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Review:Unicorn_Charm says:
Lizzie! That's enough with the making me cry stories! What are you doing to me?? *wails*

Wow this was just so good. So, so good. I can't even handle that last section right now, Lizzie. You're killing me! Ok. *breathes* time to review like a normal (ha! "normal) human being.

I liked how you used the lack of color and him not using his extra abilities to set the mood right in the beginning. You knew right then and there that you were taking us on another emotional ride. Because you are Lizzie and I'm starting to suspect you also sustain yourself on readers' tears. *glares suspiciously*

You did a great job of creating suspense throughout this. You really didn't know if Teddy had actually cast the spell that nearly killed Victoire, if the Weasleys were going to freak out at him or if she was going to make it at all. By the way, did she? I'm going to pretend she did. Yep. In Meg's little bubble of "everything is awesome" I'm going to just pretend she did. I mean, Harry said she's made it through the worst of it. So she's fine. Yes ma'am. She's just oh kay.

Moving on.

The scene with Harry and Teddy was fantastic. It was heartwarming, sad, intense and just incredibly well written. Of course Harry would know exactly what to say to Teddy because he's truly been there. He does know exactly how Teddy is feeling. It seemed like he got through to him a little, at least. He reminded me of Harry a bit. The way he lashed out and smashed the mirror. It was reminiscent of when Harry destroyed Dumbledore's office in OotP. I think that's why Harry just let him go. He knew that Teddy had to get it out of his system. Just like Dumbledore let Harry go. I don't know if that was the parallel you were going for, but I really liked it.

And then *sniffle* that last section. My heart! I can't take it! I know that Teddy at least has family (blood and not) that loves and cares for him, but that's still not the same as having your own parents. And to be taunted because of who they were. Ugh! They were heroes! Him talking to that picture killed me. And then the last bit, with the song. I just imaged Tonks being the one who sang it for some reason. And then tears. Then the tears. :'(

Lizzie, you're amazing. Absolutely incredible. Your writing has just been continually blowing me away with each story of yours that I read. Brilliant! Just such good work! *hugs*

Tons of love,

Author's Response: Meg!

So sorry that I've taken so long to respond to this! It's absolutely shameful, I know. :(

Although I will admit that I *might* not have answered this right away because it's one of my absolute favorite reviews that I've ever received...

Do I sustain myself of my readers' tears? Perhaps... :P

Anyway, I'm SO glad you liked this story! And I'm really glad that you liked how the suspense built up. That was a really important aspect of the story that I was worried I'd totally fail at.

As for Victoire... well, I will tell you that she survives. But she's never the same after what happens... I'll actually be continuing her plotline in a short story at some point.

I find writing Harry to be extraordinarily nerve-wracking. I'm always so worried about completely screwing his character up, so THANK YOU! And you're absolutely on point about it being modeled after the scene in OotP. I hadn't planned it that way, but it's certainly how it turned out, and I'm so glad it did.

The fact that Teddy had to grow up without his parents - even though he had this wonderful family with the Weasleys - is so heartbreaking. And I felt SO CRUEL writing him being made fun of and bullied because of who they were, especially because it really ends up reflecting on who he is as a person. They're trashing his parents, and by extension, him.

Tonks having a slight obsession with muggle rock music is a headcanon of mine, so when I got the chance to work it in here, it just felt too perfect NOT to use. :D

THANK YOU MEG for your absolutely amazing review! This has never failed to make me smile! Your reviews are so fantastic!! *hugs*

Keep reading and reviewing my dear!

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