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Review:PaulaTheProkaryote says:
Em! How are you today?

I saw this pop up on the new stories a bit ago and it’s been on my reading list ever since! I absolutely adore the chapter titles and summaries. For this chapter, INTR 101: Introduction to Basics, I think we should ignore the fact that historically I’ve done everything in my power to skip introductory courses. ;) As for the summary itself, I think you should start doing my syllabi for me and saving me the hassle! Students might actually read it then!

“Condescension, social rejection, and internet deprivation.” Well the first line and you’ve already summarized every school I’ve ever been to.

You go, Scott. Show off that OOTD. Also Scott is my favorite character. His lines are above and beyond excellent.

I have so many favorite lines already but this line is my favorite: “It was dumber than the time Li thought moustaches were a good idea even though he could only manage one as sparse as a flea’s posterior abdomen.” If my floor wasn’t littered with dog toys, I’d be rolling on it.

I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEPT. Yes! Squibs! Going to college! My heart is so full! I think this is a natural progression because I find it difficult to believe that at the end of seventh year everyone just goes out and picks a career for the rest of their life. I mean if I picked the job I wanted at 18 I’d be a waste of space (I think my top choice was wealthy housewife if we’re being honest).

Would it be worth going to a magical university if you couldn't have wifi? I'm not so sure. So my question is why did the Squibs get the scholarships? As David said, the standards were ridiculously low. Was it for a diversity quota? WHAT IS THE ACTUAL TRUE MOTIVATION! Nothing in education is ever as simple as “we want you to learn.” NO. Agendas are everywhere!

I take it back. Li is my new favorite character. Li is near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to see how Li fairs as 1. a science/math whiz and 2. tech addict without the tech. I'd probably still hold my useless phone for comfort. I'd cuddle my ipad at night to feel safe.

I really like artsy Asha. She seems at least a little bit naive, but something tells me not to count her out just yet!

I agree with David. If you've done your time why are you starting all over again, Fang?

I have some many questions after the first chapter. What’s the deal with David and Fang? Why are they there? I NEED TO KNOW! This first chapter did such an excellent job introducing our little band of misfits and enticing me to flick the button and read on to the next chapter. It raised a bunch of questions which will no doubt be solved in some exceptionally exhilarating way. I love that each of our characters are already so multifaceted and they are so well developed (in under 2600 words no less)! You really have a way with developing addicting, realistic characters.

I’m shipping David/Fang (and a little bit David/Scott) and you can’t stop me. You can never stop me.

Author's Response: PAULA!

I am well thanks and made even more so by these reviews you're dropping on me. Those syllabi--sure! :P Why not? If, you know, sarcasm and rambling is appropriate in a professional setting. ;)

I am sorry that the first line relates to you in any way. That sucks majorly because that's not how school is supposed to be, yet it is on some occasions.

Scott's fabulous, indeed.

I'm glad you like that line!! It's just--dude, even your moustache is reluctant to grow properly--shouldn't that tell you something? Don't push it.

YAY COLLEGE! I guess this is representative of me growing up as well. It feels odd to write high-school aged persons because their mentalities are different. This is the age where people transition from that high-school mentality to more developed mentalities--if their lucky. Or, rather, if we're lucky because having a high-school-typical mentality is not a burden to the individual that has it, it's a burden to the rest of us.

What's wrong with wealthy housewife? :P Neuroendocrinology is much sexier, though.

AGENDAS ARE EVERYWHERE. Which you have found out in the following chapter, you're very perceptive, Paula.

Li is precious. He genuinely gives 0 poops, but adores technology, science, math.

Interesting first impression of Asha. Spot on.

Fang. . . oh, Fang.

I'm thrilled you think it makes for 'an excellent job introducing our band of misfits.' They're my preciouses and I'm thrilled each of them made an impression on you. They are quite a large bunch, aren't they?

YAY DANG (and Dott?).

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