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Review:nott theodore says:
Salut, Val! ♥ And aw, I got a mention in this chapter - you're more than welcome, because I'm always excited to catch up with another chapter of this wonderful story! ♥

I really think you did a fantastic job of portraying the group of friends after the events of yesterday, when Hannah's left the school and the rest of them have to stay behind, not knowing what to do. I can't really imagine how it would feel to know that your best friend's mum has been murdered and you can't do anything about it to help her. And on top of that, it's not the only incident; so many of these Hufflepuffs have already got family who have suffered at the hands of, or been killed by, the Death Eaters and it's so sad that they're being forced to relive the trauma that it first caused them because of this incident. Then there's the fact that they're all so young and shouldn't have to go through that pain and loss and worry that this is what their lives will be consumed by in the next few years. They shouldn't have to accept that murder and death is going to become so commonplace for them.

I'm kind of curious that McLaggen actually cared enough to apologise, since he doesn't seem like the sort of person who would do that often, and I'm intrigued about what reason he was going to provide for not having made it to the tutoring session when Eloise was waiting for him. Maybe we'll find out from his perspective soon? But he really picked his moment badly, approaching her when she's already fed up of people staring at her because one of their friends is missing at the school, and I don't blame her for shouting at him, to be honest, with everything she's endured recently.

I love the way you're portraying the Hufflepuffs in this story! I think that sometimes, authors don't give them enough of a personality - they're all the same, kind and loyal, but there's so much more to everyone than that and I like the fact you're showing it here. They can be mean and tough if they're doing it from loyalty, and the group of them stick together. I really liked Eloise's interaction with the older students too, and the way that all of them are starting to realise that they need to look out for each other.

Poor Henry! That's such an awful thing for him to have had to go through and witness - I'm glad that at least he has his friends around him and they want to take care of him, although his comment about not being able to believe he wasn't still broken until other people stopped treating him that way was really accurate and insightful. I liked the friendship between him and Eloise though, and the way that they joke together about literature and things.

It didn't seem strange to me at all that Eloise seemed so comfortable with the Hufflepuff boys - I was glad that she was, and that they were good enough friends to want to look after her and Susan! It makes sense to me, since the Hufflepuffs are loyal anyway and look after each other, but they've been in school together for over five years by this point so they probably would have formed a friendship like this by now. I think that part of the reason Eloise seems so quiet and shy from what we know of her is that she probably is around those she doesn't know well or isn't comfortable with - the only glimpse we get of her in the books is from afar - but then when she's with people she considers friends, she's a lot more open.

I feel so sorry for the group, though I was glad to see them all together and talking about things - not being able to contact Hannah can't make things any easier for them, since they don't know what's happening and feel like they're cut off from her, almost as if they've lost her as well. I really liked Wayne in this chapter, too - he's so sensible, and he really seems to have grasped what's going to happen with this war, and the way that they need to stick together to make it through everything that's going to happen to them during it. It was so sweet to see him remembering the human factor of it, the loss and the pain, and trying to encourage them all to stick around. He seems like a great person to have around.

This was a great chapter, Val! I hope you manage to keep writing and congratulations on passing your exams and first year! ♥

Sian :)

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