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Review:Eyo says:
I forgot to put a review after having caught back the story shame on me!

You have a great writing style that should really be the first thing about your story. Seems very pro and the alternance of past and present as difficult as it you master it pretty well. I love how you create continuously new enigma in either the past or the present which I guess will be answer reciprocally in the other time. For example in this chapter will we understand what the hell this group is during their research in the past?

I wonder though if you will be able to alternate until the end which would be really cool but I guess even harder. Your mc has this little original thing which makes her a good one. It's nice how she is a "model" student on the cover but also many other traits no wonder she is attract to James. James though to be honest I feel in the past is a bit boring. He is extremely popular but doesn't appear arrogant or full of himself, he is just nice that is a bit boring to be honest and I was a bit disappointed about the discussion over Hogwart House I felt like his argumentation was pretty dumb, Slytherin and Griffondor follow the same cursus so from this one point it's dumb to think the House makes you "bad" or "good". Ostracism is definitely a better way to make someone turn "bad" and since when cunning and ambition are quality of Dark Wizzard, nice to know that I would have been an a**hole in this James universe haha. But as read in an earlier review maybe James was just acting like that for the sake of the argument and some sexual tension was here I mean at this age I wouldn't say I wasn't like that. Although the present James I hope is more complex and interesting.

By the way to answer you on the house system I always feel since I began to read Harry Potter that the house system was shit. House for sure but for the rest of the year you should be mixed randomly during class, have meals without house table and should just keep house table for the entrance and last meal of the year but anyway.

I love what you make of blood runes and I hope they gonna play a big role in this story not simply as way to sign your murder but also as combat magic or other kind of protection curse!

Also as you tell us James is kind of a prodigy in duelling? How strong is Harry Potter in your story? If James is that good at 16 can we guess that Harry is the best dueller/greatest wizard of Britain? Or maybe do you want to reveal this kind of info right now? I love the post era story where the old characters and not only the childrens are active and for now I love what you make of Harry Potter, very frightening, impressive but carrying he is really my favourite char in your story! I can't wait to see what you do of Ron Ginny or Hermione because after all Hermione knows her shit about the Hollows.

I love how dark is this fic, it's not stupidly dark I could even see it's a nice era but the dark is crawling and you create a very strong ambiance I'm not sure if it's reinforced by the alternance in time though but it's really good.

I can't wait to read more and particularly about the goal of the NeoGrindelwald ( why switch to this shitty name though :p or is it two différents group? ) and I sincerely hope you gonna make them as good as the rest of your story ( their story, their attacks, their relative power, Etc... )

Thank you for this story, cheers! See you next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you for this awesome review, Eyo! I appreciate your insight.

I have really enjoyed the time jumping in this story. You'll find a bit more about The Devil's Mark (and the NeoWalds [who didn't name themselves this, but more on that in later chapters] and Blood Runes) as the story continues.

I'm glad you like Amelia. She has many strong traits, and those will become more apparent in later chapters. She is on the path of self discovery for sure! As for James, you are reading him from Amelia's point of view. While he is popular, James is arrogant, but it's not very obvious to Amelia--maybe she just doesn't see it, or maybe she doesn't care that he is. James takes things for granted, I think. He naturally expects to be popular, feels comfortable with that attention (and can ignore the more negative aspects), and full heartedly accepts the division between Gryffindor and Slytherin. He does, deep down I think, believe in Gryffindor's superiority, but his feelings for Amelia (as well as having Albus in Slytherin) challenges his pre-assumptions at the same time as bringing them out of him. To answer your question about James' duelling, he is NOT a prodigy. James is a naturally talented wizard, especially in kinesthetic magic (Quidditch and spellwork). In my mind's eye, he does struggle in Potions and in theoretical magic, and his arrogance gives him the confidence to try new magic, which only increases his talent. You will see more of present James, and maybe you'll learn more about his motives. ;)

Harry Potter is an intimidating figure in this story. I love writing scenes between him and Amelia. You'll find out more why Amelia is so nervous to be around him later! Ron, Hermione, and Ginny will make more appearances, as the plot is now accelerating into some exciting new ventures!

Thanks again for reviewing and enjoy the rest of the story. :)

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