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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Gah, I wanted to be the first reviewer for this, but Georgia beat me. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your writing is so, so brilliant.

The first section was so perfect, so bleak, and so, so vivid. It's the kind of thing that I love about your writing-how you don't stop at describing the scene-you make me feel it. (If that makes ANY sense at all.) I love the way everything perfectly matches Teddy's mood without saying what he's feeling-the scenery does all the feeling for him. Instead, it is revealed that he comes like clockwork to visit the grave of his lover.

AND YOU MADE THE WIND DO THE THING. God. You always just... God. You make the wind do the thing, and then my feels start acting up. It reminds me of HoC when the wind does the thing all the time.

In case you're curious, this is what I mean: "The wind ghosted along the tops of stones, glowing white, picking at poppies and roses left in the ground, before rising and reaching to run through soft brown curls, as though welcoming a friend or a wayward child."

SEE?! YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE WIND DO THE THING. And I love that about your writing, and I LOVE that you put it in this one-shot. :)

Ugh, I love how all the flowers wilt and die to show the passing of time. So gruesome and so beautiful, in a zombie kind of way. They're like tiny corpses, like the corpse Teddy will become.

WHY is Hugo away? Why won't he visit his sister? I'm curious about this, and I like that you've got the Fates looking in on the graveyard. Those three ladies are truly where life and death meet-it's only a scissor-clip away from ending. Ugh, and I love how Ron and Hermione left roses (stereotypical) and Teddy left daffodils and all sorts of different flowers-which, to me, means that he knew a different side of her than her family knew.

Ooh, and Teddy's definitely going through a lot of change during this time. Why is he feeling guilty? What cripples him so much that he has to sit and drown in his sorrows at her graveside?

Also, let me ponder about this romance that was never meant to be. She died. Why? They were in love. How? When? He seemed to have loved her deeply, and he's obviously having trouble moving on. Were they together when she died? It's all these mysteries that weave in and out of my mind as I read, and I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for writing romance without fluffy happiness. For some reason, that's just not my favorite thing. This sort of angsty, graveside, symbolic sadness, aww yiss. :)

Oh man, I love how the youngest Fate is so invested in Teddy's life, and the others are just like, "You gon' learn, child." (Except more elegantly, because they're Greek.) :) She just wishes for his happiness, she wants him to move on from pining after his dead lover and be happy with Vic. But the other two know better, and she's going to learn later on that sometimes there are no happy endings.

AND HIS LITTLE GIRL WILL BE NAMED AFTER HER. That's so sweet, but I'm curious to know what Vic thinks of that. Did Vic know of his romance with Rose? If so, is she okay with the fact that he keeps visiting Rose's grave every week? Potential trouble...

Uh oh, but the older Fate is so cynical and biting with her "Foolishness. Nothing lasts. It is merely an illusion." line. I loved that. So cynical, but so honest.

And the middle Fate senses a change? Has Teddy Lupin done the impossible and *gasp* gone against the three Madams who govern human life? I saw in the summary that you referenced Icarus-love that, by the way-and it seems that Teddy is about to soar and maybe plummet to his death when he gets too close being happy? Ugh, poor guy, but I love the way I can see parallels to Icarus in this (even if I'm just making up the connections).

No, no why didn't he come what's wrong what's going on? Why is he falling out of love with everything? Is it the Fates getting back at him for daring to defy them? Why?

Yes... "He brought it upon himself." Some people just weren't meant to be happy, and that's so sad, but so true. Ugh. Argggh. Rawr... (Sorry, that was me moaning incoherently about how unfair life is sometimes.) But what's going on? Why is he turning into a skeleton? Or is that even what he's becoming? Gah, why does he have to be so sad?!

AH NO THE THIRD TO LAST SECTION KILLED ME. "Life, it seemed, had given up on him. Now, it was only a matter of time until she abandoned her child completely and handed him over to Hades." STOP I'M DYING OF SADNESS. Arggh. Teddy Lupin has died, and all that's left is a skeleton. BUT WHY. WHAT DID HE DO THAT WAS SO AWFUL? WHY IS LIFE BEING SO MEAN? I DON'T UNDERSTAND, HELP. And he put stupid roses on her grave, just like her family did, just like probably every other person who visited her grave did, and that is just not. Okay. At. All. I feel like he's just completely forgotten himself and how he used to be and how his life was when he had her. Sure, Vic was a good substitute, but she wasn't ROSE. And something about Rose made Teddy love her so much that now he's completely wasting away, and Fate won't even allow him to be happy.

Potent roses, then. Tragic, desperate love. That makes me think that no one knew about their romance, and so it was all the more important to him because of that. Bless the youngest Fate for picking up the roses and winding them in the bower. Maybe they'll bloom instead of shrivelling and dying.

Ugh, and now he's dead, too. Oh my gosh, I'm crying so much. This is awful. This is wonderful. I don't know what to feel. And time just keeps going, it doesn't stop for things like love. :(

I wish I had more space to gush about how amazing this is, how amazing you are, and how I can't even believe that you wrote this for me. I love it so much, and it came at a perfect time-I read it, and the struggles of today went away. So THANK YOU for being so wonderful. I should write you a story. :)


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