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Review:Hasane says:
omg omg omg so i have been waiting for this fic, like, for-freaking-ever

and it's so worth the wait

i love it so much! when i was reading D2.6A, dahlia was not the character i related to the most, and i found her to be a teensy bit too brash, but i totally appreciated her presence.

of course, now that we have a fic literally in her pov, i understand her tons better, and honestly, she's compelling

shes working in a (possibly?) rundown cafe (of sorts) and she's dealing with customers and stuff (which honestly would be enough to turn into Voldemort and go all megalomaniac), so props to her for actually keeping her cool.

the thing with novus is that i totally knew what was gonna go down with those two (i may have scrolled thru the D2.6A tag on your tumblr but that aside) and im not too unhappy with it, considering that we all know the truth about novus (cue slightly maniacal laugh here). also, every relationship needs its rocky roads and rain (or however that goes). it makes a relationship stronger in the end you know? but poor nova, shes all broken up about it! she doesnt deserve that. (but i swear i blushed too much at the he did sh*t like sh*g Nova on school trips to Rome and i left the chap alone for a vv long time for it to be okay lol why am i like this)

i think by far my fav part of the story was her interactions with her family. it was so real and accurate (trust me im an indian and you too probably with the level accuracy, or perhaps youve experienced it firsthand idk), and has that little bit of culture mixed in, and i totally know what the heck kinda foods dahlias talking about! and thats so great for me omg

in other words, this is the fic for me basically. like, i literally cannot wait for what kind of sensitive topics you might explore in this fic, if you might at all. theres so much to explore within indian culture, like arranged marriages, how educations are designated, how sons are prioritized over daughters, how sons are raised more importantly, etc. (i have a lot of problems with indian culture, but i also love it simultaneously because it makes me unique)

also, did you not say once (idk where i forgot) that this fic would be exploring dahlias aromantic-ness (i mean it seems probable since she seems romantic relationships averse) or asexuality? im so glad that youre going to be doing that, mostly because i myself am going through such a phase of questioning my sexuality too, and im leaning towards being aromantic

and basically at this point i relate to dahlia on a personal level, its unreal. (i may have realized that i didnt like dahlia bc she was bit too much like me)

i too am trying to write a fic like this one, where an indian girl is grappling between western culture and traditional indian culture and her sexuality, but it doesnt come easy and i had too much going on within in the fic that i had to let go of it for a bit. i might come back to it one day.

i cannot wait for the next chapter! (also? congrats to you for pulling off julno, i do not have the amount of patience needed for that)

this was such a long review and probably got a little too personal i'm so sorry

Author's Response: Hey!

Um, I absolutely love long reviews (even if it takes me an age to respond bc my laptop is rubbish and I avoid the internet on it for fear of it having a nervous breakdown) so don’t apologise! Feel free to be as rambly and personal as you want ;)

Also ah sjfngffpd; I’m so glad you like it so far!! Honestly, I’ve had this idea brewing in the back of my mind for, like, a solid five or six months, but I always figured it was never going to happen until I just decided to go for it during JulNo. But I’ve still been sooo nervous about putting it up anywhere because it’s different to Dormitory 2.6A since it’s focused on one girl instead of the plights of them all and Dahlia is such a difficult character lmao. As you said, she’s a bit *too* brash so I was like ‘will people want to read this fic???’

Also, I would never be able to handle her job omg

Haha, at least you were prepared for what happened to Novus! I’m sure many weren’t and wanted to know why I’d do this to a couple I’d spent 10 chapters building up, but like… I might be a weakling and may have given in and said they get back together eventually, but I need to be heartless sometimes, you know? Also, I genuinely think it’d be good for her to get a feel for herself outside of their relationship since he was her first love and they were only sixteen when they got together

I didn’t expect to love writing the Darzis as much as I do, but I shamelessly love them too :P I’ve based half of it off my own family (my parents are from Bangladesh, but from conversations with some Indian friends of mine, it seems that there’s not a great deal of difference culture-wise which helps a *lot* ngl) so I’m just chucking it all in now. Plus, culture is something that really defines you, especially in the case of Dahlia so I’m really looking forward to exploring that e.g. arranged marriages + marriage in general is a recurring factor in her life (cough Auntie Supriya’s role cough)

(Also you literally named half the problems I have with my own culture, are we twins??)

Yes, so this fic is essentially about Dahlia finding her identity whether that’s her realising that feminism isn’t misandry or the fact that she’s asexual and just accepting that there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Like D2.6A, it’s going to be just as whacky and borderline (read: completely) ridiculous at times, but that’s because I want to show that life isn’t always miserable and I kinda just want to normalise all this tbh

“I may have realised I didn’t like Dahlia bc she was bit too much like me” - I just choked :P

Thank you for the wonderful review (and sorry for bombarding you with such a long response haha)

Plums xo

(Also the apostrophes have gone really weird in this???)

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