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Review:Davey Stu says:
Firstly I'd like to say I appreciate the time and effort you've gone to to keep these characters alive! Secondly I apologise for not having reviewed any previous chapters. I don't read much fanfiction, so I'm not in the habit of doing so, and I'm reading through it very quickly so it's hard to find time to. I may stick to reviewing at the end of each year while I catch up if that's okay with you. :)

Overall I think you've done a really lovely job continuing the story and in particular in capturing the characters, which is the most important part for me. It's interesting to have the narrative shift from character to character, and get thoughts and feelings from each perspective.

I must admit the first couple of chapters were tough going, but in a good way! It was only right that we experienced the mourning that followed the battle, and felt the pain of the characters - and I really did, so you obviously did a great job with that! Moving on from there I like that you've stuck to what information JKR gave us about their lives in the coming years, with their respective careers etc. It really makes it feel like a natural continuation.

I've enjoyed seeing their careers begin to take shape, and in particular thought Ginny's role as Quidditch captain and her future opportunities was really well written. I was sorry to see Seyrod leave us, I'd grown to like his character, but it demonstrates the danger still out there. I suppose Harry and Ron will have a lot more to do with yet another auror gone!

The one other thing I want to mention that I've really loved is the sense of family. I always enjoy scenes at the Burrow, I feel they're really well written, with extended family coming and going just as they did in the OotP days. The way you've come to include the bfs and gfs - Harry, Hermione, Audrey etc - as part of the family is nice, and completely fitting with how the Weasley family are. Also it was nice to get to meet Mr and Mrs Granger, however briefly!

I'll admit I'm not always a fan of the romantic drama - I'd be happy with the odd moment to remind us of the love they have for each other. For example I really liked the small exchange in this chapter between Harry and Ginny regarding their possible future children. But of course it is your prerogative to include as much as you want. They are still young after all, they're bound to go through it all!

This chapter itself is one of my favourites so far. :) The gathering at Hogwarts was a really nice way of rounding off the year, remembering where we started and where we've come to, with the birth of Victoire. I thought the song and Kingsley's speech were very nicely written, although I'd have like to hear what Harry himself would have said, a year on and a little more prepared than his speech in chapter 1. And I liked that the Malfoys made an appearance. I feel like it fit. I think in the aftermath of the war Narcissa and Draco would struggle with themselves, but having felt the very worst of Voldemort's wrath, would be thankful that good prevailed, and would hope in time to reintegrate into society and atone for their mistakes. And I hope we see a bit more of Hagrid in future!

Anyway, that's my thoughts so far. I hope you don't feel I'm too critical! Overall I've really enjoyed it, it's no easy task trying to pick up where JKR left it but you've done a great job. I look forward to reading the rest! X

Author's Response: Hi! Don't worry for a second about not reviewing every single chapter - this one is more than I could ask for! I'm so flattered that you've read the story that fast, fingers crossed you will continue to enjoy it.

Characterization is very important to me so thank you so much for saying those sweet things. I really appreciate that!

Haha, I'm not very happy with the earlier chapters but it's great they could convey those same emotions that the characters were feeling at the time - thank you so much for saying that.

I'm also happy you're enjoying Ginny's career life. I have the best time writing about her because she happens to be one of my faovurite characters! I was sad to see Seyrod leave too, and yes, it will make life even busier for Harry and Ron.

There's quite a lot of focus on family throughout the story so that's so great that you've been enjoying those parts. I think the Weasleys would be the best family to marry into because they embrace everyone with open arms :) You'll get to see more of Mr and Mrs Granger in the future! Glad you enjoyed their brief appearance in year 1.

I definitely understand what you mean about the romantic drama. It's not for everyone! There are probably a few things I would change about it when I go back and edit - I actually prefer the smaller moments like the one you've mentioned too. Thank you so, so much for pointing it out, I really appreciate that. I just think they'd all be like young teenagers about it because when they WERE young teenagers they had too many other things to worry about, if that makes sense. It will all change as they grow older :)

I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter that much! Maybe I'll find a way to add Harry's speech into this - it would be like closing the circle, wouldn't it, with his speech in the first chapter as well. I'm glad you liked the fact that the Malfoys showed up. I think they would struggle a lot too, especially with Lucius off in Azkaban but I think a lot would change to them and that they eventually would try to do better, if still not great!

You haven't been too critical at all! In fact, I think you've been so very kind, and I don't know how to express how grateful I am that you've taken the time to write this. Thank you so, so much! Xx

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