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Review:TheTenthWeasley says:
Yoo ooo I saw Dunkirk a few days ago and it was so intense and the cinematography was epic and I was on edge the whole time. On a more AOP related note I love the way you integrate bits and pieces from the Muggle world into your story.

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again - your writing really is so realistic and reminiscent of teenage years that it actually makes me feel nostalgic when I'm reading it. It's so easy for me to forget that my way of thinking now - even though it was only a few years ago since I was a teenager - is actually a lot different compared to how I used to think when I was Jenny&co's age. When you're that age and "in love" with someone I feel like your thoughts and actions are a lot more self-centred, and this is exactly how I feel like Jenny behaves. Not that it's a negative thing, it's not a "Jenny's horrible and ruthless and selfish" thing, she just kind of reacts in her own (and James's) moment and doesn't really think about anything (or anyone) else or the repercussions. I'm so rambling but I hope you know what I'm getting at ? No ? Basically I'm saying I find Jenny relatable and that's probably because I didn't make the greatest life decisions when I was her 17/18. Also another thing I love about your writing - it's reflective of actual teenage life, of people who make mistakes and have to deal with them, of people who flirt with each other and actually act like kids. Ugh I don't know why I'm being so deep today.

I think your dialogue is at its best when the group are having little arguments; all of their personalities shine through and it's still funny and insightful.I loved the whole invisibility cloak debate. Also the wee flashback to Dom ranting about her place in the boys' list was hilarious too. I think she AND Fred might be tying first place for best one-liners.

As for the secondary characters - I want more Flora Morgan!! I love that even though Jenny is a feminist and doesn't want people to think that she thinks girls sleeping around is bad etc, she still has this mostly unfounded hatred of Flora because of her relationship with James. It's so teenager of her and it's just a reminder that they are 16/17 year olds. But yeah more Flora please, I was so intrigued by you making her the one responsible for the art and I'm excited for more expansion on the rest of the secondary characters as well.

I don't actually recall where you left off on TWY, I definitely remember the stars and Jenny finding out about Dom... did they go back to school and she was still mad at her? Or am I just totally making this up and should shut up because this has been so long and rambling I'm sorry byethanks :)

Author's Response: Omg I'm seeing Dunkirk next week I'm so excited, I have no idea if what Freddie is true and if anyone dies at all lmao so we'll see!

Urgh, thank you so so so much. That makes feel like okay, maybe this is okay, lol, because I find myself just staring at the words on the screen like is this even realistic or relatable in anyway? It's only been a few years for me too since I was 16 but I feel like it was literally a lifetime ago? My conversations, my behaviour, the way I see the world has changed so much since so to put myself back into my 16 year old self has been like, the weirdest, hardest thing lol. So the fact that it genuinely makes you nostalgic is crazy insane and makes me so happy. ALSO LOVE YOUR DEEPNESS.

Honestly baffled that it's reminiscent of teenage life, like maybe I am still a teenager at heart after all hahaha. Because it's so hard not inject the way I think now into Jenny's head but she IS just a kid and making stupid mistakes without thinking about the repercussions. They all act on impulse at times, thinking there's no greater or important feeling in the world other than what they're thinking right now. Romanticising everything, every look, every word, every relationship.

LOL, I do give Dom and Freddie the best one-liners don't I hahaha. Jenny to me is always so in her own head and slow with the comebacks (unless she's especially angry) and James and Luke are way to laddish and chilled to ever be as crazy as Freddie or Dom lmao.

Yeah Jenny, despite thinking Flora is rubbish for being the person James cheated on her with (with the knowledge he was with Jenny--or at least that's what she thinks), she still doesn't know for sure, but her suspicion and jealousy is just soo overwhelming she does not care at all hahaha. Also we will DEFINITELY get to meet Flora and I think it's going to be quite unexpected ...

LOL, honestly your guess is as good as mine. I remember posting the stars too. But who knows I'll just have to keep posting and when people are like OMG THIS IS NEW, then I'll know hahaha.


(also, sorry I'm so tired still and if this has been the most erratic response ever, then that's why lol)

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