible if it's true and not a misunderstanding that if and when Jen confronts her, it will definitely provide some insight on her character.

I know!!! Freddie you dolt your friends love you!

OMG YES. I'm so glad you've noticed this!!! And definitely, one hundred percent she's changing because it's being forced on her in a way. She can't just wallow in her heartbreak anymore and there's even the sense that the Jenny that snapped at Ollie is the real Jenny resurfacing after weeks of wallowing in self-pity.

Yeah, Flora's been handed a sorry card these past few chapters but she's quite resilient and despite fancying James, he wasn't that great a of a boyfriend to begin with and so you'll get to see her kind of just get on with it lol. But yesss, the next chapter you'll know exactly how they plan on getting out--in fact the chapter title will be a dead giveaway.

Thank you for this long, wonderful review! Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter!

Love always P xx

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