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Review:Lobelia Saville-Baggins says:
Oh holy cow.
Oh cripes.
There's only so much pressure a girl can take. And I think we're nearing that point. Going down, as it were.
Okay, but I'm imagining how sweet Seth would standing there in a coat and little hat, with a much of cocoa steaming in front of her face and little puffs of warm air coming from her mouth and turning visible in the wonder James couldn't speak for a minute.
I'm a bit worried about what Lucas will do, and I hope he won't be the catalyst for Seth's eventual breakdown. I also think that James could have handled that SO much better. Honestly, telling Seth she can't do something? Does he even KNOW her?! At all? There are better ways to tell someone that the boy they are seeing is bad news. He's jealous (obvs to anyone BUT Seth, of course -- DRAMA!) but still...oh James.
Oh no. I just had a terrible thought...we know that Ginny doesn't like Seth...what if she suspects that it really was Seth who poisoned Albus (I have a theory about that, actually...since the chapter with the head boy being strange). But what if she told her suspicions to James? James wouldn't believe it, of course, but there would be that little voice in his mind that says "but what if your mother is right?" I mean, he knows her better than that, but there is always a little part of you that says "what if," once the idea is planted in there, right? ARGHHH
Getting approached like that by people wanting illegal potions CANNOT be good for Seth right now. Just goes to show how disgustingly hypocritical people can get. Sure, let's crucify this poor girl based on a few rumors and not-even-circumstantial evidence (a hunch based on technical capabilities AT MOST, to say nothing of moral capabilities), but then let's turn this to our own benefit.
When it's time for my first date, whenever that will be (and I'm turning 20 next week, so Seth's got nothing to worry about) I'm sure I will be a crazy, awkward mess as well. I just hope I can pull it off as adorably as Seth does. And I hope I have good friends like Katie and Sam at my side.
Speaking of Sam, I'm worried about him and Hector. This CANNOT be good for his self-esteem. Hector, BE BRAVE. BE YOU. I wish I could give characters such a good shake sometimes. You do that for me, okay?
Much love to you and your boyfriend (how's he doing by the way? I hope he's all better). Now that grad school is over, what's next up?
See you next chapter (hopefully soon? *wink*)!

Author's Response: YOU'RE BACK! You haven't abandoned me despite the long wait! Thank you for that.

And yes, breaking point might me looming in the near future for Seth. She's strong but not made of stone...

And James... what can I say... he's an idiot. An idiot with a temper. And Seth is just the epitome of stubborn. Those two need a miracle ;) He could have told her about his suspicions in a calmer and less aggressive way and Seth would still have reacted the way she did. Maybe not in the same manner but generally she would have been quite angry.

And yes, Ginny definitely thinks Seth is guilty... we'll see more of that in the next chapter (or chapter 30, depends on how long it gets). And her suspicions definitely seem to get to at least on of her sons... (cue the mystery music).

I know what you mean - rumours are the worst. And people are so willing to indulge as long as it does not hurt themselves. My friend went to boarding school and she told me that it's even worse than in regular schools because you basically live with these people and there is not much else going on around to provide other diversions.

I was awkward on my real first date (which, incidentally, I had with 20 :) ) but it can't have been as bad as I thought it was, since that guy is still my boyfriend :D. He's doing great, btw... already mountainbiking again (which I think is not so great).

I agree that Hector needs to man up but his fears are also not unfounded... the next chapter will shed more light onto this, I promise :)

I miss uni but I got a job at my university as part of a research team, which I'm extremely excited about and I think I'll go for my PhD so lots of things are happening right now :D I hope you are doing well!?

Thank you so much again for that lovely review, you always make my day!

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