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Review:my_voice_rising (it's me! really!) says:
HIYA. First of all, thank you for coming to my rescue. Maybe you're aware, maybe you aren't, that I sent up a bat signal of PLEASE COME REVIEW MY STORY DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG??? And lo and behold, there's a lovely new review in my inbox.

The one good thing about not reading any HPFF in ages is that when I come back, I have so many new shiny stories of yours to pick through. You know I salivate, covet and borderline cult-worship your writing, but this! So new, so different from what I've read! I love your angst stories but guess what, miss lady, you are also SO GOOD at humor. This has all the silly little oddities of JKR's writing--the bricks spitting black tar, the Engorgio'd lawn mowers, the decree that nobody is allowed to birth a child in the Close. But there's still your signature kind of dark tone...

Basically, I am in love.

PATIL-BROWN. She's the adopted... oh my... I... *heavy breathing* this is the best idea in the world. And it's even better because it kind of follows along "A Lightness," which was amazing.

And here we see where your challenge prompt comes into play. Wow! Just wow. You remind me a bit of Douglas Adams there, especially this line: Thatís Nora: a spliced-soul Inter-Dimensionalist Politician and Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire. And a terrible cook. I love it!

So the Prophet has REALLY gone downhill. I can clearly see those headlines, and the kind of publication it's become. *cough* Royal Wedding *cough*

I love the description of the apartment--as disgusting as it is! Flushing the cake down the toilet was a nice touch. I know it's a bit weird but we get such a good glimpse into Johanna's character just by that one action. But why would she make any attempt at taking care of herself, if she knows she's going to die when she's 27? In fact, this whole chapter has a cohesive theme to it, in terms of grubby imagery--the mound of cake, the flat, the bar, the clowns. It all ties in together so wonderfully, and I can see the Close so clearly.

Your characterization of James is so unique, too. A Seer? I like that you've taken the "Hogwarts's most eligible bachelor" thing to the extreme--divorcing his third wife! His ability to see into the future is definitely going to come into play, especially with Johanna's life. And I love Nora sniffing indignantly, "Yeah, but I can see my past, sooo..."

Lastly, I applaud your characterization of these mercenaries. They're not the "loose cannon, devil-may-care, angst-ridden, stoic" assassin-type we see so often. You've taken some prevalent fic-tropes (which I'm guilty of loving) and made them really interesting!

Creevey! Any relation to Colin? And the clowns just go to sweeping him out the door.

Well I'm hooked. This is amazing--I know all I do is gush over your writing, but it's wonderful, and I'm so glad I have a nice new HP fic to read! Lovely work, as always.


Ooh, no, I don't think I saw your bat signal! But I saw that you'd updated your story, so I made a note to swing by and read...well, I'm quite late hahaha! And bah, I understand about the whole reviews thing. Reviews are pretty hard to come by, even if you do update regularly. Which is not me, by the way. :D

Wah, thanks for stopping by and leaving this lovely review! For this utterly ridiculous story. :P This is...well, this's hard to explain how or why I even started writing this. Just to relieve stress I guess. And I must say I had far too much fun coming up with all the crap in this chapter. (The next chapter, if you do read it, is even stupider - just a warning).

AHHAHAH Nora Patil-Brown AHAHA. Some of the other reviews have flailed at her being Lavender and Padma's daughter, and I'm very flattered that she got such a reaction!! She's a bit strange, though. An Inter-Dimensionalist indeed. Well, Lavender wasn't exactly the sanest of people in the books hahaha. I've never read any Douglas Adams, but I heard he's good. So thank you!!

Ooh, love the way you analyse Joanna's shabby lifestyle and all. I'm glad you found some cohesiveness with the whole chapter - now that you put things way, it does read a little better. (I wrote these two chapters without any planning, and I shall continue to do so with the rest of this fic).

Oh, now I remember a little about starting this story! Your comment about the assassin-type tropes reminded me! This was originally going to be a serious story. Jo was going to be a hard-as-nails assassin girl etc. etc. I actually started writing part of the first chapter of THAT story. And ended up feeling pretty silly. I deleted everything. And wrote this instead. I'm not sure that this is much of an improvement! :P And James the Fortune Teller. I mean, he's usually a Quidditch star and everything. Why not make him a Divination genius (or fraud)?

Creevey is Dennis Creevey, because he's kind of a running gag in my stories. He always pops up randomly.

THANK YOU, Sarah!! ♥ You're the best!! This was such a lovely surprise!!!


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