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Review:writeyourheartout says:

Omg. This story is near impossible to review well. I mean, the chapter title alone! Are you kidding me? Hahahaha! I keep trying to redeem myself from my last review on chapter one, but the sheer levels of hilarity and silliness written into this story keep turning my brain to mush! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?

I'm apologizing ahead of time for this newest round in insanity and for the number of times I quote you. It can't be helped. This is your fault.

"Allie Apples is – was a member of the once popular wizarding band, One Dimension." - ONE DIMENSION, YOU DIDN'T!!! HAHAHA PERFECTION.

“You’ll want to be more careful now,” Nora says as I pull out of the garage. “After all, your time’s supposed to be up. You could be harvested by Death’s grim scythe any moment now.” - Ah, friendship. Nothing lovelier. :-p

My God, your characters are hilarious. Nora's bouts of inter-dimensional mind-travel are just the greatest thing ever. And I love that Lizzy's always calling her Princess or Your Highness. Too much fun. :-p

Port Sturry sounds a blast.

Oh, God! Polyjuice Potion was already gross, and now you've just taken it to a whole other level of ick-ick-ick! *shudders* What goes on in that head of yours, teh, I may never know... O_O

I just love the sheer amounts of magic you have in this fic - and so much of it completely original. Carkett Close and its whole deal was already imaginative enough, but you've got so many new places, new tricks, new ways of life being featured in this story that it's just so impressive. This whole smuggling world, for example... First of all - LOL! Wow, what a job to throw your characters into. Love it. And then the way the business is dealt with inside these ports, the way they do their sneaking about and smuggling. It's all brilliant and hilariously entertaining and a world unto itself. This story feels like its own universe. :)

The Auror, meanwhile, is now doing a cross between the Viennese waltz and Gangnam-style. - This is officially my favorite spell ever.

Holy cow, what happened in the Potter household to cause Lily - er... Lily-Lou, excuse me - to grow up so... so... holy-mother-of-God-crazy-pants-crazy?

LOL Love the way the chapter title seriously comes into play later on. :-p

Well, it’s simple, Mojo Jojo. - HAHAHA OMG, IS THAT A POWERPUFF GIRLS REFERENCE? I could kiss you. ♥

I have to tell you: I love that this is turning into a legitimate story beneath all the ridiculous antics and references and insanity. I'm, like, sincerely invested in this story now. I really want to know what's up with this whole James plotline. It's beyond intriguing.

“The hobo fohmally known as Jojo is no mo'. From this day fowohd, I shall be known as MOJO JOJO!” - HAHAHAHA Omg. I kind of want to be friends with your twisted version of Lily just for that.

Bahahaha I love that Nora is just flopped down in the middle of the road for this entire exchange. *pets*

Wow. What a party... O_O LOL Seriously, that place sounds like a coulrophobic's nightmare. Oh Lily-Lou... You're gonna be a great character, aren't you? She's hilarious and devious and it's absolutely wonderful to watch her mess with good ol' Mojo Jojo's head. I'm super curious about these powers of hers that she seems to possess, though! I hope we end up with a fuller explanation at some point, because I am super intrigued! :-D

This was brilliant, yet again. And I think my review came out much more coherent this time around!!! Yay! It took a lot of effort, I'm not gonna lie. ;)

Stay awesome, possum.


Author's Response: HI TANYA!! ♥ ♥

...this response is waaay laaate OH GOD I AM SO SORRY -hides-

But srsly OMG THANK YOOUUU for this reviewww!!

You are far too kind and I LOVE YOU and this story makes no sense but thank you for this review again asldj;asldk;

I don't even remember what I wrote because it's been waaay too long since I even wrote anything. And...ONE DIMENSION. I wanna write ONE DIMENSION fanfic where the band is reunited baahahaha. Nora and Jo are indeed the best of friends. They're more a partnership than friends, actually, but still friends.

Seriously, I look at all your comments and I think, did I really write all that stuff you're quoting? Turns out I did. :P I have no idea what frame of mind I was in while writing this chapter, but it wasn't anything normal. And I would love to curse someone and force them to do gangnam style plus a viennese waltz. YES.

Lily-Lou, hahaha, I love writing her. Her making Jo quote the Powerpuff Girls. UGH I MIGHT JUST START SHIPPINH THEM TOGETHERRR. SHe's the devil, Lily-Lou, and you'd better start taking me literally, Tanya. :P

Your review's coherent, what are ya talking about?! It's this story that's completely whacked. BUT THANK YOU.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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