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Review:Gail Welin says:
Hi Marshal!

I really like Remus and never read enough of him! This is going to change!
I must admit I'm tired and it took me a while to understand the time this plays in. The story era is "Hogwarts", so I got confused with Remus being the "bad egg" considering Sirius and Peter as discovered later on. ^^'

Oh, yes, dangerous times... One could never know... I really like that they ask each other about their last interactions.

I really liked the bit about the lemon square suddenly feeling dry in Remus's mouth because surprise, awkwardness or fear would stimulate a dry mouth. If you don't mind my opinion on this tiny detail, I think you could stipulate Remus being too shocked to swallow or even have the bit come as soon as James shows up; because Remus speaks with a full mouth otherwise.

I love your vocabulary; "pressing his fingers together in the form a steeple" is just painting a perfect picture ♥

I love the idea of the Vicissitudo charm, it's a genius move, Marshal! I really loved the way you brought forth this wonderful charm of yours, it was very vivid! And you could definitely expand your descriptions of the way James and Remus now feel as the other! Like the glasses James wear - Remus could take them off and put them back on. Or your brilliant mention of the different sensitivity to smells is so good, you could use it again from James's perspective!

I love that you differentiate the ways James runs a hand through his hair, the different feelings the gesture expresses. It's perfect that Remus notices that.

A small typo here with "fine" Ill be find, Moony, ;)

Wow, you have no idea how relieved I was Lily was already aware of the plan! Imagine the horrible confusion of having to explain it to her after the body swap. :/

A great read so far, I can't wait to read on! The plot is incredibly interesting already and I wonder: is this going to change the whole course of Potter history as we know it or is Remus going to die as James and the latter lives on to marry Tonks and die without ever telling Harry?? I would read both and even a third option! :D

Second chapter, here I come!


Author's Response: Gee,

I am finally getting back to you! I have loved this review and your other one so much and they have massively put me beyond words so many times I don't what to say.

I had fun writing the scene of their last interactions it was indicative of the times and a nice way to kind of lay the ground work for what had brought them to the point that they were at in some ways.

As for the lemon square, I'll have to look at that again. I think I was trying to avoid laundry listing every action by the characters but still nice catch and I'll be sure to look at it!

As for the differing perspectives I admit that there feels to be a million and one ways to play with the differences between the men. As you saw in the next chapter I played with it a bit with James and I do some with Remus in the subsequent chapter a bit, I just didn't want the differences to be the focus of the story and the visuals did play on my mine what sight would be like for both men but my words so failed me and it was easier to differentiate with smell.

I'm glad you have enjoyed the story thus far. I am planning on keeping things very cannon, that has always been my intent with this story to tell it cannon but with a new twist. Of course, my James muse wants to gallivant off in a wholly different direction and forget canon but I'm working it out.

As for where the story will end I've been debating this and also where canon might finally 'break' per say.

And that typo! Ack! I had found it early on and I swear I fixed it! Why does that typo hate me? Okay I'm being dramatic but any other typo I would not be annoyed by but that one it mocks me as I know I fixed it! Thank you for pointing it out. I shall go fix that ASAP!

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